No matter who you are, where you live, your skin color or nationality, you and I are all ONE family!


 The first time I saw dew on grass when I was a child, I thought the grass was covered with precious jewels. Perhaps you remember a similar wondrous moment?
Now that I'm older and look back at that moment, I realize that yes, indeed that was what the grass that day held for me! Life is a collection of moments. Sweet, wondrous, loving moments. Or painful hurtful sad moments. Most moments are probably somewhere in between. Often what we perceive is colored by our own perceptions, which in turn is colored by our experiences.

It's been estimated that if you live to 75, you will live only 39,400,000 minutes. This is really not that many.
How are you going to spend these precious moments of your life? Are you going to spend them fighting with your husband, wife, siblings, children, neighbors, or other countries? Or are you going to spend them appreciating the beauty of our world, feeling love, being loved, nurtured or making others feel nurtured, appreciated and cared for?
What do you think will truly bring you the most Happiness and Peace in the long run?
Will it be the money you make, or the love you share that brings you Happiness?
Seek the precious moments!  Choose Joy!

The Secret.

When we are children, we connect easily with the source and go within naturally. We are experts when we are children, at knowing when we are uncomfortable, sad, hurt, or happy. We know how to totally get wrapped up in play, or song, or dance.  It's easy to daydream and to imagine. And when we are children, we easily recognize when someone else we love is feeling hurt or disillusioned. Blessed are the Children, for they Still REMEMBER the LOVE!

As we become Adults, the needs of taking care of ourselves or our families cause us to view these things as worthless pursuits. But these are not worthless by any means! For these are all the skills one needs to go within!

When you play, or dream, or pray, or sing with passion from your Heart, you are connecting with the vibrant energy of the universe, and with the Divine! And then you just need to still your mind and turn that joyful energy inward! Still your mind and Dream inward. Still your mind and see what bubbles up! 



Stories of the Celtic Bards have been passed down through history. People of our time look back upon the Bards with both wonder and confusion because we do not understand the important function they served in their societies. We do not understand the secret.

Bards were musicians and singers who wove and sang their tales chiefly to inspire their people. Bards even accompanied their warriors into battle, singing throughout!! 
Now I will tell you the secret of the Bards which has been lost over centuries.

Bards were talented musicians and singers who were selected by the Druids for their PURITY OF HEART and also for their ability to ENVISION  a POSITIVE OUTCOME for their people and for their society. Only TRUE HEARTED, SWEET people with the ability to hold Positive Thoughts for long periods of time were selected as Bards. And it was the tales they SANG  that helped the Bards maintain these strong positive thoughts. Their function was to construct with their minds positive visions of happiness and success for their people, and then to create the songs that verbalized these visions in Rhyme, then they would send these musical tales forth to the people during performances  to fire their imaginations, so that all of them together could create a happy and fulfilled existence. These songs became a central and important part of life during Celtic times. And it became so important that it was believed that Bards needed to even go into battle with the warriors, singing along the way to help them to secure their victories. So strong was the belief in the importance of positive thinking during Celtic times!!!!!



Sometimes we need to suspend our disbelief when we need to find answers and especially when we want to learn to communicate with our Guides and Angels. Many people are very linear in their  thinking and that can make it hard for them. But its very important to have a STRONG desire. We may also need some patience!

Know that in these especially trying times, our Guides and Angels want to communicate with us as much as we may want to communicate with them! All that is necessary therefore, is to remove the blocks preventing this communication.
This can be difficult without the belief that it is possible. Therefore I say again, suspend your disbelief!  Instead use your passion and pray, letting your emotions flow. Pray with all your heart. Pray for your most desperate needs, pray from your deepest desires, and then address your Angels, your Guides, and beg them, Yes BEG THEM,  to find a way to get through to and communicate with you!

Then you must be sure to  keep your eyes, ears and Heart open and be willing to wait a little bit for their answers! Answers may come serendipitously. Answers can come from sychronistic occurances, and  from the most common areas of our lives. They can come in many ways! However, often when the answer comes it is repeated, particularly if we are not 'getting it'! If that is the case then tell your Angels you aren't getting it and ask them to help you! Sometimes we don't 'get it' because we don't like the answers! We stall and try to go the other way because our upbringing and environmental conditioning says its wrong, or we are too headstrong to accept it. We must keep open to ANY possibility.

It is helpful to keep a dream journal, as many answers come in dreams , and some parts of a dream may be repeated during waking hours in coincidental ways . Remember to share your dreams with your family. Sharing your dream helps you to remember it

Answers also come in inspirations. Sometimes you will get a visual prompting, a picture in your mind. Other times you may think you hear or feel someone talking to you! Don't simply dismiss this as an illusion. ASK FOR PROOF! Set up specific circumstances and be sure to tell your Angels to be quick in responding! Sometimes since time has no meaning where they exist, unless you tell them you need an immediate response, it may come much later than you expect, so late, that you might not even recognize that it IS a response! A day for us, is merely a blink of an eye for them! 
So this is important to remember!

