Our World is part of a multi-universe peopled by many different beings. The common thread running through all Worlds and all Dimensions is LOVE. 

Living from the Heart

(the art of Josephine wall)

“ANGELS transcend every religion, every philosophy, and every creed. In fact ANGELS have no religion as we know it …their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.”
~ St. Thomas Aquinas


We are being constantly bathed in a Geometrical Field of Information that exists everywhere in our Universe. We do not necessarily originate thoughts, we more often receive them. We are each actual walking Broadcasting Stations  and we each send and receive information constantly throughout our lives. Our spines and brains are similar to antennae, our bones are like piezoelectric crystals, our hearts determine what area or parts of the universe we will tune into or set our 'dial' at. When we spend some time each day going within to see how we are inside of our body temple, and spend time in prayer or meditation, we are able to tune into this Immense Field of Information which encompasses the entire Universe! This is how all great strides have always been made by the worlds greatest scientists, philosophers and thinkers. This is where all solutions are found. This is where all great visions are found. This is where we all connect with one another, this is where we connect with our Angels and this is where we connect with God.

The above is based on findings by many modern day scientists including Nassim Haramein:  physicist 


Angel Kisses

Have you ever felt your Angel Kiss you?  Yes, Angels can and do kiss us and may touch us with reassuring love when we are deeply in need. Angels understand that LOVE is the most healing force in the Universe, and they provide us ample love, without judgement, as they truly do love us so very much.

What does an Angels Kiss feel like?  Angel Kisses have been described as 'Soft' or 'Tender', A gentle, warm, or quick touch on your face, cheek, arm, hand. Your Angel will only touch you if they feel it is welcomed. Their touch can feel sweet like a puff of warm air blown toward you, it can feel like a tap, or a squeeze of someones hand, or it can feel slightly static-y. This is because there are Angels, and then there are Angels! There can be subtle differences among them. I'll get into this later. 

Our Angels also sometimes 'ride' on our heads, mine does, and often when you first feel them touching you, it can feel as if someone is 'playing with your hair'. When Angels touch us their fingers might even feel like a hair  or a finger touching us on our arm or shoulder. Sometimes these touches can even tickle! But they are always a very light touch. If you make it clear that you welcome them, they will continue and this is an excellent way to get to know your Angels are real and truly are there! Don't worry, you still can comb or brush your hair! Angels are generally invisible since they are spiritual beings,and they are not dense material beings like we are!  But even among Spirits, there are major differences. Angels have abilities that other spirits lack.

11th Dimensional Angels and Consciousness

Via my own experiences, I have often wondered what exactly am I looking at, what exactly am I seeing? I have seen Angels in varying sizes. Some memorable experiences with Angels were with beings that were frankly, quite HUGE, the size of large trees above me in the sky, yet others presented about 7 to 9 ft tall. Then there have been many so very tiny ones as to be virtual pinpoints of sparkling light floating around me! Are these what have been termed 'fairies' I've wondered? Still others seem to be quite comfortable flying around in the size of a Silver Dollar. So I've wondered, 'What is really happening here"?
I have also seen them change size! I have watched them dive bomb into my body to fix something they see there. And they constantly maintain my body now for me. I only go to doctors when they tell me to! (So there ARE times when I do need a doctors help.) Physical matter does not block them. They go through and into it with ease. Why am I so lucky as to have Angels maintain my physical body? Well, perhaps it has something to do with Treasuring Spiritual experience. I court them. I LOVE them!  We've learned from Science that all physical matter has spaces in it and is not really solid. So the Angels ability to do this is perfectly comprehensible.

My own personal Angel, the one who mostly communicates with me and has tried to teach me his 'light language', shows up often the size of the silver dollar. And he normally presents as a blue orb. However, there have been experiences when he has shown himself as a huge White Light Shining being, and when I see him in this state, I can't help but think of him as my Knight in Shining White Armour!  Except this 'Armour' extends as a light in all directions around him, a virtual Sun standing in front of me and telepathically communicating with me. He told me once, "I am your Pair". And from that at first I thought he meant he was my Twin Flame who was probably in Spirit.
I thought that for a very long time. However, he eventually showed me the error in my thinking. He is my Guardian Angel, and a Seraphim Angel, One that our Historical writings say is 'Closest to God'. And I cannot dispute that. It was through him that a huge lightning bolt of golden white light came from above one time, when I was being attacked by a dark being. That bolt of light took out (killed) the being who was just beginning to present herself to me. But it also closed my direct connection to the white light above me. After that, I was shown that there was just too much dark energy around me, and I found myself being Screened from the white light, which actually is a condition that you will find described when studying the Kabbalah. It did NOT close my Angels connection with the white light however. He is my protection from the dark forces that populate that invisible world which surrounds us all. I was also taught that there actually IS a way to remove the dark energy from around us. And that way is to rise above it. This means one's thoughts must become consumed with God, God things, and also with LOVE. Love is the ballast that gives us buoyancy and causes us to rise in vibration. Didn't we all already know this?! When we live from the place of Love and from our Hearts, nothing can touch us! 

I have also had tiny quarter and dime sized Angels appear to me. They seem to like to sit on me when I am singing in bed at night, something I do every night! I hold my lyric sheets, and I suppose they are curious as to what is on those pieces of paper. Perhaps I should say here, that mostly, I sing Love Songs! One Angel that presented one night, sat for a very long time, and I felt so blessed by her. She really did look like a small fairy, with a skirt that made her look like a tiny ballerina. It made me wonder if many of our stories and artist's renderings in children's books weren't really inspired by Angelic visitations? It also made me wonder just how big consciousness is or has to be?!

The TRUTH is that Angels of the Light CAN and DO 'tap into our heads' and can influence our thinking! Dark beings also try to do this. This is really important for us all to know! And this happens ALL OF THE TIME! This is a very good reason why we must constantly 'clear' the energy in our space! I really do mean CONSTANTLY! At least once a day, it is very important to command the dark energy to leave your space! There is a universal law that says they must obey and leave when we command them to! The problem is that the average person does not see them, and so do not realize they are around. Clearing space when you move into a new place is great. But these negative beings continue to try to gain access to us any way they can! So I have personally gotten to the place where I clear my space every single day. It's just a part of my daily routine, like washing my face or brushing my teeth, and I don't want to miss it! And when out of the clear I get some negative thoughts starting in my head, I will immediately recognize them as they are NOT MY usual THOUGHTS, and then I will command the negative energy to leave, and then say the Lords prayer! Making this a routine really does help to insure our minds stay in a positive place! Perhaps this is why it used to be common to pray at every meal and before bedtime? I know some will think me quite strange. But with all the horrible things happening in the world today, perhaps it isn't really so crazy to consider that this is a good daily habit to develop!

With the various sizes of sparkling energy in mind that I have seen around me, particularly when I sing, I've come to understand that consciousness is actually in pretty much everything! There IS no size to consciousness! It pervades EVERYTHING! This consciousness, the tiny sparkles, the smaller beings all the way up to the huge ones, are all part of what I term God's beautiful Treasury of Light. And I see these varying sparkles which are all the colors of the rainbow, as precious jewels from Gods Holy Garden of Jeweled Light. They and We are all part of the whole, the Wholeness of Light which pervades ALL matter AND ALL SPACE. And when we can think in these terms, we are much closer to Wholeness, where we truly feel a part of the whole! There is nothing but good that can come from this!


