Our World is part of a multi-universe peopled by many different beings. The common thread running through all Worlds and all Dimensions is LOVE. 


 The first time I saw dew on grass when I was a child, I thought the grass was covered with precious jewels. Perhaps you remember a similar wondrous moment?
 Keep Wonder and Joy alive! Choose LOVE!

The Secret.

As children, we connect easily with the source and go within naturally. We are experts when we are children, at knowing when we are uncomfortable, sad, hurt, or happy. We know how to totally get wrapped up in play, or song, or dance.  It's easy to daydream and to imagine. And when we are children, we easily recognize when someone else we love is feeling hurt or disillusioned. 

As we become Adults, the needs of taking care of ourselves or our families cause us to view spending time in imagination as worthless. But these are the skills one needs to go within! Our Imagination is creative, and it is a  great  training tool.

When you play, or dream, or pray, or sing with passion from your Heart, you are connecting with the vibrant energy of the universe, and with the Divine! And then you just need to still your mind and turn that joyful energy inward! Still your mind and Dream inward. Still your mind and see what wonders bubbleup! 



Sometimes we need to suspend our disbelief and this is especially true when we want to communicate with our Guides and Angels. Its  important to have the desire. And then we need to trust that our Angels hear us, and if we need to receive verification, we need to believe that the signs that then come are that verification. 

Then keep your eyes, ears and Heart open and be willing to wait a little bit for their answers! Answers come serendipitously. Answers may can sychronistically and  from the most common areas of our lives. We must be open to this communication through signs. However, when the answer comes may be repeated, particularly if we are not 'getting it'! If that is the case then ask your Angels for further clarifcation! Sometimes we don't 'get it' because we don't like the answers  or we are too headstrong to accept them. We must keep open to ANY possibility.

It can be helpful to keep a dream journal, as many answers come in dreams , and some parts of a dream may be repeated during waking hours in coincidental ways . Remember to share your dreams with your family. Sharing your dream helps you to remember it, and also helps you see how dreams work in your life.

Answers sometimes also come through inspirations. Sometimes you will get a visual prompting, a picture in your mind. Other times you may think you hear or feel someone talking to you!  Set up specific circumstances andask your Angels to be quick in responding! Sometimes since time has no meaning where they exist. But if you tell them you need an immediate response, it may come quicker! Remember that a day for us, is merely a blink of an eye for them! 
So this is important to remember!

Sometimes it helps to set aside a particular time just for prayer or meditation each day, a time without outside interruptions. You might want to try to do a small ceremony. This can be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a prayer. Or it can be more elaborate, like drawing a circle on the ground or in the sand and going inside with your candle to pray. Sit quietly and still your mind. Go gently into your inner self. Explore that place within, and learn to navigate it. 

Some people like to spend time at church when no one is there simply because it is so quiet, and they feel they can pray better there. But nature can be just as fulfilling. And when you are praying in nature, there is the added benefit of small happenings that can add to your experience and provide immediate communication.
I remember sitting in a circle once, and praying. and suddenly a spider came across the circlel, stopped directly in front of me to look at me. Then she did a complete full circle, stopped to looked at me again and then ran off in the direction from which she had come! 

Birds and small animals are perfect vehicles for spirit to give you answers. So are the clouds!  The world is filled with consciousness, although of many different levels and frequencies! You don't need a magic mirror, or a crystal ball. Clouds often can be a beautiful way to receive answers from spirit. When you LOVE the clouds, or LOVE the birds, when you really LOVE nature and your heart just fills up with emotion when you see or engage with it, natural wonders can manifest! The communication that can take place in Nature between you and Spirit can be amazing, wonderful and very fulfilling!

Give it a try! You may need to make a concerted effort, because YOU may not be used to doing this and it may take time to notice all the natural input. As with anything else, the more you do it the better you become at it!


Thoughts are powerful!!!!!!!
Thoughts come first, like seeds we plant in a fertile field.
The Spoken Word has further power, and what we speak goes out into the ether sending out and gathering energy to itself!
Words further cement our thoughts into the fabric of life. They commit us to our paths of action. They also show others what kind of people we are. And also give clues as to our thoughts and mental processes.