Sometimes it helps to set aside some time just for prayer without outside interruptions. Perhaps you might want to try to do a small ceremony. This can be as simple as lighting a candle and saying a prayer. Or it can be more elaborate, like drawing a circle on the ground or in the sand and going inside with your candle to pray. Sit quietly and still your mind. Some people like to spend time at church when no one is there simply because it is so quiet, and they feel they can pray better there. But nature can be just as fulfilling. And when you are praying in nature, there is the added benefit of small happenings that can add to your experience and provide immediate communication.
I remember sitting in a circle once, and praying. and suddenly a spider came across the circlel, stopped directly in front of me to look at me. Then she did a complete full circle, stopped to looked at me again and then ran off in the direction from which she had come! 

Birds and small animals are perfect vehicles for spirit to give you answers. So are the clouds!  The world is filled with consciousness, although of many different frequencies! You don't need a magic mirror, or a crystal ball. Clouds often can be a beautiful way to receive answers from spirit. When you LOVE the clouds, or LOVE the birds, when you really LOVE nature and your heart just fills up with emotion when you see or engage with it, natural wonders truly ensue! The communication that can take place in Nature between you and Spirit can be amazing, wonderful and very fulfilling!

Give it a try! But don't just try once then give up. You need to make a concerted effort. Not because no one is listening, but because YOU may not be used to doing this and YOU may be missing the important but subtle clues which are the answers you seek! As with anything else, the more you do it the better you become at it!


Thoughts are powerful!!!!!!!
Thoughts are the motivating means which initiates the actions of our lives. Our thoughts come first, like seeds we plant in a fertile field.
The Spoken Word has further power, and what we speak goes out into the ether sending and gathering energy to itself!
Our spoken words are the buds of a flower about to open, about to come to fruition. Words further cement our thoughts into the fabric of life. They commit us to paths of action. They show others what kind of humans we are. And they also give clues as to our thoughts and mental processes.

Be very careful with both your thoughts and your words. These define you, and will create your future. Monitor you thoughts and your words and seek to keep them always uplifted and as positive as you can manage, and you will find your life smoothing out and improving in uncalculable ways!


There is a technique which many highly evolved people use to clear their food or drink of negativity and toxins. This process can also be used to heal.

The technique is simple and involves projecting ones healing, or clearing thoughts onto the food or drink. It works because everything that appears physical is actually tiny molecules held together by frequency or energy. And our thoughts are, and have a frequency. When we project positive thoughts to anything, we are subtly shifting the frequency that holds all matter together.

Dr Emoto, a scientist from Japan wrote many beautiful books about the results of his many experiments with water molecules. It turns out that projecting thoughts, like "happy", "healthy", "healing", and even writing them on paper to put under the food or drink, will result in the water molecules within these substances, changing!

Dr. Emoto's books are very eye opening, and a wealth of information. His research shows the molecules in water to actually be 'Sentient', or conscious and able to respond! Since the human body is made up of 60% (approximately) water, Dr. Emoto's research has staggering implications, and gives further evidence of why positively changing our thoughts can affect our lives in wonderful and mysterious ways! 


Universal Language and Communication across all species occurs via Mental Pictures.


The TRUTH  is and always has been here.
All Religions and all Spiritual preferences are valid paths to enlightenment.

However, with the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, we now know that in the Christian/Judean Tradition, our ancient spiritual heritage was severely altered by unevolved people who felt superior spiritually and placed too much emphasis on their intellect. 

So at that time it was decided to discard many books that they didn't understand and that they thought had nothing important in them. Other reasons were political, and so many books of the former Bible were so edited that some of the most important passages lost their true meaning. That left many with a 'skewed' viewpoint, an imbalance which led to years of battle within theses religions.
These ancient decisions still affects us today.

 But we are now in a time when we can change all of that . We are beginning to realize that 
religions should simply be vehicles for pointing us in the right direction, and the burden actually falls to each individual person to be responsible for keeping to their own deep seeded values and taking their own personal steps toward spiritual enlightenment 
This following link holds a beautiful explanation of the path to enlightenment or what is now being called "the awakening". 

Interview with Mooji
Heartmind (part 1 of 4) You should be able to access the other 3 videos at the end of each part.

Gregg Braden is a researcher with a scientific background who marries the findings of science with important and little known knowledge from the worlds most ancient religions. His presentation (below) is amazing!

Please give yourself plenty of time to watch the following videos.
If you have a scientific bent, you will appreciate the interesting manner in which  Mr. Braden puts his presentation together. 

The Language of the Divine Matrix

The link above is to a hour long video. However, here is a 15 minute version that will wet your appetite! Bon Appetit!

Cure Illness in 3 Min.

Laugh, Sing, Joke, Love and enjoy each other during your life. You have a CHOICE every minute on how to act, how to be. Choose JOY. Be Joyous, make it your normal attitude, and you will attract positive situations to yourself.

Know that Heaven is filled with Joyous beings, and when you choose Joy in your life, they often reach down and encircle you with their own protective Love and Joy!

Our Beautiful Planet Earth is in the process of her own evolution. In the coming years, only good souls will begin to be incarnated here and as this change takes hold, our beautiful Earth will herself evolve to become a Terrestial Paradise!