Will Angels converse with you?  Angels have actually always communicated with us. In fact they do so daily, but they can be so silent while speaking to us, that some of what you think are your own thoughts may have been put there by your Angel! In fact, making you think you've just had a brilliant inspiration is something they specialize in! Occasionally you may feel a very high pitched energy around you or a recurring thought, along with a strong urge to do something. They often try desperately to give us good suggestions when we are heading in a bad direction, but we often are not very good at listening! They also try to give us encouragement whenever we need it. One thing is certain, your personal Guardian Angel will NEVER put any negative thoughts into your head! Angels are very sweet and allowing when there is no harm to be had, gentle, and exceedingly loving. But if they see us going in a direction that can harm us, they will speak up to deter us, and this often comes as strong mental suggestions. However, if we continue to ignore their gentle nudges, they might resort to dramatic measures to get our attention. People with Clairaudience may hear them They CAN talk to us, say our name and occasionally may sound like someone right next to us. But also, Angels natural voices are in a very high pitched tones, a very high sound range. Sometimes when we hear  a high humming noise in our ears that we think is tinnitus, it might actually be our Angels talking to each other, or trying to get our attention. Sometimes it gets strong when we are getting too wrapped up in the physical matrix. They often want to try to tell us we are going the wrong way! This can be them getting urgent with us. But we have FREE WILL, so all they can do is whatever they can think of to get our attention. Sometimes, Angels from the Light Worlds might speak to you using visual images and colors. And some use geometric shapes. Those are all part of their natural language.

Don't expect your Angel to carry on a conversation as a friend might, although some people do progress to the point where they can have conversations with their Angels. Usually in the midst of crises, we will hear from our Angels a lot, but we don't usually recognize that what we are hearing is advice from them! They also make very good use of our dreams, and often appear as a participant in them. So its really helpful to keep a Dream Journal! Keeping a Dream Journal over time can reveal many things to us, some times prophetic things that involve us may come to us in our dreams. Sometimes we will see a deceased loved one in our dreams. Sometimes those are actual messages from our loved ones, and sometimes they are our Angels or Guides who are communicating with us in this way. 

If you decide you want to HEAR from your Angels and want to make it a regular occurrence, you must tell them so, and then you will need to still your mind, getting rid of your monkey-mind chatter, and pay very close attention to notice the soft whisper that will come in surprising ways. Tell your Angel you would like to hear from them, that you appreciate their guidance, and you want to KNOW that it IS them speaking! You may have to tell them this often. It will help if you have peaceful surroundings that stay peaceful on a regular basis. Angels are extremely sensitive beings, and prefer peaceful, uplifting environments. This doesn't mean that if your home is full of rock music that your Angel won't respond. Angels LOVE all kinds of music! It's violence and abusive environments that they do not like, although they will be there with you through thick and thin in any place or situation. But they generally do NOT like violence of any kind, They don't even like violence in movies. If you persist in watching those movies, your guardian Angel will still be there with you, but any others will probably leave. Dark energy may come in. And your guardian Angel may be forced to take a tiny pin point appearance, and hide.  I once had an Angel tap me 'goodbye' when I was watching Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. When the Deck of Card Army came on screen, she tapped me goodbye and left!! That was the 1st time I was aware she found it offensive! It wasn't long before I realized that THIS Angel wasn't going to like much of what was on TV either. I eventually gave up TV completely, and saved the monthly bill!! Life was MUCH MORE exciting living with my Angels, so I didn't miss TV at all.

If you do tend to be a little psychic, and you've just asked your Angels to speak to you, be careful not to get upset if suddenly you hear very loud whispers that seem to repeat! Angels are used to repeating to get things through to us. If at any time these whispers seem annoying, it's best NOT to tell them to stop, because if you do, it may be YEARS before you'll hear them again! Instead, simply tell them they are being TOO LOUD for you, and to please be more quiet. Always be reverent and respectful with your Angels, and also always show them your gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude is a precious emotion that attracts them to us!

Angels may not respond at all at first. Sometimes they tend to be a little cautious about conversing with humans. They will want to be very sure that your intentions are honest and sincere. You are asking for a relationship with them and communication that is likely to last a lifetime. They will want to be sure you have thought this through seriously and are ready for this. Its a commitment! 


Spirit Orbs, Light Beings and Angels

More and more ‘Orbs’of Light' are being photographed as video cameras become technically advanced. Cameras with Night Vision capabilities usually can pick up this kind of activity. Because of these advances, things which most of us have been unable to see with our own eyes are now being unmasked, and revealed!

Most people have great misconceptions about Orbs. Fear and fear-mongering has been springing up on the internet in response to faulty perceptions by people who are not accustomed to seeing such things. This is one reason I am speaking out. Since many people are NOT seeing Spirit Orbs with their own eyes and intuition, but instead suddenly see them with the eyes of their phone cameras, it is a new experience for most of them and it is natural to fear what one does not really understand or has no experience with!  But people have been having experiences with Spirit Orbs for centuries! Orbs, Fairies, and Angels as well as ghosts have always been a part of our experience, history, and our legends are full of interactions with them.  Until now, most people thought tales of fairies, orbs, and spirits were fiction , but as technology reveals this hidden dimension, our eyes and perceptions are being opened. The typical drawings of fairies as they are depicted in storybooks and animated movies are misleading. They CAN appear as people, but their natural state is the Orb.  I won't say I immediately know the difference between Fairies and Angeles when they are traveling about in their Orb state, but I suspect that what has been perceived as fairies are often Angels. They both are Orb beings that have distinct colors or lights about them.
 I have seen them looking like a flashlight coming toward me through the trees in deep forests, but when they turned and skimmed across the high grass, I could see their amazing rainbow tails trailing behind them! Native American peoples know them well, and have many stories concerning these beings. Orbs not working with humans often reside deep in the woods, far away from civilization. These work at maintaining the pristine conditions of these areas, which humans, when we go into these places, often destroy. We have too often acted as children running amok in our world, without any consciousness of what it took to create such wonders or what it takes to maintain them! Cameras have also caught Light Being Orbs creating the infamous English Crop Circles, which communicate to us in pictorial language much wisdom. Intelligent Orbs, demonstrating a willingness to communicate with us, are crossing dimensional constructs in their efforts, and suddenly both our inner and outer worlds are expanding!

Yes, Orbs are spirit energy and oftentimes are Angels. Orbs exist in many stages of consciousness. And they have existed here since the beginning of time. There are very large Spirit Orbs and very small Spirit Orbs. I 'm pretty certain that the more evolved types can change their size at will, but often prefer to stay quite tiny. I think there is a mobility advantage to being tiny, and the energy they exert goes much farther when they are tiny. They may appear to a human as simply a 'sparkle' out of the corner of their eyes. I think there is the possibility that when they become tiny, they blink from one place to another in a nano second.  But these evolved types can also become very large, and if they are Angels will have learned the fine art of engaging the human pineal gland to appear as large and luminous beings, often with wings.

There are also sluggish Orbs that are stuck close to the earth, seemingly unable to function intelligently. These are generally colorless or even dark grey. When once  I stayed in a room that was haunted by spirits, my Angels showed me that malicious orbs can attach themselves to humans with tiny hook like feet on their bottoms. As I've said, my Angel often rides in my hair, but not always.

But we are dealing with many forms of consciousness here, and many are also energies which are attracted to humans with similar dispositions as themselves. A human who engages in negative thinking, can attract negative orb energies that share similar desires and thoughts, and if the human persists with dark thoughts, these darker energies can attach to them and try to influence them with the orbs own negative thoughts. This can be dangerous for a human, as often these darker energies have often gone very deeply into pain, and a weaker persons thoughts can suddenly turn tortuous. This is why it is so important to practice a sort of "correct thinking", where we become adept at managing our thoughts, learning to stop negative thinking in its tracks, and turning these thoughts immediately into more positive ones! We ultimately become more able to manage our thoughts by catching ourselves in the process and simply stopping them. I sometimes think of thoughts as wild horses. They can be unmanageable and hard to corral, but  if we take the time to develop the skills to manage them, we CAN CORRAL them and then DIRECT them into more positive activities. This may become easier when we spend regular time in meditation or prayer. This is borne out by scientific experiments.

There are Spirit Orbs that can fly high, even to the stars in our heavens, and many Angelic Orbs from the Sun are now permeating our world. 