Be very careful with both your thoughts and your words. These define you, and will create your future. Monitor you thoughts and your words and seek to keep them always uplifted and as positive as you can manage, and you will find your life smoothing out and improving in uncalculable ways!


There is a technique which many highly evolved people use to clear their food or drink of negativity and toxins. This process can also be used to heal.

The technique is simple and involves projecting ones healing, or clearing thoughts onto the food or drink. It works because everything that appears physical is actually tiny molecules held together by frequency or energy. And our thoughts also have a frequency. When we project positive thoughts to anything, we are subtly shifting the frequency that holds all matter together.

Dr Emoto, a scientist from Japan wrote many beautiful books about the results of his many experiments with water molecules. It turns out that projecting thoughts, like "happy", "healthy", "healing", and even writing them on paper to put under the food or drink, will result in the water molecules within these substances, changing!

Dr. Emoto's books are very eye opening, and a wealth of information. His research shows the molecules in water to actually be 'Sentient', or conscious and able to respond! Since the human body is made up of 60% (approximately) water, Dr. Emoto's research has staggering implications, and gives further evidence of why positively changing our thoughts can affect our lives in wonderful and mysterious ways! 


Universal Language and Communication across all dimensions  occurs via Mental Pictures.


The TRUTH  is that
All Religions and all Spiritual practices are valid paths that lead toward  enlightenment. However, religious teachings are often flawed. This is because the people coming after, who tried to refine the various religions were not very evolved. They were lacking in true understanding of the teachers words and perverted the teachings by attaching their own viewpoints and stamps of approval on the various teachings.

Although many teachings are flawed, they do at least give humans a place to explore spirituality, to question their own views, and to develop a thirst for truth. For we must seek much before we can find the treasures inherent in the spiritual. Many are the folks who have sought their whole life.

Guardian Angels

Each of us has a Guardian Spirit, an Angel who will accompany us daily  in this world. We are like children in a school in this life, and  our Spiritual Guide, or  Angel will be with us throughout all our years here.
Our Angel will always accompany us no matter where we may go. Our Guardian Angel will be with us even in jails, dark ally's  and places of debauchery. Wherever we go, our personal Angel is there with us, gently nudging us, and trying to provide us with good advice.

Often, other orbs or spirits may also crowd around us, sometimes lower minded ones will try to get us to be like them, which would be stepping down to their vibrational level. This is why it is advised not to get involved with negative things. We often attract like-minded spirits with our thoughts as our world is a thick soup of all sorts of spirits.

The truth is that one of the things that most religions have wrong, is that we don't immediately go to heaven. As a medium, a person who sees orbs or spirits, I often have them coming to me to ask me if there is a heaven, or to help them figure out why they have not gone to a different world after they have died. That can be quite a shock to a spirit to realize that they are just floating around the same old earth, and can see their family who cannot see them.

The truth is  that there are MANY different levels of existence just here on Earth! And it is our FREQUENCY, the vibrational rate that our minds and emotions vibrate at, that determines where we will find ourselves after we die. That is why during life, we must seek to be the best we can be, to exist in the highest state of happiness we can exist in here on this Earth. Because we can only do that by staying happy and emotionally healthy.

What most Christian religions don't tell you is that life on Earth really IS a Karmic Wheel, and that we keep being reborn again and again until we can purify ourselves enough to merit life in the upper frequencies, which is where a golden lightworld exists which would be most similar to what we would think of as Heaven. And the truth is that Jesus Christ actually DID teach reincarnation, but because the Church Fathers didn't understand it, they threw that part of his teaching out. That teaching was found in the 4th Century and has been translated into several different languages. This book is called the Pistis Sophia.

But our personal Guardian Angels will always gently try to get us to make the best possible choices for us in our life. 
Our personal Angel is truly our very best friend, and even when we have no human friends, our Angel is there with us. They pour their affection for us on us, and sometimes people will admit that in time of heavy emotional situations they felt stroked by their Angel.
I remember clearly feeling someone squeeze my hand! When this happens it is because our Angel dearly wants to let us know we are really not alone, that they will be here besides us through thick and thin all the days of our lives!