Guardian Angels

Each of us has a Guardian Spirit, or Angel who will accompany us daily through the trials related to our material existence in this world. We are all children in a school in this life, and essentially the ward of our Spiritual Guide, and our personal  Angel will be with us throughout all our years here.
Our Angel will always accompany us no matter where we may go in our lives. Even in jails, dark ally's  and places of debauchery, our personal Angel is there with us, gently nudging us, and trying to provide us with good advice. Other spirits may also crowd around us, some lower minded ones will try to get us to step down to their vibrational level. We often attract like-minded spirits with our thoughts as our world is a thick soup of all sorts of energies. But our personal Guardian Angel will always gently try to get us to make the best possible decisions for us. 

Our personal Angel is truly our very best friend, and even when we have no human friends, our Angel is there with us. They pour their affection for us on us, and sometimes people will admit that in time of heavy emotional situations they felt stroked by their Angel.
I remember clearly feeling someone squeeze my hand! When this happens it is because our Angel dearly wants to let us know we are really not alone, that they will be here besides us through thick and thin all the days of our lives!

Words like 'Love' 'charity' 'compassion' 'kindness' 'gentleness' and 'gratitude' are not empty or just pretty words, they are the Veins of Positive Emotion that carry an actual connection with the 'Good' or 'God', and functioning from the perspective of these energies helps to keep us connected with God, and the positive side of life.

For we live in a world that functions more like a school than anything else I can describe, and stumbling blocks are always being thrown in our pathways to test us. How we behave in our tests is noted by the Spirits, Angels and Masters which surround us. For just as water in a stream purifies itself by being forced over rocks as it flows, so also are our Souls muddied or purified by the way we respond to the stumbling blocks and tests we meet in our
daily lives!

We must live our lives with LOVE and Hope, all the while knowing that the tears, sweat and blood we cry are part of our earning the Heaven we strive to create, and believing that these efforts will in some small way bring Inspiration, and Strength to those around us!

Love is the single most healing emotion in the universe, in fact, the universe is made up of Love! Love is positively the glue that holds the universe together! Love crosses all borders, all dimensions and all modes of being. We should never feel any shame for having loved! 

Love from Divine Wisdom has structured the world as a place for us to purify and redeem ourselves, so that we can someday return to Father/Mother God's Loving and Blissful Presence. The World is the sieve through which we pour ourselves, the school  through which we learn what are True Values, and what values are false. We learn this from Experience, so that we will never, no matter how many lifetimes we live, forget our lessons. This is why our lives can sometimes be hard. We agreed to these conditions we live before we ever came into our lifetimes. We learn our deficiencies, and seek to overcome them here. And we often make the most Spiritual progress by having very difficult lives. Exceedingly difficult ives are the only short cut we are allowed to make to heaven. But it takes a strong person to get through these lives with grace and love, without incurring more Karmic debt!
However, we must know that even though we sometimes walk through very difficult lessons in our lives, we truly are never alone! We each have Guardian Angels who are there with us trying to guide us, if we will only listen! Their voices can be heard in the small still recesses of our hearts and minds. We may sometimes think these are our own thoughts. But if they are Positive Thoughts in response to a problem we are going through, rest assured they are help from our Angles! Don't ever be hesitant to ask for help, as when we ask, we will receive the help we need! 

A big lesson is to learn to distinquish the negative thoughts that are created from lower frequency energies of fear and doubt from the higher positive thought frequencies we experience. We need to open our minds to the possibility that there may be many energies floating in our environment that can influence our thoughts. For much of life, both Spiritual and Material is experienced in Mind and Heart. When these two are connected together and aligned, we are able to live much happier, more positive and fulfilling lives! Learning to actually control our thoughts is  a very important thing to learn now.  Snapping our thoughts away from negative or otherwise unhealthy thinking takes practice but can be learned. Thoughts are creative energy, and we don't really need them creating more difficult issues in our lives! Praying fervently and often aligns our thoughts with higher energies, and help us in all our endeavors. Soon we understand that much of our pain is really the result of stuck negative energy that has congealed in the form of repeating negative thoughts that then lodge in our bodies. Although some pain can be the result of Karmic debts from our past lives, we are currently in a time when we must move forward and away from these pasts. We now have an amazing chance to leave our Karmic blueprint behind, and advance with the Earth into new frequencies carrying none of the old Karmic energy or debt that has been holding us back! The way to do this is to lighten ourselves up! And we do this by watching our habitual  thoughts closely and changing ourselves so we can be much more positive!

As we move into this new energy, our bodies will be repaired and healed, and our lives improved because of the great Healing LIGHT which is being poured into this world and into us from the higher dimensions, as there is much Light accompanying this dimensional shift.

If we can remember to use our minds to follow our hearts, focusing on LOVE, Kindness, Gentleness, Empathy, Compssion and True Concern for others as well as ourselves, though our pathways may not always be perfectly straight, they will always be coming from truth and therefore pure!

At some point, we learn that we must monitor our thoughts continuously, making the duration of our negative thoughts continually shorter and shorter. Our thoughts are private, but they are responsible for many of the negative situations we encounter as we often create more drama and distress by our reactions to our own thoughts and emotions. Emotions can be seen clearly in the emotional body by spirit. There is a strong interplay always between our thoughts and our emotions. Peace occurs in our minds when our emotions stabilize and become balanced.