 But Earth Orbs can be many varieties of conscious or even semi-conscious spirit, some are tied to our material existence or earth plane. Some of these have the mental capacity of birds or small animals. Some are deeply conflicted. Others carry the immense spiritual capacity of Angels, Saints or Avatars, or perhaps even Ascended Light Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, St Germain, Mother Mary and others.

The evolved Spirit Orb can expand themselves at will, starting out smaller than a dot and then making themselves quite large! 

 Angelic Beings are also Spirit Orbs who have the ability to interact with our Pineal Gland, or Third Eye. When this happens we often see them projected as Large Angelic Beings, sometimes much larger even than ourselves.  Native American Medicine Men have been working with Orbs for centuries since Spirit Beings that can accomplish healings are unusually highly advanced beings and therefore very useful in the Medicine Man's healing work. That these beings exist is borne out by references to them in all religious writings worldwide. Many religious texts speak of huge numbers and types of Angels. There are Angels with many eyes, Angels with odd shapes, Angels with many faces, and even Angels who stream colored light fragments to us that look like glimmering precious jewels!

Every single human being has at least 1 of these Orb Spirits living with them at all times. The Blue Orbs caught on You Tube videos are usually Guardian Angels! They are the most loving and non-judgmental beings that exist. But Orbs can also be the spirit body of someone from your own family tree, your friends or your ancestors. Even your beloved pets often remain by us as a type of spirit form. This is because w

hat we often consider the afterlife has always existed right next to us right here on Earth, but slightly elevated. In fact, there is much spirit activity occurring in all the many different  dimensional elevations starting with our Earth's ground level and moving upwards and outwards into space. The Earth is a planet teaming with life, and not only physical life, but dimensional life as well! When we realize this as truth, then we begin to realize how important our planet Earth is, as she is mother to many life-forms! Perhaps with this realization we will begin to take more and more seriously our responsibility to keep the Earths systems healthy and pure for all life.

Plasma, and/or dense areas of multitudes of small orbs can often be the spirit energy consciousness of human or animal beings that have died on the planet but which are very attached emotionally or mentally to the physical world. Some of these earthbound energies are extremely focused on themselves, sometimes they are still in much pain as a result of the mental and physical suffering they experienced in their lives while incarnated in bodies. Sometimes it’s a different sort of anguish which keeps these particular energies tied to the lowest fields of the earth, but spirit forms which are free of their bodies generally would want to move to higher realms unless some mental-emotional imbalance is holding them earthbound. Many of the earthbound types of energies are barely conscious, reactive more than thinking. When they move they often just go with the flow of the many other similar energies around them, which is why they can appear as plasma instead of distinct and separate energies. When like this, these energies are far too self-absorbed to be of any danger to humans. But they still are conscious energies and can interact with us. Usually just commanding them in the name of Jesus Christ to disperse will send them away. In any case, ignoring them or not giving them any attention will cause them to leave or to move on. Sometimes we can ask for Angels to gently guide the soul to where it need to go.

Then there are Orbs which not only are quite conscious, but extremely intelligent. Our Angels and Guides are higher energies that constantly try to help us. For the entire Universe is mostly a place where Spirit values and encourages positive, loving behavior and thinking. Being loving, compassionate, caring, nurturing and helpful helps souls to advance spiritually.  Being negative, callus, self-centered or absorbed, materialistic, angry and aggressive, binds and not only creates more Karma along with the need for continued reincarnation, but it also constricts and inhibits our physical healthy functioning thereby creating density in our bodies (illness) as well as in our Spirit, and if this goes on too long and through too many lifetimes, it can eventually lead to Soul Death, or what would be a complete loss of  soul existence. Spirit Orbs are attracted to like minded humans, and Angels, Spirit Guides and Masters of Light seek to help humans advance themselves spiritually.

The video above demonstrates the average Spirit Orb that is earthbound. See how they flee from the STun, the Bringer of Light (and life) on the Earth? The photographer mentions that a few Orbs went to inspect the camera, most simply seem to  panic and flee along with the multitude of Orbs around them. The Orbs inspecting the camera are most likely Overseer Orbs keeping an eye on and 'managing' semi-conscious Orbs.
Higher Angelic Entity Orbs will stay with you day or night. They don't flee the Sun or the Light, nor do they fear the dark.

The above video shows (pictures of the Orbs Spirit is visible in the last several still shots on this video) that many of the Orbs frequent Nature. Clearly this Spirit had no fear of the Sun, and was 'playful'. Generally Like attracts Like in the Spirit world, and if you tend tp be sweet and loving, you will attract sweet and loving Spirit Orb energy.

The more pure the Spirit Orb is, the brighter they are, and the more they seem able to act intelligently. Christ said that one must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven, and most orbs are sweet, innocent and playful.The advanced Spirit Orb can indeed interact with humans, and can use the human’s third eye functioning to project themselves to appear to the human as an Angel. The most advanced among them can actually materialize and affect things in a persons life, and even in the world at large, although it is a spiritual law that people must make decisions in their own life, and must ask for help to receive help from the spiritual world! Still these advanced spiritual beings will try to influence us to make the correct choices. There are varying levels of spiritual advancement and abilities among the many consciously aware Spirit Orbs. There indeed is a distinct order to this dimensional existence run by highly evolved and advanced Spiritual Light Beings, the highest of which reside in the Sun or adjoining dimensional levels, and much of it is organized to HELP the incarnated human living on our planet overcome their many issues and to advance spiritually so that humans can eventually dispense with the need to continually reincarnate into physical human bodies to progress.

However, I would be errant if I did not mention that there does exist some consciously aware negative energies as well. Some of these are dominated by stronger more malevolent energies. Again these exist very close to the earth, and usually gather around humans with a mindset similar to themselves, attempting to influence them.  Angels from the highest dimensions (what we consider Heaven) are so completely Good and Sweet, that they may not be able to be around people who are extremely and continuously negative. If we delve too deeply into the dark parts of life with our thoughts and emotions, we may take the chance of losing our Angel! Generally another Angel will be assigned, but those who get completely overcome by the dark side can and do become possessed. This is why trying to think in an uplifted  positive manner is very important, as it protects us from negative energies.  Still it is best to always be aware of our feelings and heed them in all situations. If something or someone doesn't feel right, if we are afraid, take those feelings as reason to leae, run or otherwise get away! And when dealing with the Spirit World, Holy Water from a Catholic Church is always a very handy tool to keep around.

The most advanced Spirit Orbs are the  Brightest energies that don't really need to descend from higher frequency elevations around the earth to communicate with us. The highest advanced of these, Angels or Deities of Light such as Saints, Buddha, Jesus, and his Mother, often show themselves wearing Vestures of Light, or Light Robes that seem to emanate immense light fields similar to how the Sun emanates. They may choose to appear to an initiate in garb that is traditionally associated with the type of dress they wore during their lifetimes so that they are recognizable by them. Spirits from the Heavenly Light Worlds (Sun) can also travel on beams of Light and may be connected with a certain COLOR of Light, and many psychics will tell you that they have seen colored beams of Light descend or otherwise appear before them which seemed to communicate thoughts or mental images to them. Jesus said we should 'seek always the Mysteries of Light'. There is much we would call phenomena that Spirit can do as they are Masters of Light energy, and so can manipulate it!  The Darker energies often appear as blobs of dark, or sometimes simply shadow, and may appear as disorganized blobs having strings or other shapes attached to themselves. They feed on your fear and doubt. However, there are also Good Angels who are black or very dark blue in color! These have been called Thrones. Thrones are Angels that are adept at working with physical matter!  They usually just go about their work. So yes, sometimes seeing into this dimensional world can be confusing! 

If you see orbs of light that are bright, rest assured that there is nothing to fear from them! Keep in mind also, that Light Beings are much more technologically advanced than we are!