Her Mountains are the Immortals who have watched over us, her Rivers have given us life, sustenance, health, irrigated our fields and orchards. Her Skies give us rain, sunlight, and inspiration. Her Core taught us the use of  fire, which warms us. The earth, our Grandmother, has sustained us since the beginning. Let us raise our voices with song to her, hold hands with each other and with feeling the LOVE, stamp our feet with dance so as to raise our spirits and demonstrate our Joy, Gratitude and Love for her and for the Creator!

Truth resonates unfailingly in the heart. This is because we are all part of ONE SYSTEM, and the heart is where we are all CONNECTED!

Many of us become easily discouraged by the unkind  ways that some of us treat another. Know that unkind people are those who don't yet recognize the truth and are still struggling with their own shadows. Ignore these negative behaviors and the acting out as much as you can. If your heart is too injured by the slings and arrows assailing it, you may have to remove yourself from certain situations.  Remember that the only behavior you can truly control is your own. Center yourself on the love you find inside. LOVE yourself. Do your best to see yourself as a vessel of LOVE DIVINE. Know that LOVE is understanding, kind, gentle,  and forgiving. Love is non-judgmental. Find strength from knowing that there are others who know what you know and feel what you feel. You can seek them out. Go within to that peaceful place inside, and follow the guidance you find there.

Pity those who seek to divide men by telling one that "the Other" is our enemy. For those who spread fear belittle the magnanimity of our spiritual heritage, and some do more harm by their fear-mongering than any perceived enemy could ever do. Remember that all humans are children of our Divine Creator and have that same nature deep inside. So while it is important to extend understanding to those experiencing fear, remember that these are ones not connecting with the love within, but falling victim to the darkness that threatens us all. So those of you that can, must be strong. Go within to connect with the SOURCE, and then send your  LOVE outward to touch all others and to dissolve  the negativity and darkness blocking the light from them.

Know that those who die with LOVE in their hearts, are not dead, but just have gone HOME. The only true death is the darkness of the soul, the absence of the light of LOVE. But even those experiencing darkness carry a bit of light with them. If they want to change, they only need call out or reach for it, the light will open and welcome them.

We move in the wrong direction when we move toward Fear, Pessimism, and Materialism. While its good to engage powers of discernment, moving toward Love, Gratitude and Generosity are much better directions for our minds and hearts to travel. Engage Laughter, Joy, and Dance often. Pray with feeling, marrying our hearts emotion and our minds desire. Lift our hearts to sing and we lift our spirits. Lift our spirits and we feel we can do anything!

Beware the deceivers, the ones who peddle fear, lies, and hatreds. These are the sad tools they think will lift themselves above others as they carry out their own agenda's.  Do not fall for their deceptions, for they have truly lost their way..

 Instead, look inside and find that peaceful, compassionate, loving place deep within your hearts , and let only the brilliant eternal Golden WHITE Light of LOVE lead you. Imagine that LIGHT SOURCE in your minds eye. See it and feel it enveloping you, HOLDING you!  And then HOLD it keeping it inside! Remember that those who give without expectation of return are the Blessed ones, and the richest among us.

Know that true wealth is  in happiness, freedom, and joy. Know that in Living for The Other, your own life is Blessed! Only in Giving do we all receive! Only in Healing, are we all Healed! Only in Loving, do we indeed become the Beloved!

Please remember that in difficult times,  when there is the greatest turmoil in the world, is there also the greatest promise! We humans as farmers, dig the earth to plant a seed. Most painful experiences often precede the greatest  growth!  The seed is here and has been sprouted, and the seed is the promise, and it is found Within! Nurture it. Go within, and learn compassion and the importance of living from the Heart, and from Love. And LOVE, like sunshine, will bring it to fruition.



Crystals have been known since Atlantean times to hold much power. They can be programed to perform many functions, and that is why crystals are used today in watches, and many technological devices. 

When working with raw Crystals, one first needs to purify it of various negative energies, and an easy way to do that is to simply put the crystal under running water (tap is okay) for 2 to 3 minutes to clear it of negativity. Then the crystal is ready to charge anew. This is done with fervent praying while holding the crystal close to your forehead for 5 minutes or more and projecting your desired use for the crystal into it.