With practice, we become more adept at monitoring our thoughts and then picking the directions we choose to go because we begin to see how our thoughts affect our lives, and we will finally find ourselves becoming more content and healthier people. Our lives then begin to straighten out and flow in directions that we are happy with, and Joy becomes a more constant part of our lives.

We are all humans and suffer from the human condition which is a sort of weakness of mind, and then life in the physical world gives us an bloated sense of ego Often it is a false ego. While self esteem and self-love is good, we must be careful not to allow   ego  to take undue precedent in our lives.

Social conditioning, magazines, and television affects our desires by staging things in attractive settings which causes us to think we need many things that we really don't need . Sometimes we get obsessed and begin to feel that we always need something new. But after awhile we begin to realize how EMPTY things really are, and then we begin to look around ourselves constantly trying to find things that CAN fulfill us. This is usually when we realize that LOVE is the only thing we really need, and we all do need it. Without Love in our lives we often become depressed, and this is a danger zone for us as depression can lead us into looping cycles of negativity. This is when we really need to pray and ask for strength to propel ourselves out of this loop.

This is oftentimes the signal to Source that we we have "hit bottom" and then as long as we are willing to accept spiritual help from the Angelic realms, we will receive it. This is when we begin to realize that the only true and completely fulfilling LOVE comes from Source!.

The Source of all of us is the only Being truly capable of the kind of LOVE that nurtures, totally uplifts, and completely sustains us. And Blessedly, we are able to attain that Love even here in this world! But we only feel it after doing a lot of work on ourselves in trying to shed our false egos, our materialistic natures and adjusting our perspectives!

But often we are not sure where to look! Ultimately we learn to seek God, our Source, and when we are very clear inside ourselves that Source is what we are seeking, Source will NOT let us down! Source will send us the help we need in ways that if we are paying attention, we will see as perfect for us!


Her Mountains are the Immortals who have watched over us, her Rivers have given us life, sustenance, health, irrigated our fields and orchards. Her Skies give us rain, sunlight, and inspiration. Her Core taught us the use of  fire, which warms us. The earth, our Grandmother, has sustained us since the beginning. Let us raise our voices with song to her, hold hands with each other and with feeling the LOVE, stamp our feet with dance so as to raise our spirits and demonstrate our Joy, Gratitude and Love for her and for the Creator!

Truth resonates unfailingly in the heart. This is because we are all part of ONE SYSTEM, and the heart is where we are all CONNECTED!

Many of us become easily discouraged by the unkind  ways that some of us treat another. Know that unkind people are those who don't yet recognize the truth and are still struggling with their own shadows. Ignore these negative behaviors and the acting out as much as you can. If your heart is too injured by the slings and arrows assailing it, you may have to remove yourself from certain situations.  Remember that the only behavior you can truly control is your own. Center yourself, LOVE yourself. Do your best to see yourself as a vessel of LOVE DIVINE. Know that LOVE is understanding, kind, gentle,  and forgiving. Love is non-judgmental. Find strength from knowing that there are others who know what you know and feel what you feel. You can seek them out. Go within to that peaceful place inside, and follow the guidance you find there.

Pity those who seek to divide men by telling one that "the Other" is our enemy. For those who spread fear belittle the magnanimity of our spiritual heritage, and some do more harm by their fear-mongering than any perceived enemy could ever do. Remember that all humans are children of our Divine Creator and have that same nature deep inside. So while it is important to extend understanding to those experiencing fear, remember that these are ones not connecting with the love within, but falling victim to the darkness that threatens us all. So those of you that can, must be strong. Go within to connect with the SOURCE, and then send your  LOVE outward to touch all others and to dissolve  the negativity and darkness blocking the light from them.

Know that those who die with LOVE in their hearts, are not dead, but just have gone HOME. The only true death is the darkness of the soul, the absence of the light of LOVE. But even those experiencing darkness carry a bit of light with them. If they want to change, they only need call out or reach for it, the light will open and welcome them.

We move in the wrong direction when we move toward Fear, Pessimism, and Materialism. While its good to engage powers of discernment, moving toward Love, Gratitude and Generosity are much better directions for our minds and hearts to travel. Engage Laughter, Joy, and Dance often. Pray with feeling, marrying our hearts emotion and our minds desire. Lift our hearts to sing and we lift our spirits. Lift our spirits and we feel we can do anything!

Beware the deceivers, the ones who peddle fear, lies, and hatreds. These are the sad tools they think will lift themselves above others as they carry out their own agenda's.  Do not fall for their deceptions, for they have truly lost their way..  Instead, look inside and find that peaceful, compassionate, loving place deep within your hearts , and let only the brilliant eternal Golden WHITE Light of LOVE lead you. Imagine that LIGHT SOURCE in your minds eye, see it and feel it enveloping you, HOLDING you!  And then HOLD it keeping it inside! Remember that those who give with no expectation of return are the Blessed ones, and the richest among us.