Angels are often seen as Spirit Orbs, and are always trying to help humans they encounter believe in something greater than themselves, and this is especially true for the humans they are assigned to. Even if we only have one Guardian Angel, he/she will have access to a network of other Angels, and we can be assured that someone is always trying to help us. If we ask for help it will be offered! It may come in odd, unexpected and synchronistic ways. When help comes, Gratitude is always the very best response!


Earth Angels vs Angels of Light

Most of our Guardian Angels are Angels who are somehow connected to our Earth. Often our Guardian Angels are relatives who have lived on Earth, too, and have volunteered to guide us. Between our incarnations we spend time in various regions that exist in the dense atmospheres that are bands of energetic frequency around our Earth. The higher the frequency of a souls consciousness, the higher the Band of Space that soul can access. Most religions around the world reference this in their beliefs systems, although they often use varying names or terminology for these regions. We progress spiritually as we live lifetimes trying to adhere to the higher principles of love for our fellow man, compassion for others, maintenance of our ethics, trustworthiness, having gratitude, and showing appreciation and mercy for and to others, as well as learning to approach conflicts in a sincere and flexible way. Learning to control our negative mind energies and lifting them to higher thoughts frequently, actually lifts us higher in lots of ways!

But often in a world which chases money, power, and influence, we end up nurturing and maintaining the less desirable qualities in ourselves. In the hard and fast world of business, we succumb to the dark-side sometimes in more ways than just our thinking. If we die during these times, or even later without repenting of these things in the life we've led, we can find ourselves locked in continued mental pain, suffering, mental illness, despair, or obsession. Between lives, we exist in envelopes of consciousness, some of us may be more comatose than others, living in regions that suit where we are in our spiritual  evolution. We eventually will be reborn into another life with the hope that in our new life we will be stronger, more resolute, and hoping we will remember the lessons we've learned throughout our many existences, so that we may finally progress enough to deserve entry into the higher bands that exist around the planet, or even the Heavenly realms! For it is only in life that we truly can make progress, where we can resolve our past errors, make up to another for our former actions or wrong doing, demonstrating that we have grown, and thereby evolve our souls.

Most religions don't talk about these regions between lifetimes except to refer to them as Limbo, or Purgatory, But these regions are also known as the Chaos, Bardos, and have other names as well. Many people these days don't want to believe these regions exist, but they actually do. There are very good reasons to practice being compassionate, forgiving, non-judgmental, loving, sensitive and helpful to others in life, because if we instead make a practice of holding onto negative feelings and emotions we will keep ourselves tied to a state of mental and emotional anguish which not only creates illness by creating densities in our physical bodies, but if we die before we have overcome these internal mental challenges, we will find these negative emotions stuck fast to our souls, and we will not be able to easily reach the heights of the Higher or Heavenly regions of the Light Worlds. So many humans who die do not end up in heaven, but instead in an in-between place that is right here on Earth, floating just slightly higher, Many of our Ancestors, our loved ones and our deceased friends are actually right here on the earthplane along side us, fully conscious of us if they want to check on us, existing in what would best be described as another dimension! Many humans are confused, fearful, or lost when they die, and some stay unconscious for long periods of time until kindly souls intervene to help bring them out of it. Some souls are so comatose that they don't even really experience anything until they find themselves in a new life.

But there are also many human souls who choose to spend their time between incarnations helping others in many different regions. From the perspective of a spirit between lifetimes, the world of power, influence and money means nothing at all! Those disappear quite quickly, once you've passed over! The only thing that matters on their side of the veil are the qualities of being that makes our souls Light, Joyful and Bright! For after the death of the physical body, only the qualities inherent in the consciousness of our minds and hearts move on! Our minds, hearts and individuality live on past death. Lives lived doing wrong to ourselves and others makes souls sick, dark, heavy, confused, listless, dark and fearful.

There has been Karma created in many life situations, although I'm coming to understand that we are at the end of Karma at this time in our planets existence.  In some cases people have agreed to come into a lifetime with the plan of repeating a past abusive relationship hoping to handle it better. So with sincere, continued effort often with accompanied prayer, these situations can be changed. However, sometimes we simply repeat our old patterns. Situations like these often put people in the path of depression and despair, which engenders negative reactions, and these may result in people cutting themselves off from the light, which is the very Breath of God. Understanding that what we are enduring could be a Karmic Relationship and that the solution might be to do the very best you can for both yourself and the other, often helps a person to break the karmic circumstances, thus resolving it. There are no rules to this. Sometimes, it can be simply standing up to an someone, or ending a relationship, that changes things. These are the situations and relationships that test our souls.

 I think of the Creator's breath as the very source of the vital principle which animates and infuses all things in existence with life and consciousness! As a person who sees auric fields, I realized at a young age that there was a field of light surrounding all matter that exists. Some fields seem flat to me, for example around a car or a building. Rocks and Trees have a bit wider field of auric light surrounding them, and Animals and Humans have the most complex fields of Light that surrounds them, with much denseness and even activity within those fields.  I believe everything that has a measurable field of energy around it also has a consciousness. That Field that animates all things is what I call the Breath of God, and in my view, matter could not exist with out it. And I believe that every particle of God has consciousness. Therefore consciousness is everywhere and in everything surrounding us.

We need to develop our sensitivity and be cognizant that all beings have a purpose and a right to exist. And so I think it is wise to follow the Native American practice of giving thanks to our food before we eat it, and to lovingly care for our pets, and also to be conscious of our use of insecticides, for just a few examples. Consciousness exists from the lowest levels of life to the highest levels of life in many different dimensions and beyond. And it is one of our purposes here living on the Planet Earth to explore and learn many lessons relating to the caring for and helping all individuals as well as all the lifeforms that God has put here for us.

Thankfully there have always been many brave, compassionate, loving and heroic souls who are willing to go the extra distance to help others and bring others around to a better state of being! These are what I term Earth Angels, and they exist living in our Earth Spheres both in Spiritual form as well as in physical Human bodies.

As our Heart and Mind energies open to the possibility that there is always more to learn, enlightenment occurs and our souls brighten. It's only then that souls can gain access to the higher regions of the planet. In layers of atmosphere surrounding our Earth many spirits exist, gathering together and organizing themselves to work for the advancement of all! They learn that they can create by the focusing of their Mind energies using the power of their will or desires, and that they Rise in frequency by virtue of the Love they hold in their Heart for all life! For emotions are magnetic and thoughts are electric in nature. These working together, determine the frequency we vibrate at. All of life vibrates at some frequency. We need to raise our emotional and mental frequency keeping our thoughts focused and elevated to the Highest Realms in order to reach these higher frequencies of existence! This is basically what the term Jacob's Ladder, a ladder to heaven, refers too. Jacob's Ladder is a Frequency Ladder! As we rise up this ladder, we go from dimension to dimension, step by step. And there is certain bliss that accompanies this process! This idea is also represented by the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. And actually there are very old symbology, along with stories that speak of us each as Trees. There is an old teaching that says that we must look toward the heavens, as in the heavens there are Spiritual Trees that grow also toward us! The ideal is the union of the trees from below growing towards and meeting the trees from above. The Ancient Egyptian Above/Below symbol symbolizes this. The union itself is symbolized by the Star of David, which then becomes the Merkaba, a vehicle which can transport you to heavenly spheres.

There are virtual Spiritual Cities in these different regions of frequency that many psychic people have seen, and souls that inhabit these places work just as humans do, except that they work to help less fortunate fellow souls, and also to organize to try to help human souls avoid many pit-falls found in both life and the afterlife. And so it is that from the higher regions surrounding the Earth that our Guardian Angels come, as well as Angelic Beings of Light that have dedicated themselves to helping humans living on our planet evolve. Most of the time our Guardian Angels are assigned us from the areas of Earth we would recognize as cloud regions. They may often be relatives or friends from our many lifetimes, as often we incarnate in soul families. We, also all have at least two Guardian Angels with us all through our entire life.  Angels always work in teams, in my experience, and that is because they need to be alert for dark energies too. So one will often be charged with 'keeping watch', while the other works with us, and they often are responsible for helping us with our plans and goals in life. And this is why prayer helps. Because there is an actual well organized Angelic Dimension that completely surrounds the earth. And Angels often get help for us through their Angelic peers! Most of the time we have the same Guardian Angels throughout our life. But there are occasions when one or the other of our regular Guardian Angels  may be replaced with a different Angel or Angels, and on occasion even by an Angel of Light from the higher regions of the Light Worlds! Jesus referred to this when he said he would send his Holy Spirit to be with us always.  Also, if we are deeply in need, we may be given multiple Angels to help us. There are even specific Angels with specific talents that may help us for a particular purpose. So praying actually accomplishes much. And we now more than ever, need to make prayer a strong part of our lives!