The Spirit World

There are layers around our earth that contain many regions. And where we go when we die depends on our own spiritual frequency which will vibrate higher or lower depending on how we've lived our lives, what energies we've allowed into our lives, how we think and how we've responded to the different events and occurrences of our lives, and how true to our heart and soul we have been! Not every soul immediately goes to either heaven upon death! We have to RAISE ourselves to that frequency before we are allowed in! Many levels are quite literally a state of mind. And what we think we will encounter after death is often what we do encounter, unless of course, we think we should go to Heaven. We have to be completely purified to make it to that realm! The Heavenly Realms DO EXIST, I am not the only one who has been taken there in vision or dreams. However only the purest among us can raise themselves vibrationally high enough to go there! Most often, those expecting to go to Heaven are deeply confused when suddenly they find find themselves just barely floating above the Earth. As a medium who can see spirits, I am often asked by them for help, or information, or  even for explanation! And some actually tell me that they will no longer ever believe the teachings of the churches they attended while they were among the living! The following is what I believe to be true.

There is a region that includes the crust or top layer of the earth and that extends up above it for an undetermined distance. This region can be compared to a dark cloud that hugs the ground. This is the lowest frequency, that we are so familiar with in this world. In spiritual terms, this region has been known as the Bardos in Tibetian Buddhism, and as the Umbral in Spiritist tradition. Jesus also talked about the many 'regions' that exists when he instructed his disciples during the 11 year period following his rise from the dead,
before he ascended to heaven. Jesus called the dark region the Chaos, also Tartaros, and discribed it to his disciples in the 'Pistis Sophia' as a large dragon that is wrapped around the world.

This is a very dense and dark region hugging our Karmic carrying Earth, and the closest to ground level is where ghosts, spirits of people who cling to their former lives or bodies , or spirits who have lost their moral compass exist, and where confused, unhappy, evil and even monsterous beings who are fed by negative emotions and terrible imaginings of human thoughts continue to live on after they die on the earth plane. Some still cling to their bodies or lives that they've lived on earth and stay attached or close even after their silver cord has been severed. That is why certain cemeteries have a distinct weird vibration and why many people avoid them. 

This lowest  area is the region that often gives rise to our nightmares and it is the region which is very dark and confusing to those unexpectedly finding themselves in it! Without adequate preparation on how to move on after dying, some souls get lost here.This region is full of souls who continue to suffer great emotional pain and sometimes continuing to feel a sort of physical pain in their Spiritual bodies, which although not as heavy and dense as our material bodies, is still dense by spiritual standards.

The way these regions overlap from our Earth plane upwards is why we sometimes still can see people who have crossed over. For contrary to our prevailing beliefs, our thoughts and emotions do NOT die when our physical robe drops! We also do not disappear into nothingness! And Most souls do NOT go immediately to the heavenly planes!

When we die, we only drop the outermost most thick layer of our physical body. But we still retain the lighter Auric field which contains our spiritual body or soul in a small covering very much like an envelope. This is known as our "PeriSpirit". How we treat the people in our lives has a direct impact on what kind of Karma we build up.

As we walk daily in our world, spirits from many levels of existence often walk it with us! Some walk it very close to our ground level, right along side of us! And all of these entities CAN see us and they are magnetically attracted to us if our vibrational energies match. Most often the lower energies are too obsessed with their own thoughts and perceptions, to notice ours, but they can and often DO make judgments concerning us! They also can be attracted to us because our negative thoughts are similar to their own and they also can influence OUR thoughts and our emotional bodies with their thoughts! So it is possible for spirits to 'attach' themselves to us, and then a symbiotic relationship can develop.

The way to break such a relationship if you notice one developing is to clear your space, ie. smudge, sprinkle Holy Water, and command them to go. We have to be very STRONG and DETERMINED to make the break after such an attachment has been formed, as the spirit by that time, doesn't want to leave. You have to let them know you mean business and will not tolerate this attachment! There are places to go if you need help. The Catholic Church still does exorcism, and the Spiritist movement generally uses mediums who can help these spirits to move on.



Laugh, Sing, Joke, Love and enjoy each other during your life. You have a CHOICE every minute on how to act, how to be. Choose JOY. Be Love, make it your normal attitude, and you will attract positive situations to yourself your whole life long. 

We must live our lives with LOVE and Hope, all the while knowing that the tears we cry are part of our earning the Heaven we strive to create, and believing that these efforts will in some small way bring Inspiration, and Strength to those around us! 