Know that true wealth is not measured in money, but in happiness, freedom, and joy. Know that in Living for The Other, your own life is Blessed! Only in Giving do we all receive! Only in Healing, are we all Healed! Only in Loving, do we indeed become the Beloved!

Please remember that in difficult times,  when there is the greatest turmoil in the world, is there also the greatest promise! We humans as farmers, dig the earth to plant a seed. Most painful experiences often precede the greatest  growth!  The seed is here and has been sprouted, and the seed is the promise, and it is found Within! Nurture it. Go within, and learn compassion and the importance of living from the Heart, and from Love. And LOVE, like sunshine, will bring it to fruition.


Clearing our ears to hear, and our third eye to see.

Use two or three fingers and move them around in circles just in front of the ear and its opening, while in your minds eye seeing your INNER ears being cleaned. Continue to do this for several minutes a day, until you feel your ears are unblocked. Make sure to listen for the whisper from Spirit! 

For your third eye, gently with two fingers, pry it open. Imagine your third eye being pried open, and imagine a milky white glaze across it. Gently again with 2 fingers, wipe your third eye area while imagining it being cleared of the white milky substance covering it. Do this exercise 3 times a day until you notice an 'opening' and begin to experience foresight.



Crystals have been known since Atlantean times to hold much power. They can be programed to perform many functions, and that is why crystals are used today in watches, and many technological devices. 

When working with raw Crystals, one first needs to purify it of various negative energies, and an easy way to do that is to simply put the crystal under running water (tap is okay) for 2 to 3 minutes to clear it of negativity. Then the crystal is ready to charge anew. This is done with fervent praying while holding the crystal close to your forehead for 5 minutes or more and projecting your desired use for the crystal into it.

The Spirit World

There are layers around our earth that contain many regions. And where we go when we die depends on our own spiritual frequency which will vibrate higher or lower depending on how we've lived our lives, what energies we've allowed into our lives, how we've responded to the different occurrences and events of our lives, and how true to our heart and soul we have been!

There is a region that includes the crust or top layer of the earth and that extends up above it for an undetermined distance. This region can be compared to a dark cloud that hugs the ground. This region has been known as the Bardos in Tibetian Buddhism, and as the Umbral in Spiritist tradition. Jesus also talked about the many 'regions' that exists when he instructed his disciples during the 11 year period following his rise from the dead,
before he ascended to heaven. Jesus called the dark region the Chaos, also Tartaros, and discribed it to his disciples in the 'Pistis Sophia' as a large dragon that is wrapped around the world.

This is a very dense and dark region on our Karmic carrying Earth, and the closest to ground level is where ghosts, spirits of people who cling to their former lives or bodies , or spirits who have lost their moral compass exist, and where confused, unhappy, evil and even monsterous beings who are fed by negative emotions and terrible imaginings continue to live on after they die on the earth plane. Not every soul immediately goes to either heaven or hell upon death! Some still cling to their bodies or lives that they've lived on earth and stay attached even after their silver cord has been severed.

This lowest  area is the region that often gives rise to our nightmares and it is the region which is very dark and confusing to those unexpectedly finding themselves in it! Without any preparation on how to move on after dying, some souls get lost here.This region is full of souls who continue to suffer great emotional pain and sometimes continuing to feel a sort of physical pain in their Spiritual bodies, which although not as heavy and dense as our material bodies, is still dense by spiritual standards.

The way these regions overlap from our Earth plane upwards is why we sometimes still can see people who have crossed over. For contrary to our prevailing beliefs, our thoughts and emotions do NOT die when our physical robe drops! We also do not disappear into nothingness! When we die, we only drop the outermost most thick layer of our physical body. But we still retain the lighter Auric energy field which contains our spiritual body or soul,in a small covering very much like an envelope. This is known as our "PeriSpirit". How we treat the people in our lives has a direct impact on what kind of Karma we build up.

As we walk daily in our world, spirits from many levels of existence often walk it with us! Some walk it very close to our ground level, right along side of us! And all of these entities CAN see us and they are magnetically attracted to us if our vibrational energies match. Most often they are too obessed with their own thoughts though, to notice ours, but they can and often Do make judgments concerning us! They can be attracted to us because our negative thoughts are similar to their own and they also can influence OUR thoughts and our emotional bodies with their thoughts!

I am speaking of this because it is a protection for us to be aware of this! This is another reason why it is extremely important to guard our every day thoughts and emotions as these not only preceed our actions in life, but if negative, can attract outside negative energies to us that can influence us to do things we might not otherwise do! We need to keep our thoughts positive, so that we only attract positive to us!

Of course we all have emotional releases, but if we can express our tears in prayers to God and Jesus during these emotional moments, these can be turned into cleansing or potentially refreshing moments without the danger of attracting undesired negative energies. In praying to God or any Master of Light, our Angels will form a protective barrier around us keeping us safe.

It is our own vibratory level or frequency which attracts or repels spirit energy around us. If we live our lives with the best possible thoughts and restrain ourselves from negative thinking, this actually protects us, and we can be assured that the spirits we are walking with are spirits having at the very least a similar frequency to ourselves! 