Beautiful Cities exist in these bands of frequency that exist around our Earth, and there are also Worlds of Light that people have seen in visions. In the Buddhist tradition, Shambhala is known as a 'Pure Land in the Kingdom of Pure Light' inhabited by Pure Souls and reigned over by Lord Maitreya, who is also known as Jesus Christ in the Christian Tradition. So it is no surprise that Christian people have also seen such cities in visions, and some say that they could see that Christ and the Angels live there. When you analyze these things you come to realize that although the perception of the visionary sometimes differs because of background or perhaps detail in a specific vision, these worlds, no matter whose vision they are and what they have been named, do appear very similar. They are similar enough for others to come to the conclusion that they actually exist and have nothing to do with religious boundaries or thinking! This is because religion really has nothing to do with it! One of the biggest pit falls for religion over the years has been ego and their tendency to put logic above all. God most certainly has a logic, but it is very different from ours! And God also has a Justice that is very different from ours. But the bottom line is that Love is Truly all that matters!  LOVE is the Main Law of the Universe!

Religions often try to explain this World of Spirit, but generally end up organizing their teachings around the holy people and prophets that lived on the Earth, using insight from these people experiences and words, who lived their lives at a particular time on Earth where the civilization at that point had certain ideologies or cultural biases or presumptions. There is nothing wrong with this except that it can end up being Myopic, or limited to a particular perspective, and may ultimately be proven wrong. And it often is misunderstood, colored, and misinterpreted, thereby resulting in teachings with errors. There ARE absolutely Pure Lands we can ALL hope to someday go to! There are Pure Beings that exist in these regions who are made of Pure Spirit, and they Love ALL of Humanity, not just the people who believe in them or a particular segment of humanistic spirits! These are Beings of Love and Light. And they do NOT sit around partying all day! They are always busy trying to do something to improve the lot of anyone they can! And the truth is that ALL souls will someday attain one of these pure, high frequency worlds. Sometimes Spiritual Beings from the Light Worlds incarnate in our world with specific tasks to carry out, and these people are often accompanied by a contingent of Guardian Angels, closely overseen by an Angelic Light Being from the Light Worlds.

Both our Guardian Angels and Angelic Beings of Light will communicate to us through our thoughts, often in picture form but also thoughts that sometimes seem to come from within ourselves! Sometimes we actually hear their voices, and they often use our Dreams to guide us! Therefore it is very helpful to keep a Dream Journal! A Guardian Angel will appear like another human in our dreams, as a friend, a family member or sometimes just as an odd acquaintance who is often there. Generally, they will try to fit into whatever 'script' we have created for ourselves with our thinking and belief systems. In our dreams, an Angel of Light can look just like another human, or they can embellish themselves and look Angelic. Over time and many dreams, we may become aware that it IS our Guardian Angel that we are communicating with in our dreams! 
Angelic Beings of Light, when they let themselves be seen, often have some distinguishing characteristic, such as a bright or shining appearance, or a strongly colored auric field surrounding them. But normally, we don't see them while awake unless they engage our 3rd eye, in which case we may be lucky enough to see them in all their glory! 

Beings of Light are Masters of Light, therefore they are also masters of electronics and electricity, and are able to affect technology, and sometimes even when they appear to us in crises times there can be accompanying unusual synchronistic occurrences. Angelic Beings such as the Angels Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and others often appear very bright and are very  beautiful. Angels. These days, because the veil between dimensions is thinning, Light Beings are not limited to our dream-time! Angels of Light, Guides, or Light Beings are making a very real resurgence in our world during these times, and often during our waking hours! They can often be seen as fire-balls of varying color, both large and small. And yes, I do believe that some Light Energy Beings use  organic flying machines as vehicles, which some might think of as Extraterrestrial vehicles. I'm quite sure I received some Angelic Surgeries aboard some of those! So these are always put to good purpose!

However, it must be said that there are also darker energies that can influence us as well. Many people these days have come to believe that the old tales of devils and demons are fairy tales. I also once thought Jesus was a myth! But then I was shown I was wrong!! It is true that negative beings exist that are also conscious, and may often try to influence us to persist with our negative ways, some quite aggressively. They consciously use many of the same tactics that Angels use. They will also use our dreamscape to draw us deeper in to ways of error and even terror, and will take advantage of our weaknesses and our negative habits or viewpoints, and can keep us spiraling deeper into darker places. They often influence our thoughts and can keep us chained to substance abuse, sex and drugs. What has been described as demons and devils actually do exist, and they are crafty and dishonest in their efforts to lead us away from the good and of course they want to keep us chained to our addictions, however, these are often just sad and sick beings. Some of these beings also can appear very beautiful. One has to be very careful to TEST spirits that one senses. If you find yourself feeling more negative, getting depressed, more confused or having more thoughts that don't seem normal or good for you, you may need to seek the help of ministers or psychologists. Many people working in shamanic practice also can help you to remove such beings. Remember, if it makes you angry, confused, fearful, suspicious, or otherwise makes you feel very bad, bad enough to foster negative thoughts, this can be a sign of a negative energy being. Positive Beings generally uplift you, bring you joy, happy thoughts and pleasant or peaceful feelings. Although during these times, it seem that humans are being tested rather severely. And so it can even be more confusing figuring out this stuff. Remember, It never hurts to smudge or bless a space! Learn how to keep your place cleared of negativity. And remember that we ARE powerful. We CAN COMMAND spirits to leave our space and they must leave if we command it, particularly if we call on Jesus Christs help! Sometimes it can be necessary to do this quite often!
Also, the Our Father, a prayer that Jesus taught us can be very powerful in these situations! Holy Water also is very helpful!

The best way is simply to keep ourselves clear of negativity wherever we find it. Stay clear of people who seem constantly negative. You can feel if their comments make you feel good, confused, or down. If they are family members, that can be a hard situation, but there may be ways to remove ourselves from them and their influence. Pray. Sometimes this can be a gradual process we ourselves decide to do, and can involves cutting the ties or Cords that bind us emotionally to them. You can google Cutting Cords. Or look on Youtube! Keeping yourself in a comfortably positive place and space, both physically and mentally is the best way to be, and to aim for. If it is hard to make this change quickly, do it in stages, but DO IT!  Praying for help and guidance from our Angels and Guides often and sometimes continually, can result in the small openings that can help us remove ourselves from difficult situations.And always ASK for help! For our Angels are there just for that purpose, to come to our aid in desperate times! They can rally legions of Angels to help us, and definitely can affect change in the situations we are in! They can be very hands on. But the fastest way I know of  to gain great help, is to simply submit to Gods will! (And of course, mean it!!)

While it is possible to learn methods that result in opening our abilities to allow psychic gifts to manifest, meditation and prayer are wonderful tools. So is singing! We use these tools to connect to the Heart of Mother Earth below, and the Sun and Cosmos above. We also connect to many invisible worlds both within and without, and should set aside time to pray or meditate often, and in doing this consistently, we begin to see results. People will also come along, if we keep our minds and senses open, who will begin to help us raise our vibrations. Once we have felt this, we will know what this means. It is now time to think seriously about our place in the Universe, and how we can each affect the whole of life for the better, one day at a time. Remember that each day is an opportunity, a new chance! We are each here for a reason. We each have a purpose. It can be as simple as being a presence of Peace in an area of turmoil. It can be simply being a willing ear, a helping hand, And it can be as simple as being a very private person who prays often. 