Love is the single most healing emotion in the universe, in fact, the universe is a place of Love! Love is positively the glue that holds the entire universe together! Love blows through all boundaries and borders, all dimensions and all modes of being. We should never feel any shame for having loved!

Love from Divine Wisdom has structured the world as a place for us to purify and redeem ourselves, so that we can someday return to Father/Mother God's Loving and Blissful Presence. The World is the sieve through which we pour our Love and in the process encounter many difficulties, and in our attempt to overcome them and rise above them, we learn Values that purify us and release us from what is false. We learn this from our Experiences, so that we will never, no matter how many lifetimes we live, forget these lessons. This is why our lives can sometimes be hard. We agree to these conditions before we ever come into lifetimes on Earth. We often make the most Spiritual progress by having very difficult lives. Exceedingly difficult ives are the only short cut we are allowed in our journey to return to Heaven. 

However, we must know that even though we sometimes live through very difficult lessons in our lives, we never are truly alone! We each have Guardian Angels who are there with us always trying to guide us. We must learn how listen! Their voices can be heard in the small, still recesses of our hearts and minds. And if you happen to see them as Sparkles of Light or other manifestations, KNOW that what you are receiving is a Great Gift!! Many people are beginning to experience Sparkles of Light or have Angelic experiences.

We may sometimes think our thoughts are only our own. But if they are Positive Thoughts in response to a problem we are going through, rest assured they can be help from our Angels! Don't ever be hesitant to ask for help, because when we ask for help, our Angels listen. And because of their love for each one of us, they help us receive the help we need! 

A big lesson is to learn to distinquish the negative thoughts that are created through lower frequency energies of fear and doubt, from the higher frequency energies of love and positive thinking. We need to open our minds to the possibilities of the many dimensional levels that exist in our world. Even Science is recognizing that there are many levels of vibration and frequency in our world. Spiritual energies of all types float through our environment and they can quite literally can influence our thoughts. Some think of this as our each being a miniature solar system with Angels and Orbs around us at all times. Though our personal Solar System sometimes comes a stray meteorite! Life can ge dangerous out in the world, and it is no different Within! And where we place our thoughts determines what frequency we will vibrate at. Our personal universe is created by what is going on in our Mind and Heart. When these two are connected together and aligned, we create the world we live in. When we are aligned, we are able to live much happier, more productive and fulfilling lives! 

Learning to actually control our own thoughts is a very important step. Learning to snap or shift our thoughts away from negative or otherwise unhealthy thinking takes continued practice, but can be achieved. Thoughts are creative energy, and we don't really need them creating more difficult issues in our lives! Praying or meditating can align our thoughts with higher energies, and that helps us in all our endeavors! Soon we understand that much of our pain is really the result of stuck negative energy that has congealed in our bodies as cellular memory, a result of repeating negative experiences and continued thoughts that lodge in our body tissue. Sometimes situations in our lives can be the result of Karmic issues from past lives. We are currently in a time when we must move forward, away from the negative in our world and in our past. There is a plan for Earth to Ascend to a higher frequency, and it is happening right now as I write this! The scientific proof of this is what is happening with the frequency of the Earth. The Earth's frequency is changing, too, There are scientists monitoring this phenomena which is known as the Schuman Resonance.

We now have an amazing chance to leave our old Karma behind, and advance with the Earth into the new frequencies which carry none of the old Karmic energy or debt that has been holding many of us back! The Earth is getting ready to Graduate! And to live in the world after it has graduated, a world which is being called New Earth, we must be able to live in Love and the frequency of Light and Love that will become a permanent part of life here. The way to do this is to lighten ourselves up! And we do this by watching our habitual  thoughts closely and changing them to always be much more positive! 

As we move into this new energy, our bodies will be repaired and healed, and our lives improved because of the great Healing LIGHT which is being poured into this world and into our lives from the highest dimensions. There is an enormous amount of Light accompanying this frequency shift!

If we can remind ourselves to allow our heart/mind to lead us, focusing on LOVE, Kindness, Gentleness, Empathy, Compssion and True Concern for others, and at the same time to take care of our own emotional/mental needs, our pathways may not always be perfectly straight, but coming purity of intention and truth, they will be pure, and that purity will lead us where we are meant to go!