We don't all necessarily go to the Chaos or Bardos when we die.
If we maintain a good character and live a good life helping when and wherever we are needed, and where we continually try not to hurt any other being, our spirit may be propelled to a much higher region when we die! But those who insist on hurting others, or putting themselves and their interests consistently first, causing mental, emotional or physical anguish to others, and even those who attempt to hurt themselves in varying ways may end up there. 

Our Lifetimes are also the only time to seek forgiveness for our sins and the pain we have caused others. It simply doesn't work to wait until after we die to repent, as only while we are in the School of Life on this planet that we can receive forgiveness.

It IS possible to escape the Bardos after we die even while carrying Karma, and if we are aware of what to watch out for this can be easier. This is the reason Tibetian Monks will often come to the house of a dying person, and chant passages from the Tibetian Book of the Dead. It is a book of instructions of what to watch out for after death when transversing the Bardos Region. They do this because the persons soul can still hear what is being said on our plane even after death, and they hope to guide the soul they are praying for through the Bardos to a higher level!

When caught in the Bardos, after suffering the pain and confusion that is experienced there,  a spirit hopefully develops the strong determination and desire to become a more positive being. This desire is necessary so they can be rescued. As one reaches that point, the soul will cry out ardently and sincerely for help, praying for forgiveness of their sins, thus opening the way for deliverance! Praying for people who have died is also a way to help them escape this region. All of us need to desire authentically to improve ourselves, and when we do, especially in our lifetimes, we bring about the opportunity for our spiritual refinement! 

Whether one is rescued or not often depends on their own determination to do the difficult work necessary to improve themselves within. This desire shows itself as changes of heart that can be actively seen IN the chakra regions of the Peri-Spirit by higher vibratory spirits! And when we are seen having this desire, we are given opportunities that we need!

Above the Bardos in the earths atmosphere is a slightly higher region that Jesus called the Firmament, and many more regions exist beyond this in bands of frequency, each governed by their own frequency that extend further out from our Earth's surface. These blend in an overlapping fashion with higher increasing outward.
The layers closest to the earth are layers that are often perceived as containing a sort of 'contamination'. Angelic Beings of Light when working with human beings will often find it necessary to cloak themselves in luminous appearing garments so as to keep the contamination of our planet away from their own soul envelopes.

In the region directly above the Bardos exists many Spirit Colonies, or Spirit Cities surrounded by exquisite  natural settings mirroring somewhat what we see on the Earth. This region overlaps 
with the Bardos region, which easily allows for the spiritual rescues from the Bardos to take place by the more evolved spirit workers living nearby. There, in these spirit colonies, live many kind and loving souls who are totally dedicated to, and whose existence revolves around continued learning and selfless service to others, and it is from this area that our own spirit guides often come! For sometimes our own spirit guides are dearest friends or family whom we once knew and loved, and when we die we are often met by these very same friends and family who continue to exist in this spirit region.

When we die, we are also met by our Angels as well as higher Light beings and Masters, of Light who all have only our highest and best interest in mind. They try with great kindness and gentleness to direct us to the areas they know will most benefit us. 

Above these spirit colonies are the higher states of being where the most highly evolved and less material spirits live in scintillating cities and communities, and then there are even higher regions  still, where-in the purest spirits exist in bodies of pure light. It is these higher frequency regions that our friends and family in spirit communities all aspire to after they are purified enough, for these are the regions where the work involves creating and managing creations in all planes of existence, planets, galaxies and universes, and these are some of the highest of all regions of unending Bliss and Joy.

But it takes lifetimes of work on ourselves, as our self work must mostly occur during our incarnations here on our planet, to raise our basic frequency so as to be able to exist in the higher frequency regions. It is always easier when in Spirit Form to move down to lower regions from the higher above, than it is to move up to the higher from the lower, just as our own frequencies are always much easier to lower than to raise!

It is from the highest of Light filled regions that Jesus Christ, Buddha and the other Great Ones, Masters of Light, came to the planet in efforts to illuminate mankind, and where the Brethren of Light still live and watch over the activities of our Planet! And it is Beings of Light such as  Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Buddah, Mother Mary, St Germain and Portia, Morya, and many others who are guiding our spiritual evolution, some who have actually incarnated on the planet now, to supply us with Light in all forms, Love, and  shortcuts in the hopes we can eliminate our Karmic cycles once and for all!

Source, the Ineffable Original One, is less distinct but present in some way everywhere. Source energy flows through ALL things that exist, an atmosphere of gentle positivity and LOVE that permeates all that it embraces or touches! So open your Heart to it, envision it and allow it to flow into your life. For Source's LOVE makes all things new, pure, refreshing everything in its path. Even You!!


We can ward off most negative energies by simply lifting our own! Thinking of God/Source
is an instantaneous way, as the moment we think of God we are instantly connected to Him!
Singing also raises our frequency! We have a hard time crying, when we are singing! Asking our Angels and Guides to help
us also is an excellent way to help bring us strength and inspiration so that we can remove the negative energies that might be attracted to us when we do happen to fall and think of lower things. And of course, playing soothing Music always works. Remember, like attracts like in the spirit world, and this works both for attracting positive to us as well as for attracting negative!!