We are learning to act in Kindness, we are learning Compassion for others. We are learning the great strength of Kindness and Gentleness and we are beginning to incorporate such qualities and sensitivities into our daily lives, to exhibit them in our work, in our homelife, and most especially in our THINKING! For we are all children in the process of evolving, growing and becoming better than we ever knew was possible!

Information The Angels Have Given Me

1. We live in a spiritual universe where many other types and quantities of existence currently unknown to us, also exists. This material universe is only a small portion of the Spiritual Universe.
2 The Garden of Eden was the incubation period of man. It did occur. But our ancient tales about it are mostly allegory. As our space explorations suggest, earth is only 1 of an almost infinite number of planets and existences a soul can choose to incarnate in.
3. The God of the Bible does exist, as well as many Gods of our various mythologies. However, much of how we worship has been corrupted over time due to human misinterpretation. We place labels on things, thoughts, ideas, so as to be able to communicate them in words, while in the spiritual worlds, thoughts are communicated through images and telepathy mostly, needing no words. Therefore concepts are passed truer, purer and not needing the labels or the unending debates we get so attached to. Our Guardian Angels and Guides also exist. Dreamtime is the time they often communicate with us. Therefore, pay attention to your dreams, and journal at least the important ones.
4. Prayers and Thanksgiving (and counting our blessings) are the best ways to set up communication with our Guides and Angels from our side. Songs and Music also helps. These things raise our vibrations. Inner work and Meditation is essential. God does desire to be worshiped, and he looks most kindly on those who do so. But this is really based on His desire to be LOVED by his Children. Angels, who can be His eyes, ears and agents of His dictates, will be found in ANY and EVERY place where people gather to worship God, regardless of how people perceive Him. For we are ALL his children! 

The man who originally translated the Bible got some very basic translations wrong, as many scholars today suspect. St Jerome translated the word that means "Submit" in Hebrew to mean that we needed to "Fear" the Lord.  No. This is a wrong translation.  Our God is a God of LOVE. We need to submit to His plans for us and our lives, pray to Him and ask for His guidance! He doesn't want us to fear Him! He wants us to be HAPPY! Being Happy is a central theme in the communications I receive from the Angels. We are each responsible for our own happiness!
5. Living our lives in a respectful, loving manner is a good way to raise our vibrations. A good rule of thumb is to simply treat others the way we would like to be treated!
6. Forbidden is deception, ill treatment of others (people, animals, as well as our Earth). We cannot lie to God, He is a part of each of us. It is His very spirit which animates us and gives us Life!!
7. Love is the magic ingredient, and is the very basis of the Life Force which ties us to God and our makers, for God IS Love. Passion is akin to love. But I am not speaking of sex or lust. Sex is part of a sacred act of making love with a partner in a committed relationship, and has no other place otherwise. Subverted, it becomes the playground of the darker forces who can entrap us through it, and cause us much pain and mental suffering, which only serves to lower our vibration. Love that lifts up an individual, spurs them on, and gives them purpose, is the best love there is, and is akin to the love between a Mother and Child, Father and Child. This is the highest form of the Love Experience and why Mary and Jesus are so venerated. From Love flows many wonderful qualities; mercy, forgiveness, supportiveness, patience, compassion, kindness and truth. From Love comes the passion to create, which is a godforce which we all are able to experience and need to learn to use properly. We need to learn to understand the impact of our creative minds and energies. We need to learn to use them well. This is part of what we are tasked with during lives here on this planet.
8. We are ALL gifted with souls which are only tiny portions of the inconceivable Gods own great soul. God emanates His very Self outward and in that effort creates worlds and beings of all types. 
9. We experience life in this physical world so that God can experience things through us. We need to be mindful of this.
10. Balls of Light are Spiritual Beings, same as our Angels, and Guides, but one's with the power to repair or shape the universal field which our world exists in. There are Creator Angels who oversee and fashion many things. Quantum and Photonic Energy relates much to the world of Spirit. Many Spiritual Beings are made of Photonic Light and Plasmic energy, and they emit an 'exciting' energy which feels mildly electric when touched. However, when THEY touch US, that doesn't necessarily apply. They seem to be able to control what they emit via the power of their minds. Crop Circles are created by Angelic beings and therefore can be considered messages from the Spiritual Dimension to our own. Angelic Beings can size themselves to ANY size they choose. They can be as small as the smallest particle and the next moment can manifest themselves as much larger than Human. They can also pass through any material, whether roofs, concrete, steel, or even a humans body. And they do this with complete consciousness and an amazing intelligence with instant comprehension, all the while being extremely kind, gentle and compassionate.
11. We need to understand that we are all Seeds of Light from God Himself.  In the old ways of Religious thinking, we have arrived at the time of the Harvest when we may be tested much by the pressure of energies descending upon and surrounding us, which are meant to purify us and 'separate the wheat from the chaff'. Think of it as an intense 'graduation' examination!  We need to demonstrate what we have learned by our reactions and our behaviors.  This is an ultimate testing and difficult because this seems to be continually ongoing! At the same time, this testing is occuring in an individual way, depending on the human's situation and condition.  In the new way of Spiritual thinking, we are getting ready to evolve into a higher minded human being, one that is much more spiritually evolved. We will be making a Quantum Leap into a new understanding of Spiritual Realms, and will see that we are really all part of a beautiful, whole and Loving community of Spiritual beings throughout the Universe. We will be taking our place alongside others of many different species of enlightened Spiritual beings, that is, those of us who graduate! And that is what this 'threshing' will do. It will fet out who can and who cannot make this leap! Prayer, meditation and Acts of Kindness helps! 

12. When we experience ourselves as a Divine Spark of God and understand that what exists inside us is part of God's precious Spirit, it's easier to find ourselves feeling one with all the parts of the Natural Universe. The very Spirit of the Earth, of the Air, the Spirit of the Sun begins to enfold us in Love, and can begin to communicate with us. But God's Spirit stops at darkness, negativity, and at what some term Evil. We are being expected to purify ourselves from the Inside-out, and when we can keep ourselves in a pure state we become able to merge with this beautiful Holy Spirit energy! Merging with the Whole is what the 'Above/Below' and the 'Star of David' symbols represent, the upper or higher dimensions coming down while our own spirit ascends until we join or merge. This is True LOVE! Separateness was the old programing, the way of dark energy, and many still cling to that outdated mode of thinking and being. As we think, so we experience. We  follow our mind's lead. In truth, we are never really separate. We are part of the Whole of Creation, and as organic beings of the Earth, like Trees, we CAN feel one with the whole, with the clouds, with the rain, the sky, the stars and the Sun. And we can feel one with any other being. This is an ultimate communication. When we do this we will also easily experience the Angelic dimensions around ourselves! As we raise our own frequencies in this 'ascension', our eyes will be opened to many seemingly magical possibilities! These are only some of the rewards one experiences when interacting with higher Light Dimensions.
So we start by trying to purify our thoughts, and then train ourselves to only speak positive and uplifting words. And even if we fail often, it will be noted that we ARE trying. And when we are consistent and sincere, help will be sent from the Higher Dimensions.


Angels exist all around us. Some come in human form, some in other forms. Animals can be Angels too! Unfortunately, too many beautiful souls end up in shelters and are often destroyed. Many animals are in need of good homes right now, as those in Shelters have also fallen on hard times. These are animals who would reward their new owners with unending Love and Protection simply because they've been rescued! So next time you are looking for a forever friend, take a look at your local Shelter or Humane Society!


(the Art of Josephine Wall)

Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser is an Artist and Light Worker who channeled Angel Messages in the 1990's, and promptly gave them to the world. She also carries a selection of Angel Music for free download on her website.

