Our World is part of a multi-universe peopled by many different beings. The common thread running through all Worlds and all Dimensions is LOVE. 



An Ancient Muse (album by Loreena McKennitt)

All beings need Love. We cannot exist without Love. Without the personal attention of a mother or fathers love, a child will wither up inside and die. Without water and attention, a young plant will die. Our world has a great need for Love now more than ever.  Love is the greatest Healing force existent. And it is through LOVE that we will heal ourselves and our World!

Anger and Violence has never fixed or healed anything. Anger and Violence only creates fear and more anger and violence. Turn your face away from these, do not entertain in your mind, the negative you see everyday in our world. Instead, every chance you get, Love and Forgive. Choose LOVE Always!!

We have both a head and a heart. And as a developing fetus, the first organ that develops in our bodies is the Heart! The Heart has been proven to have grey (brain) matter in it, and as we  filter anything about our world or personal lives, and run it past our heart, our heart will always tell us what the truth is. Our heart is our Truth Barometer! 

There are bits of truth existent in the world today in all the religions and spiritual practices in our world, but man's need to rationalize, and analyse everything has led to wrong conclusions and many are the teachings that have errors. Mans Ego and his incessant need to make logical sense of the mystical by rationalizing it has led us into error. It is extremely difficult to explain the Mystical with logic. It is very much like trying to make logical sense of most of our nighttime dreams. One must be very tuned in to symbology, and it helps to have an open mind and be an out of the box thinker. However, our educational systems primarily teach logic and reasoning abilities, and these turn out to be not as important as creative inspiration when it comes to discerning mystical encounters. This is because beings of Light are most comfortable with communicating via images and telepathy. And so although mystical experiences are enlightening and healing, they primarily are very PERSONAL experiences. Still, the more of these types of experiences we have, the easier we find it to believe that something exists greater than ourselves.

But we are on the preface of a new Chapter on Earth. The missing Fire Letter has returned. This new Quantum Light Energy is unlike anything we have ever known or experienced before in recorded history. It is the OutBreath of God, and tHis Breath carries tiny bits of His Treasury of Light, that essence that makes up His very Being and sends tiny little power packs of Light energy forward. This Light when first encountered, may confuse us because we are so schooled in reason and logic, and we have a need to analyze these experiences. Then it will challenge us, but that is only the 1st stage in this encounter. Ultimately, it will change and uplift everything it encounters, purify everything it touches! And as it sweeps across our planet, a wonderful Purification and Healing of all that exists will take place in all parts of our world and in our lives! This process, this Light of God, can bring down kings and uplift paupers. Stay open and search constantly for the truth. Keep Hope alive within always! And try not to be too attached to outcomes and most importantly to material things! Further, wherever you think you see Magic, BELIEVE, and finally, be Happy! Don't let discouraging news discourage you! Know that much is not as it seems and there is a clearing taking place on this planet, a clearing that will result in a much higher frequency of energy taking hold. Yes, it will be painful for many. But it will also be cathartic as knotted and locked up negative energy gets released and thrown out. Remember to stay loving, kind, honest and helpful. Recognize the positive traits you see in others, and reinforce them. And above all try to be caring and compassionate to all. Do away with judgment and fear. Trust more.

We will explore many new themes, many ways both old and new of connecting to the Heart of our Mother Earth, the Heart of the Sun, and to God via our OWN hearts and minds. This is the way we connect to the many dimensions existent on our planet, different conscious beings from other planets, and to the Source of all, which brought all of this into existence, and who is Love itself!!

Namaste. May Blessings fall on you like Rain!


We are all the children of our beautiful Mother Earth. We live on her, feed from her, drink from her. She has formed what we see, how we live, and who we are.

(Nasa image)

We are also children of our Creator God and the Source of Life. One usual way to imagine our Creator is to visualize the Sun. Many of the wisest people from all over the world, from every ethnicity and religion, in every civilization, have tried to teach us the value of going within and connecting in spirit with the Sun and also the energy of the Earth. Many civilizations have taught that the Sun was a Divine Entity. Many cultures prayed to the Sun. Even Jesus Christ when he ascended to heaven was said to be clothed in a Great Light, as bright as the Sun, and Jesus actually repeatedly told us to seek the Light!  We can easily visualize the Creator and his influence when we see how the Sun illuminates our lives, helps us grow healthy food, warms our cold days and brightens our lives!