When we first begin to open ourselves to the desire to acquire spiritually deep knowledge , and especially when we begin to work for the betterment of other people, it can sometimes happen that darker energies might target us in the hopes of wearing us down and changing our fortunes. Simply put, we get tempted or attacked! Dark energies try very hard to keep us from the Light!!  If this happens, we simply send them away, or even Laugh at them,  while continuing to be very vigilant and strong, and using whatever tools we have found useful for this purpose,  praying ardently for strength, protection and help!
Clearing our Space is another help. For they usually try to find the weakest link in our psyche and zero in on that! These become our lessons, our trials which we must strive to overcome! This is part of the purification process we all must undergo on our path towards Source! We need to learn to control our own minds thoughts, egos, and desires as we approach the pure energy of Source. Eventually we will make it, and when that happens we will find our Angels and Guides very present and tangible. The negative energies will eventually give up on us.

There is a very excellent prayer that we can use to dispell negative energies. It is known as the Law of One. And it is given here;




The beautiful and enjoyable story of SHAONI teaches us in a loving way how to go within and connect with the source of All-That-Is.

Listen to the story of "SHAONI: BORN FROM THE LIGHT" 
by io-wan

Respect the HOBO, he could be a Wizard in disguise!


Many people today are wanting to know how to become more Spiritual! There are many ways to become more spiritual and much information from varying places on the web is included here on these pages, as well as Tips, Information and gentle guidance.

Nature, as it was clearly created by Source/God is one of the most powerful places to seek a connection to God. Religion and various Churches often have a bit more narrow approach, and a search for spirituality does not necessarily have to include attending a Church.The tips posted here represent knowledge gathered over many years of my own personal search and my experience, and it is my hope that in providing some inspiration, readers may find answers to questions that they have, some guidance to get them through a rough patch, or at the very least that they discover something meaningful here that will lead them to a truly personal, special and fulfilling spiritual Life!

Enjoy the entertaining and educational cartoon series,
"Spirit Science" by jordanduchnycz 
below. Click on the following titles.

1. Thoughts
2. Chakras
3. Channelling
4. Male & Female
5. Keys of our Past
6. Flower of Life
7. Dimensions
8. Meditation
9. Astral Projection
10.Math of God
12.1 The rise of Atlantis
12.2 The Atlantean Catastrophe
12.3 The Solution
12.4 The Fall
12.5 The New Beginning
13.1 Crystals and how they work.
13.2 Crystal Uses

You can find the rest of the "Spirit Science" series on You Tube!

*note: while the storyline in this series is a plausible explanation based on current and verifiable evidence and facts discovered by archaeologists, researchers, explorations, scientists as well as information channelled by sensitives and mystics, it is a theory and each viewer is encouraged to make up their own mind .


Once we know of our true heritage, we realize that in sharing, helping others, in giving of ourselves and our abilities, we are capable of merging our light and experiencing the Divine.


One thing to remember when you are beginning to communicate with angels, nature, or any other practice where you try to go within, say a simple prayer in which you ask that only " the Christed Light of pure Goodness surround you and keep you safe, and that nothing BUT POSITIVE ENERGY AND GOODNESS can come near!"

You can use different words, but the idea is that YOU are commanding that only the highest energies of the Highest Good come near you.
This is how you block negative energy from coming near. You simply state it and thereby "command it". Do this consciously often and then when you really do need it, you will be able to command it. The laws that govern the universe say that all spiritual energy and entities must obey your commands relating to yourself!

When you pray,  you need to understand that if you are praying for something that interferes with another's 'soul contract', the thing you are praying for may seemingly be good, but not actually good at the final analysis. Therefore if you say you are praying for the Highest Good of all, you do not interfer with anyone's freewill or soul contract.

If you are new to this without the experience to deal with it, and you feel anything negative or you get frightened, simply stop! Tell the negative energy to leave you (in no uncertain terms!). If you still are unnerved in any way, then cut this off, go home or to where you feel safe, and try again another day.


TRUE Teachers will teach because it is part of their destiny and the reason they reincarnated at this time.
Some will write books or  create programs to try to generate income, but the mark of a true teacher is that they GIVE FREELY of their knowledge.

             BRACO the Gazer

One of the very Brightest Channels out there, Braco does his work through Gazing, without speaking or touching anyone. He now is giving away Free Streaming Gazes, and does this as often as he can.  

Braco's gift is an ability to transform his subjects lives through his Gaze, and since this gift came to him freely, he feels he must give it freely! Others charge 
exorbitant fees for their services. Instead Braco receives his income from the jewelry, DVD's, and Books he sells, but he also accepts donations.  Braco has traveled the world sharing his Gaze and has come to many cities in Europe, America, Australia, and recently to Russia. Now he seems to have limited his travel to Europe and Russia.

Braco's loving energy comes through him from the Source, but Braco has no desire to become anyone's Guru. He welcomes all, people regardless of faith or ideology. He has said he simply is doing the work he feels God gave him to do.