Her exquisite paintings can be viewed at: 



Anna Breytenbach - Animal Communicator has distinguished herself by her ability to communicate with animals in ways that have a profound effect on them and their owners understanding of them. This is an outstanding example of communicating with another being without words. See this Amazing story about 'Spirit' the Panther.




Every thousand years or so, someone comes along who carries such an intense connection with the Source within, that they create life changing experiences in all who encounter them. Such a person is Braco. Some say the energy he carries is Samadhi

Braco is possibly the most powerful Channel alive today. Pronounced "Brawt-zoh" and meaning "little brother", Braco is a Croatian man who has become an international wonder for the effect of his "gazing" on people in his audience. Many life altering and consciousness changes have been reported, along with miraculous healings. It was through Braco that I had encounters with numerous Beings of Light, resulting in some pretty major healing, and some Angels are still with me.

Braco himself does not claim to be a teacher, a healer, nor a leader with any religious or political affiliations, and his simple $8.00 (USD) charge for his live sessions when he goes on the road, goes to his organizers for event expenses and travel. His personal income comes mainly from his Books,Tapes and Jewerly which one can buy at a session. Braco's Live Stream Gazes are now entirely FREE, due to contributions by his supporters who are people who have had miraculous experiences resulting from his gaze. These live-streamed gazes can be accessed on your computer from the privacy of your own home or business. 

Braco, a gentle, special man, with an extraordinary gift, believes that "something" works through him, and I personally would have to totally agree! I was unexpectedly guided to one of his amazing "gazings", and afterwards experienced my own physical healings.  

It was June 2011 when I first encountered Braco. I have to give his gazes credit for opening up a line of sight to the Kingdom of Heaven for me. I had mystical experiences before, but they were much  fewer in number. Since gazing with Braco, a type of portal has opened for me and I now have continual interactions with Beings of Light or Angels, which has resulted in many more physical healings for me., as well as a re-connection with the Christ Energy.
After 6 years of continued gazing with Braco, my body is almost back to the shape it was 18 to 20 years ago, before I became disabled! I no longer get sick, not even with the flu. And I now rarely have the need to see a doctor!

henever I encounter this man's gaze, I feel an overpowering warmth and joyous energy which expands my heart region and which I strongly feel can only be from Source. This energy carries me deep within to the core of my being and gently guides me to experience truth. I always knew truth was essential to life, I just never knew it could be so healing! One becomes witness to numerous testimonials at these gazings, many are remarkable, and situations of every kind are reported to be resolved at or following Braco's gazing sessions! If you would like to open yourself to experience Miracles in your life, this is the guy. He is the REAL DEAL! Check out Braco!

 Some links to his sites are; 


See his amazing FREE Live-Streaming Gazes! Next is:
LiveStreaming Event from Zagreb, Croatia on Tuesday Jan 14th, 
Wednesday Jan 15th, and Thursday Jan 16th, 2020!! 

Check out times in your area at  www.braco-tv.me or www.braco.me



A  CLARION CALL has gone out to ALL PEOPLE everywhere in the world  of a GOOD AND SINCERE HEART, to join with us and the Angelic Forces of Light  everyday at 7:00 PM UTC, 2 PM EST, 11AM Pacific Time, in prayer or meditation with the purpose of raising the vibrational field of our Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants, and with the futher purpose of bringing to the Light and dissolving all negative and destructive energy and patterns existing on our beautiful Planet!

This will be ongoing daily for the foreseeable  future. Please join us for even
1 minute, 2 minutes, 10, or 20 minutes of positive uplifting thought, wherever you are! 



About Heart01.com's Author     

I AM a former editor who is nature centered and has had mystical leanings and experiences, starting life off with a vision of Christ as a very small child.  I often saw and communicated with my Angels as a child, and I still do today. I was deeply affected by the Book of Hopi in my teens, and have spent much of my free time pursuing ancient and wisdom studies from around the world.  I've studied Buddhism, Taoism, Kabbalah, Native American Spirituality, and more recently, my search for ancient truths led me to study Gnostic and Ancient Christianity.   

There are always times when many well know leaders are enmeshed in scandals, and in no part of life is anyone exempt from temptation, just as no one on this planet is exempt from problems. I have always been well aware of the great power (and responsibility) those who can speak well carried, but I also was repelled by the fact that huge fortunes often are made on the Spiritual and Religious teachings of Christ. So, disappointed with the Christian community, I set the focus of my spiritual search into Buddhism, Taoism and Asian Spiritual subjects, eventually turning to Nature to seek a "Direct Spiritual Experience". 

Nature oriented, I've loved taking photo's and find uplifting inspiration in the beautiful places I comes across when I travel, and I view Nature as the Book written by the Ineffable Source Him/Herself. I believe that much of the drive for finding ones 'soul-mate' and also much of the disappointment many are experiencing in their personal love lives is a symptom of a lack of Spirituality in our lives, brought on by the material emphasis in our world.. The best love one can feel is often a deeply Spiritual love. I communicate with my Guides and Angels via visions, dreams, passionate prayer, telepathy, Inspiration, song, mental imagery, synchronicity, and I've found clear communication from Spirit thru perceiving cloud images. I also was taught divination by birds and other animals by my mother, a very strong catholic woman who was a member of the Mystical Rose Society, and earned the right to be buried in a Carmelite Nun Habit. I have always had spontaneous OBE experiences, and subliminally see, hear and feel my Angels and Guidance team. However, my mother also told me to 'keep it to yourself', which was how a mystic survived in the world during her day. And so I did, as does most every other mystic alive in the world today. But it's time now to stand up and clearly speak our truth. And so I have.

Called by Spirit to a Sioux Indian Sundance ceremony at the Centennial trail in So Dakota's Black Hills in 1999, I thought that event was the Apex of a total Spiritual transformation orchestrated by Spirit in my life, because during it I had many beautiful mystical experiences. However, it turns out this event was only just the beginning of a very dramatic Spiritual intercession in my life. Years later I gazed with the channel Braco and was taken Out of Body to a Golden world of Light where I again met Christ and other Light Beings, and for 5 months was completely enraptured. Since then, my bodily health has been attended to by an Angelic Realm of Light Beings. It is because of the Angelic care I have received that I have become very familiar with these Light Being Energies. I see my Angelic Guides and communicates with them both in their Angelic form and also as Orbs of Light. I have reason to believe that Christ has returned as a Consciousness of Love and as a very present Being of Light who sends Spiritual rays of Mercy and Love throughout the world today! He works in many ways, through many people and through his Angels of Light. One way He works is through the channel Braco. In some gazes the Light Being i saw was someone looking very much like the Sun, with rays extending in all directions, flowing from around it head like hair in every direction. I also see this Energy in a few other people becoming prominent now. I believe God loves us so much that he will go to any means He feels necessary to help us transmute the negative and suffering energies existent on this Planet, We, His Children, evolve and come to the understandings we need, and Spiritual connection will appear to us in ways that affect us personally, regardless of which belief system we hold. I believe that Christ never meant us to Suffer as we have, that was a twisting of his words by the people who came after him.. He and the Father wanted us to be healthy always, and to live in LOVE and JOY.  Love and Gratitude are what is necessary to evolve to higher levels. But we need to begin to treat EVERYONE with Love. For Only Love is real!! And Only LOVE will help us raise ourselves to the higher dimensions of Spirit where many Masters and Saints exist today.