All religions and all great Masters have tried to teach us to go within. When we go within, we access a place where all of life connects. We can do this because each one of our souls ARE RAYS FROM the Creator, our Source! We are seeds of His  Light. We are all connected by virtue of who we are, and who we were created from, and our very life-force , the vital energy that is seen in Kirilian Photography as our auric field, is the spiritual energy that comes from Source. When we go within using our hearts, we connect with that life-force and we can ride it back to Source, or to God. So when we go within, we can experience worlds of amazing wonder! Connecting with all other Light energies there, we can access all vision, all knowledge as well as the inexpressible LOVE of Source. Going within we can travel to the distant past or the potential future, as all time is NOW when we go within. And it is the within where we find ourselves immersed in that great sustaining Life-force, which is where we truly experience the greatest LOVE we have ever known, that very LOVE we all yearn for, that nurturing LOVE of the Beloved which we all deeply remember, that LOVE which feels like and brings us HOME.

We are all an important part of a grand design. If one of us is lost, we lose a piece of ourselves,. Think of it as if we are all each one cell of the body of God. When we understand it in that way, it is easy to see how we are all connected, and why we must all help each other, Love and care for each other. As a human family, we have reached the crest of a mountain of sorts and many can see the brilliance greeting us. We are almost there. But we can only get there if we are pure of heart and of mind. Understand that NOW is the time to let go of all hatreds, misunderstandings, judgements and pettiness. NOW is the time to stop all negative thinking and behaviors. Now is the time to stand up and help others to raise themselves too, so that we can all move forward together into the future  of a New Earth, a beautiful, varied, united and loving family, the HUman Family of Earth. We CAN bring the LOVE of HOME here to Mother Earth. This IS the purpose for which we all were created! Many of us have just forgotten this! The time has come to awaken to our Greatest Destiny! This IS the time to STOP the negative, and engage the positive, in our thinking and in our actions. The time has come for us to create Heaven on Earth! We do this in our own lives everyday, in our thoughts, in our actions, and most especially in and with our Love! 

This is why this site was created. We are ALL One people. Our hearts ALL beat to the heartbeat of our Mother. Our Souls ALL resonate with the powerful healing Life-Force Vibration of our Creator, our dearest God. We have within us the Creators power, and LOVE is truly the Key! It's time now to join our hearts to our minds, join hands and begin to live on our Earth as the ONE Family of Light that we are, living reconnected to our Hearts and to each other!  

(the Art of Josephine Wall)

Chakras; We are Beings Of Light living a physical experience.

Did you know that we are all beautiful beings of light?

We each are surrounded with an ENERGETIC BODY, a body of Light which draws on Only Love for its health and happiness. What are Chakras? Chakras are energy generators that exist in the center of our energetic body which circulate and spread the energy we draw into ourselves throughout all the areas of our body. Kirlian Photography has proven that every part of our bodies, every cell has light energy emanating from it. This light is a spiritual light which holds all parts of us together. We are truly light beings caught in a physical embodiment. As beings of light, we are drawn to the light. Light is as essential to our existence as air is necessary for us to breathe. Dark Thoughts and Negative Emotions create blockages and dark,sticky places in the Energetic Fields that floods and surrounds our body, and these eventually manifests in our Physical Body as sadness, depression, pain, and finally sickness and death. Negative thoughts actually serve to slow down, clutter up or otherwise impede our bodily systems. Even those who believe themselves to be Positive Thinkers are often affected negatively as a result of the attitudes and emotions they assume and project to other human beings during the course of their daily activities. Some of these attitudes can be based on feelings of superiority to others, pride, ego, anger at perceived wrongs directed at them, or any of a myriad other negative feelings and thoughts. We are all subject to them as we all must live our lives interacting with other people. We are all virtual walking Broadcasting stations, and we are constantly receiving and sending out our thoughts and emotions into the atmosphere at all times, even when we are sleeping. Sensitive people can pick up our thoughts and emotions and these actually may affect them as well. When we become ill with something chronic, we should at once begin to examine our own thinking and open our minds to the possibility that something in the way we approach life is having an negative effect on our body. This is a first step in taking the steps necessary to help ourselves. There are also situations where people find themselves living with or around someone who continually drains energy from them. They may feel ill around certain people. This is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong, and it is best to pay attention to these little clues that come our way. It is beautiful when we choose to share our buoyant energy to help others, but we must also take care of ourselves first. We all must learn that our bodies are truly our Temples. We learn to pay careful attention to our thoughts, feelings and emotions and the sensations we feel, and to treasure the energy we have within ourselves, guarding it so that we can stay energetically balanced. It is only when we are balanced that we truly have the reserves of energy to expend in helping others.