(NASA Image)

What can the Crop Circles teach us?
Crop circles have and are being made by higher dimensional beings for many years now, and if you are interested in this subject, please research the very excellent thoughtful presentations that makes important connections between these crop circles and spirituality.

We are on the preface of a new existence on this planet, and even our Star Brothers are trying to educate us. The video link below explains some of this very exciting and esoteric knowledge and especially explains why balancing ourselves, our emotional field and giving attention to and growing our spirituality is so important!


Music has been know to produce healing for centuries. Powerful frequencies exist that help us to deal with our issues, tune and align ourselves so that we can both heal from our issues and focus our intentions on being the best we can be. Try placing a glass of water near your speakers while playing these and then drink the water for an added boost! The sound of the Sun below is purported to be very powerful!
Each frequency listed below contains a link to a You Tube video that plays that particular frequency.

126.22 hz - Sun (OM) 

Music is very healing, because of it's abilities to adjust our internal frequencies. All Sound is frequency, and so can be used for healing.

Dr Emoto's Water Crystal experiments has proved that water has a certain consciousness!

Our Human Bodies are made up of approximately 67% Water. In his Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, H.H. Mitchell says that our Kidneys and Muscles are composed of 79% water, our Lungs  are about 83% water, the brain and the heart of about 73% water, the skin of our bodies contains 64% water and even the bones contain about 31% water!!
 Our Bodies are veritable Sponges!

Promise of a New Earth

There is very great effort now because hidden deep in many ancient texts is a promise of a very special time coming. It has been said that after the Great World Wars, when humanity has finally learned their lessons  involving the senselessness of violence by suffering from it, then will come a time for the New Earth to arise!

There are many different views about this because while there IS movement towards this end occurring, we humans are always learning as we go! But many 'Lightworkers' are making continued efforts to help the people of earth raise their frequency which will in turn help to lift the planet! Mental and Emotional positivity is necessary to do this. Showing Love for our fellow man is extremely important now.

The system of the New Earth is a healing environment and our Earth is beginning to vibrate higher to accommodate these new higher Light frequencies that are flooding into the Earth now. 
These Energies are called Quantum Energies. 

The Masters which are leading this effort, began sending souls to our Earth Plane in waves beginning in the early 1900's in preparation for this time, slowly increasing the number of higher evolved souls, and now most souls being born today are very evolved! These souls are the children with golden wings, and are charged with taking our Earth into a new higher frequency so that there can be created a new Paradise on a New Earth! The energy of Source is flooding our world. As we adjust our thinking, we will become Lighter, and together we will raise the Earth to this New Earth frequency! 

But much effort is still needed. This small growing sprout is just emerging, and it needs much light and love showered on it! We each have a seed of Divinity within us that needs nurturing to grow. We ARE Children of the Divine, and our role here on earth is to learn what we need, so that we can eventually raise ourselves to the level of the Higher Dimensions. It is very much now, like Angelic Gardners are here healing and nurturing the good people they find here, trying to turn the energies inside our hearts to Love. Not all seeds will make it! We must all of us, exert strong personal efforts in loving ways, to change the environment we find inside ourselves as well as outside ourselves, so to assist the Angelic Gardeners in this process!

Our Body is a Temple because it carries a very real Spark of Source within it, which is that Seed of the Vital Principle which animates our bodies and Souls! So always care and respect the vehicle YOU live in, and especially that Particle of God, that Seed in YOUR Soul, that resides within you. Respect other peoples bodies and spirits also! Understand that this is why suicide and abuse of any kind is so harmful. Abuse is an example of a soul in distress, a soul who has come to the wrong conclusion about things or a soul struggling with the conditions he finds himself in. These people are learning the lessons they need to learn from life. We certainly should not follow their examples when we see and hear of their mistakes and misfortunes!  We should instead wish them well, help them by putting them in touch with people who have skills to help them and then guard our own lives and the lives of those we love very carefully! Each of us is here for a reason, and that reason has been carefully considered by the Masters who oversee Life on Earth. We have not been given any lessons we are not capable of overcoming!!