From 2000 through 2016, I endured many challenges. I had been diagnosed with an Auto-Immune 'disconnective tissue' Illness, and slowly over the years began to see its effects disable me. Then in July 2012, at the end of his Sophomore University year, my son's life was miraculously spared in the Aurora Theater shooting massacre. Only by shutting off Television News, and supporting my son's self directed efforts at healing himself, did he recover enough to graduate with honors with his classmates at his University 2 years later! And although he suffered much illness afterwards, he is becoming a well functioning adult. One year before the Aurora Theater event, in 2011, only at my son's insistence, I went to see what he said was a 'spiritual healer",  a man named Braco, whom my son believed would heal me. Surprisingly, I experienced my very first healing in the car on my road trip home that day! It was a wonderful beginning to what has became a very transformative period of my life. I am a mystic and a medium, and have seen orbs and angels many times in my life, but because my mother told me as a child to keep it to myself, that's what I did until now. However, Braco asks that we SHARE our experiences, and I believe this is because we need to have the courage to let Others this stuff is real, not only to give them hope for themselves, but to touch off a very real and exciting evolution of the Human Being to a higher dimension of being, one which will take us out of our earlier conditions of pain and constant suffering. During times when my frequency is low, I can see orbs which are spirits of people who have passed, and they often try to communicate with me. I prefer to keep my frequency in a higher place where I do NOT see human spirits, and it is In the higher frequency bands where I can see the Angels and  where I receive help and healing from the Angelic realm. And it is in the higher frequencies that I have found the absolute FAITH that these healings will last, and become permanent. It is also in the higher frequencies that I understand that LOVE is all that really exists in all higher dimensions, and that it is only through LOVE that we will end the cycle of Pain and Suffering on Planet Earth. For we all exist the place our mind directs us to. Our minds are infinitely creative.

Much of how this website is being developed is due to revelations received in this connection, which has included a connection with the Christ energy, as well as with the energy of the Sun, (whom I was introduced to when I asked to see "Abba", or "Father") and with the many Angelic and Creator Beings and Guides that I have had the great fortune to meet. 

Many of my visions initially took place during the Braco Gazes while I was fully awake, aware, and standing up!  On several of these, the clothes Braco wore turned into Christ robes! At times I would suddenly find myself out of body and communicating with a brillant Being of Light. I could look down on my body and see it still standing there! At other times I would just feel very elated.  In one of these visions, I was told that I would be taken 'Home', and that night, I awoke to see Angels above me in bed, who asked me to put the Earth into my heart. When I accomplished this (via imagination), I found myself in a beautiful Golden City of Light, which I thought must be Heaven, walking behind Angels to a throne at the end of the street. There, a beautiful Light Being rose up and came down to greet me.

I would like to emphasize that I have no personal ties to Braco. This website is completely my own doing.  Braco himself claims no religious preferences and I truly think that the energy that comes through Braco is the energy most needed by the recipient, and is guided to each person through their own Angelic guides. Therefore, I believe that Buddha or any other Master would come to a Buddhist during a mystical experience as well. Braco says only that the energy coming through him is "Source Energy" and is Spiritual.  I would like the reader to know that the character of the energy I experienced in this Gaze is profoundly "Holy Energy", "Sweet" and "Very GOOD", by which I mean it is a Spiritually Pure, Uplifting, Peaceful, and Positive Energy! There is no negativity in the energy itself. The aftermath of these experiences can cause deep introspection and kickstart an intense purification process which can be felt as quite harsh, but this is usually accompanied by a clearing out of whatever negative condition exist in our minds, attitudes and beliefs, and this is necessary to get us into a healthy mental-emotional-spiritual-physical  balance and back onto our own unique Spiritual path. For every day we are alive, we are walking a spiritual path, whether we know this or not.

I believes that there are MANY paths to God, as many and as varied as the humans that trod this Earth. ALL paths and beliefs, and even paths of No Religion can lead directly to God! For just as if we were all standing in a circle around the Creator Energy, we each would see our Creator from our own position in the circle, or our own perspective. Every persons path is uniquely personal and valid. This is because God loves ALL Humans. We are ALL children of God, and we are all connected to each other in the cycle of life, and so we must learn to accept and honor other peoples beliefs and perspectives without the criticism or negative labels which presents as judgement. We are not to judge one another! There is God's seed of Light inside each one of us. The animating Spirit within each of us is a Power of Light, and a virtual Light-spark which connects us to the Source of All and to each other! Life on the Earth is an opportunity and a means to develop ourselves, our souls, to purify ourselves and our internal energies, with the ultimate goal of reunion again with Source. The only way to unite with Source is by finding that Light within ourselves and allowing it to lead us back to Source. Light within all living beings is often depicted scientifically by Kirlian Photography, and is part of the Auric Field that psychics see surrounding us which looks like a sphere, is egg-shaped, and which is also the animating Spiritual Energy existent in ALL lifeforms on this planet!  Kirilian Photography therefore, is Proof of God's Presence in our World!

I feel that the Spiritual gift that comes through Braco's Gaze, is a Spiritual Fire energy that helps with opening an internal door within us, which is the way we all must travel to have a personal 'Direct Spiritual Enlightenment Experience'. This Spiritual Fire is an Energy that promotes Peace, but is not above shaking us up and out to put our feet back onto our right path. This means that any philosophy or relationship that creates conflict, destruction , confusion, or results in separating ourselves from the LOVE of God or from each other, cannot come from the good, although there might be teaching circumstances embedded within them. We are a Human Family, all connected to one another and all issuing forth from the ONE SOURCE. We have been learning hard lessons of Separation, and the next step will be turning from the destruction of ourselves back toward a desire for unification with God. Many have already begun the trek back to Source but some have gotten stymied and stuck as our Religious Leaders themselves are often stuck! We must understand that they are engaged in the very same struggles and search as are the rest of us! Their knowledge of Scriptures or Sacred Texts does not necessarily put them at a position above us, although it can give them more insight and experience with certain human conditions as well as spiritual matters. People who live their lives completely spiritually, DO learn a great deal through their experience, just as we all ultimately become masters at whatever we spend our lives doing. However, they are the same as us and doing the best they can with the knowledge they've been given, knowledge which can be faulty, particularly when perceptions are faulty.. A problem develops when they or anyone stops searching and blanket-ly accepts human doctrine without opening their minds and hearts in a continual search for truth. For continuing to desire truth and being 'open' are prerequisites for a direct encounter with God.

2013 was the calendar beginning of the New Age of Aquarius, a gentle and beautiful peaceful age will develop whose infancy is only now beginning to take shape. As the dimensional universe of Heaven converges and envelopes our own, positive change is inevitable. However, currently a 'threshing process' has begun which will cause world events to become alarmingly negative on the planet. This will help us to truly appreciate the good when we finally see it. According to the Tree of Life (Kabbalah), there always has been and will be people whose materialistic values devalue life and spirituality. This is part of the nature of Malkuth, the lowest level of life on the Tree of Life. The purpose of all of the destruction and strife is to force us to turn our focus away from the desires of the material plane and towards Source,  and to sincerely seek a Spiritual connection to God. 

Regardless of your spiritual leanings, your Angels and Guides are working overtime these days in their efforts to help you and all of us. The Angelic dimension is making a very real resurgence in our world today! The energy from creation which was allowing the strongly negative material whirlpool in our midst, has changed, and although the whirlpool that takes one to Oblivion is still there, there are other Spiritual Roads that exists to take those who uplift their hearts and faces to God to higher consciousness.The more disenchanted we become with the material side of life, the more we will begin changing the dynamic within ourselves and as we do, amazing experiences from the normally unseen parts of life will begin to flood our consciousness and our lives. This is when we leave the so-called 3rd dimensional and begin 'climbing the ladder' through the 4th and finally to the 5th dimension or higher. This is NOT easy! We are being offered LOVE and HELP from SOURCE which is affecting change inside ourselves, which will help our Souls to Blossom and which is very healing for us! Until the Consummation of the Universe, there will always be a material side of life on our planet, as it is necessary for a physical existence. These spiritual changes currently occurring within us will ripple outward into the world and further on into the future than we can possibly imagine.

The Angels have been asking me to share my experiences for quite some time, and I must admit I was quite reluctant to do so initially, as I know all to well how critical humans can be. Therefore please understand that the experiences and opinions I shares on this site are simply my own unique perspective. And I will continually update and change this website as my own perspective and experiences change.

Heart01.com is intended to be a information platform only and not to be used for personal gain.