The TRUTH is that the ONE and ONLY Divine Source or God, is a force of unlimited LOVE, LIGHT, and Energy in the Universe, a true force of Unity, and we were created in this Beings MIND/HEART, thoughts and imagination. The physicist David Bohm's vision of an 'unbroken wholeness' surrounding our solar system actually extends to the universe, to ourselves, and also most likely into other dimensions, because everything created by God is connected in some way to everything else. When one world self-implodes it will affect all other worlds around it, just as when something happens to one of us, it will affect those we know and love. When we come from any place other than from Love, we often hurt ourselves and those we love. If continued, we can disconnect ourselves from the very Source of our life, that Source which gives us life, inspiration, happiness, Love and contentment. Many of us have lost our way and for many of us this is due to faulty mindsets sometimes forced on us in our upbringing or in other ways. In the coming years we will begin to find our way again by following Light energy, and we will realize that Only DIVINE Love can correct the mess we've created here on our world, and that only DIVINE LOVE can sustain us! Only DIVINE Love provides each and every one of us with exactly what we need!

What are Chakras? What do Chakras do?

Chakras are the energy generators that bring essential life force into our bodies. Our physical bodies are sustained every day by these energy generators we call Chakras. These parts of our Energetic Field actually fill our bodies with Vital Energy and keeps them operating smoothly throughout our lifetimes. Because we are literally Beings of Light living in physical containers, Chakras bring in the Light Energy we need and pump it through our bodily systems. Scientists have proven that even the smallest parts of the body emit light which they assume has a connection to a universal "Field" of energy, which is known as the Zero Point Field. When we consistently entertain negative emotions or thoughts, we can create a condition where the functioning of our Chakras are dampened, lowering or raising their intensity, which in turn affects how we experience our bodies. This can affect the balance. These energies need to be just right, not too intense and not too weak. Like any finely tuned instrument, our bodies need to be kept in a properly tuned and balanced state physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Bringing in LOVE to our emotional body and feeling connected to others humans is healing. When most of us can begin to really feel LOVE for all other Human Beings, even ones we do not know, even ones distressed and in terrible pain who lash out at us, even ones who are lost or depressed, even ones we may perceive as unattractive in some way, we will have begun to heal ourselves and our planet. 

Besides the 7 traditional chakras generating light energy from within us, we also have a chakra that grounds us through our feet into Grandmother Earth that many are now calling our Earth Chakra, and a Hara Line which shoots out of our Crown area into the sky. This Hara Line is our connecting thread with Divine Source. On some highly developed spiritual people, another chakra which is being called the Soul Chakra is now being seen. This 8th chakra appears to rise up out of the Crown Chakra and becomes filled with luminescence as the person begins to experience communication with the Divine.
This 8th 'soul' chakra becomes the 'gateway' whereby Love and Light can enter into the Auric Field from the Divine Source which can transform the Astral Body and this is also the portal  whereby the spiritual realms are ecstatically experienced. To climb 'Jacobs Ladder' or access the highest realms of the Tree of Life, the Crown Chakra and the telescoping 8th chakra needs to be active and engaged. This 8th Chakra is also the place where our Holy Spirit, or Divinely Ordained Guardian Angel is seen to sit. 

There are actually many chakras, some minor ones are in the center of our palms in each hand and by each of our ears. There is a series of chakras which have often been called "gates of energy". There are actually many small chakras, perhaps hundreds. The chakra that emits from the top of our head into the universe is probably the easiest for sensitive’s to see as well as those learning to see Auras. We each have Auras which are many shades and colors in the Energetic Field that surrounds us, and these colors can actually give a clue to the health of our physical organs, our thoughts, our gifts, and the things we are able to manifest in our life. Under deep emotional stress and negative thinking, people can actually develop tears in the outermost part of their Auric field. When this happens they can become very hard to heal, as this is how our precious vital energy leaks out. Some Spiritual healers heal effectively by sealing these tears. How we think and feel truly affects our Chakra's, our life energy, our health and the quality of life, as well as the light we emit!