Refrain from Judgement, for the only minds, hearts and circumstances we truly know are our own. And understand that Judgement, Resistance, and Unresolved emotion imprints our body tissues with cellular memory or stuck energy, and this can create Illness and Pain! This is why we need to look deeply inside always, and continually resolve the issues we find there. When we do this, we release the emotions that create our pain and our bodies can heal, just as they were designed to do!

Remember always that when Light shines on Darkness, Darkness will react by receding.
Entrenched Darkness will fight often long and hard, but Light continually kept on the Darkness will ultimately win out. 

The many kinds and types of frequency energies in our world include but are not limited to Spiritual (God Source), Cosmic, Planetary (Astrology, Astrophysics), Solar, Earth, Ancestral and Family (energies that emit from family conditioning, Spirits of ancestors and close family), Karmic (lessons we may need to learn because of something we've done to someone else), EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies), Environmental and Weather related, Directional, as well as certain energy we attract to ourselves because of our various thinking patterns. We even experience confusing energies from our own bodily functions. For the sake of simplicity, we call any of these energies which affect us in a negative way, Negative energies and any which affect us positively as Positive energies! Sometimes we may find ourselves confused about these energies. But these create our quality of life and at different times and can even influence the 'Trials' we must go though in order to grow spiritually.

Often, what we call Karmic experience is actually our own souls desire to experience all sides of life. We each have at the most basic parts of our Souls, a God Particle from God Him/Herself, who formed a desire to experience all there is to experience and exploded itself out into the universe. Therefore, what we think or desire often manifests.There are also Angelic Energies which can resolve any negative energy at play in our lives, as long as we are willing to do the work to eliminate the other types of negativity.

Because of the shift Earth is going through at this time, we do have highly evolved Beings of Light as well as Extraterrestrial beings among us, attempting to flood the planet and our cells with nourishing and positive energy, and to encourage us make the best choices, and to help us control our thoughts. What we think always has had an impact on our planet, but now more then ever!
We often create our own situations ourselves with our thoughts, in tandem with existing conditions and other peoples thoughts. This is why we must learn to control our thoughts and be very discerning, taking our time until we are clear before acting. We need to each take responsibility for the part we have played in the way our lives have gone. If we want to help save and heal our planet, we must start with ourselves!

Because we live in an environment in which we are consistently barraged with energies from practically everywhere, we truly need to learn to distinguish the energies that come from outside of us, from the energies we have and create within ourselves! We all know how Music affects us. Music is clearly understood as frequency. And we can all clearly demonstrate to ourselves the affects Music has on us simply by changing the dial on the radio! So we need to primarily learn to understand ourselves! Learning about our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual makeup does wonders in helping us discern and deal with the many and varied energies in our world! This is why it is so important to meditate or otherwise have some technique for 'going within' through which we can discern these things about ourselves. It's not cheating if we realize we only are able to do this listening to music! If that is the case, then we have learned something important about ourselves, and that will be an excellent first step in deepening our understanding of ourselves and how we react to these many and varied frequencies! For we truly are like radios ourselves, our head is the transmitting and receiving tower! What are YOU listening to?

Understanding that we live in a veritable Soup of energies with many layers of frequency and vibration existent here, is Key. Soup helps one to understand this mix. We then realize that all people among us are constantly being barraged by these same energies affecting us! Not all of them have the coping mechanisms we might have developed to help ourselves. Realizing this helps us come from a place of compassion when dealing with the other people around us who are trying to navigate these same everyday stresses too!

All humans have a Spark of the Divinity within them. But it is often very tiny, and so we must find ways of fanning that spark to grow it into a flame because it is our spark from Source and our connection to Heaven and the Divine! We need to  fan our spark to fuel our fire. Inspirations are often the fuel which fans our flame. Inspiration becomes a tool to make the flame grow to become a veritable Bonfire! When we experience this fire, we can become enraptured and it is possible then to experience spiritual wonders that we never conceived of before. We begin to understand so much that we were previously unable to, and we know without a doubt that we are in contact with Heavenly energies. Then Heaven, having taken us to It's own Heart, will become part of each and every one of our Hearts! This is the direction we must travel on this grand adventure to which all of us were born. We must all grow internally so as to remake our beautiful Planet into a Heaven on Earth!