Many sensitive people feel energy quite strongly. Peoples bodies can be affected by different energies, some people strongly suspect that certain energies can make them feel ill. For example, there are people who feel a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, and they learn that they have to avoid computers and wi-fi. Others are sensitive to Allergens, like dust or pollen. Some are sensitive to sound, and others to negative attitudes! Our planet Earth, Our Mother also feels the energy we put out. She also is encased in a bio-magnetic field, she also has an Aura, or an Energetic field comprising many frequencies in bands of space, surrounding her. There are bands that exist around our planet in her auric and magnetic field that contains the thoughts and emotions we put out. Each of these bands have a different frequency and vibration. There are also bands that contain all the knowledge we have acquired as well as the knowledge we are acquiring, and knowledge we will soon acquire. And in all these different bands of frequency and vibration, many spiritual beings reside. For in truth we live in a multi-dimensional world, a place of ripe potentialities. Our physical plane  is only 1 of the dimensions on our Planet Earth! There are many strata of frequency, but many are spiritual dimensions where beings are orbs, or souls encased in orb envelopes. These bands of energy surrounding the earth reach all the way to the Sun. And there are also Spiritual Light Beings, or people who live IN the Sun, which are beings of various colored light energy, and are beings who can and are visiting our planet to help guide us during this time. Mystics who have met these beings through the ages, often refer to them as Angels. However there are many different grades and types of Angels. The ones accompanying most of us through life are often family members as we normally reincarnate in family groups throughout time and so it is often that our own ancestors guide us as Angels. As souls evolve to higher dimensional frequencies, they gain more Light energy. These are only earned by doing light work on Earth. Thomas the Apostle wrote a beautiful poem about the Robe of Glory and the finding of the Pearl. We come to earth via subsequent reincarnations, to earn our way into the higher dimensions. And as we earn our way, we are given purer and purer Light robes of Glory as spirits. But I am getting off point and will deal with this subject on another page of this website.

In fact, scientists are beginning to suspect that the dark energy so prevalent in our universe is also zero-point energy. Our Earth needs to process out all the negative that we have created over time as she herself purges herself and ascends.

Our Earth is a continually renewing system which recycles all things, and most spirits living in the physical sphere of Earth, recycle through reincarnation. For to be an immortal being  doesn't mean that we exist forever in a heavenly dimension after suffering here for a mere 70 m/l years. Being an Immortal being actually means that we will continue to live lives forever, in many dimensions and worlds.

We start out as simple souls, and progress through each lifetime, evolving a little each time. Earth is a school, and the environment in which we learn. And there is room here for all types of souls to learn all sorts of lessons. What we sow, we also reap. And then when we die, we evaluate our own progress. All of this is noted by the Angels or Guides that accompany us, and what progress or mistakes we make, we will judge ourselves. Between lives, with the help of our guides, we decide many of the details of how we are going to reincarnate, where we will live and with whom, and what lessons we will need to learn, what wrongs we will need to right, and sometimes we even choose to help others in their lifetime lessons. Final approval of our plans is up to the powers that be, God and the Patriarchs, or Masters, as some call them.  

There are Higher Bands of information surrounding our Mother Earths body in her energetic field which processes and refine Higher thoughts, or the purest thoughts of the people living upon her, and in dimensional bands. Higher thoughts are nourishing and uplifting to all life and rise. If we could all suddenly begin thinking positively about everything, our Planet Earth would right herself and our fears about global warming and magnetic shifts would simply cease to be. Our thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions are all recorded in energy that is present everywhere in the universe. Experiments have shown that memory is not really localized to our brains, but rather, our brains are the computers which actually will pick  memories out of "the field' when recalling them. So while our brains and bodies do wear out and have 'connection problems;, our thoughts, feelings, memories and emotions continue to live on in this universal field of energy and frequency which is increasingly being called "the Field", and can be accessed.

Our Crown chakra is the chakra at the top of our head through which our Hara Line extends out into the Universe. The Crown Chakra is often shown as a Lotus Lily sitting on the top of the head. When it is open a sort of Medallion begins to emerge and show at the top of the head. This Medallion becomes infused with Luminous Light and can move up and down the Hara Line when the person is in communication with the Divine. This Medallion can also grow and becomes infused with a spiritual energy that the person then is able to use to help others, as in the case of a Spiritual Healer. What is not mentioned often in literature, is that the developed Heart Chakra often functions very much like a Lotus flower as well. It can open spontaneously and with much rapturous sensation when in contact with a Great and Loving presence, such as a Master, or Spiritual Guide, or in vision.The Heart Chakra is our natural Truth barometer. When we run anything we are concerned about past this centermost heart of our being, it will always answer us with what our own personal truth really is.

Now is the time for our planet to begin to shift away from the negative expressions that have been so deeply entrenched by our past history. So many wonderful teachings have been misinterpreted and taught in error. So many wonderful teachings have been hidden and essentially buried. Sometimes this was because of the cultural times and a complete lack of  understanding by those of those times. It is essential if we are to survive as a species, for these wrongs to be righted. And it is essential that these teachings, whose basis mainly is Love, be rediscovered. Love CAN be taught instead of fear and suspicion. Love CAN be practiced. And it is strength of character, not weakness, that a teacher of Love develops.

When those that CAN make this change DO make this change, it will also force a change in those who have been in opposition to them!  Meanwhile those that can express Love and provide service to others while maintaining their purity of emotions, Ideals, and most especially their happy Positive Thinking, are actively helping processes that are needed to shift our world into a framework of support for what will begin to manifest as a Golden Age, and these ones will be supported and nurtured. All who continue on in a service to self path, as if life will always continue to be as it has been for the past centuries, will begin to find that they no longer have the support of Life Itself, and will slowly begin to falter and fail, until all systems that no longer support the effort of Life via Love on this planet, finally fall away. It is essential now for people to awaken to the necessity to do all they can to help shift this world away from a downward cycle, and to a positive upward cycle!

For awhile it may appear to many as if there are two worlds simultaneously 
existing on Planet Earth. One will be gentle and loving; the other hard, unpleasant and quite dangerous even to those who thought themselves above all of this. Choose to monitor your own thoughts and strive to keep them uplifted, positive and healthy. Seek others who think and feel as you do, and keep yourself in good company. This is no small task, but it will prove to be a necessary one in the coming months and years!

The connection within to God Divine and to each other, comes via the desire of the Heart. For it is in Loving and the desire to Be Loved that we come to the realization of the intrinsic connectivity of all life, and that the strongest, most enduring and fulfilling Love only comes from within and only ultimately through our connection to the Divine! We all carry a Seed of Light from our Creator God inside of us! It is that Spark within that connects us to Immortality and to God Himself. Our minds are organic computers, processors, and are geared to accomplish the processes within us needed for us to connect with the world of Spirit. But a mind stressed by worldly concerns often brings doubts and ego into the mix and in this way can betray us, creating confusion and pain. The confusion, doubts and mental or emotional pain can create illness in our body vehicle. Heart intelligence is true, strong, more intelligent, and more powerful than even the minds intelligence because it is a barometer of Truth and is not subject tot he constant . machinations of our monkey minds. With continued practice, everyone can access the amazing worlds of the within by learning the paths of the Heart, and ALL can benefit! As we rise to the opportunity of creating a better future, a Heaven on Earth, we strive to clear negativity from our body vehicle, connect with our higher intelligence, and take up our true calling, the calling of creating a beautiful new world on our amazing Planet Earth. A world where all occupants of our Planet can tap emotionally into a Loving connection to God, a world where our planet is pure, healthy, alive and supportive of this new state of being! Our planet will always try to nurture the souls being born here, and all beings of Planet Earth will be able to further their spiritual development in a spiritually and physically healthy way. Those in the colonies of the Spirit world will be happy to reincarnate to this physical paradise where all souls honor themselves, each other and most especially the Glory of God, as they work via their physical vehicles to clear and enhance their own Divine Sparks! We are on the precipice of an amazing and Great New Spiritual Renaissance!

The man pictured above, is Braco. His gaze can bring Love and Healing.  He now gazes for free online every month. His next Free Gaze will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, March 12th, 13th and 14th 2019!

You can find out about him at Braco.me and you can read of some of my own experiences with his Gazes on my World page of this website.

You can experience his live-streamed gazes (on your own computer) at: 


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