It is through Braco's gaze that I first beheld the hand of Source/God reaching out to me. Nature had taken me only so far, but via Braco's gaze, I found my life gently elevated and placed on a firmer foundation, and over the course of 6 years of gazing as much as I possibly could, I can tell you EVERYTHING in my life has improved!!! It has been a series of small shifts which collectively has worked to free me of much pain, sorrow and left me with a much happier and clearer perspective on life.  Braco has many detractors, but I will stand firm in saying that he brings the true energy of Source/God to us through his amazing Gaze! I KNOW this because I have had many Angelic experiences during these  6 years that I've been gazing with Braco!
Please check out Braco!

(NASA Image)

What can the Crop Circles teach us?
Crop circle has been going on for many years now, and if you are interested in this subject, the following is a very excellent thoughtful presentation that makes important connections between these crop circles and spirituality, and most especially explaining why balancing ourselves, our emotions and our world is important. I also speak about crop circles on the World page.


Music has been know to produce healing for centuries. Powerful frequencies exist that help us to deal with our issues, tune and align ourselves so that we can both heal from our issues and focus our intentions on being the best we can be. Try placing a glass of water near your speakers while playing these and then drink the water for an added boost! The sound of the Sun below is purported to be very powerful!
Each frequency listed below contains a link to a You Tube video that plays that particular frequency.

126.22 hz - Sun (OM) 

Music can be very healing, because of it's abilities to adjust our internal frequencies. All Sound is frequency, and so can be used for healing.

Dr Emoto's Water Crystal experiments has proved that water has a certain consciousness!

Our Human Bodies are made up of approximately 67% Water. In his Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, H.H. Mitchell says that our Kidneys and Muscles are composed of 79% water, our Lungs  are about 83% water, the brain and the heart of about 73% water, the skin of our bodies contains 64% water and even the bones contain about 31% water!!
 Our Bodies are veritable Sponges!

Now I will tell you a true story of mine. When I had my ACL replacement of my knee, I was given a cadavers ligament because my own ligaments were determined by my surgeon to not be in a strong and optimum condition for transplant. When I returned home after the surgery, I was overcome with such a terrible sense of complete and total Grief. This grief was stronger than any I had ever experienced, even though I had lost both my father and my mother, and my first husband!  I could not understand how I was so completely overtaken by this terribly strong emotion after only having surgery! I wondered if losing a ligament was not the same as losing a tooth, and worried about the rest of my body.

In praying about it, I was given to know that it was because the person whose ligament I received was SO deeply feeling grief anticipating of the loss of his or her own life. This person had much to live for, and wanted deeply to live, but recognized that death was imminent for him.
I prayed to know what to do about this intense grief that so consumed me, and was also concerned for the health of this new ligament within my body. How could I keep my body from rejecting this ligament?  
I was told  "Love It."  And so
I attempted to learn to love the ligament, and in that process and over time, learned that to heal, one must learn to love themselves, their body parts, and all of their cells! And further, that one must learn to control their thinking, overseeing the thoughts that enter into and  flow through our minds, and immediately changing them any way we can when we notice negative ones.

I began to realize that essences and water in our bodies are able to hold our thoughts, and they imprint our cellular structures. This intelligence carries our thoughts to our various organs. So it was in working with Dr. Emoto's Water Crystal book and in doing my own experiments with water that I first began to heal. My healing process has involved writing words like "HEALED" under the Pitcher of water I keep, and probably have been an assisting the Angelic Healings I received through the AMAZING Gaze from Braco.

But of course I now know that this was ordained for me, that nothing happens by total accident, but that we are given the crisis-es and the lessons we need to further our spiritual growth so to evolve ourselves. That is what this earth plane existence has been meant for. It has always been our school.
Every life is a sacred opportunity for growth, and every organ, muscle and cell is a Divine Gift from Source Himself. We must honor and Love our bodies as well as our minds and our Souls, because our bodies are the vehicles for this beautiful and sacred growth.

So no matter how healthy or unhealthy, how beautiful or ugly we perceive ourselves to be, we must grow to cherish every aspect of ourselves. We must learn to LOVE each and every part of ourselves and recognize the other in ourselves, and in doing so we learn Compassion and Love for ourselves  and for others, knowing that there are trials, mistakes, and tribulations they are going through as well!
And it is in this process of growth that we learn how IMPORTANT our everyday, and every moment THOUGHTS really are! Remember, Thoughts are THINGS, and they have a Huge Impact on our lives!!

There are as many true paths to Enlightenment as there are people trodding them. As long as we are striving to clear our confusion, and are actively trying to find our way to God or Source, improving ourselves, keeping ourselves open to what may come our way, trying to live a spiritual life by being good, doing good, and praying or mediating daily, and as long as we  honor and love others, ourselves and the blessings of life by our continued and authentic caring activities, we ARE on the right path, and we will be Guided to what each of us needs. Our world is being peopled by those who have been born to move our world forward. In walking through your daily life, you will certainly become aware of many of them. You may indeed be one of them! And each connection you make along the way toward your higher purpose will undoubtedly be an authentic  part of your path.

Promise of a New Earth

There is very great hope rising because hidden deep in many ancient texts is a promise of a very special time coming. It has been said that after the Great World Wars, when humanity has learned their lessons from all their physical sufferings,  and at the expansion and the ascension of the Universe, at the end of the Eon when the New Age arrives, things will change!

It is said that the Earth will be split off into two dimensions, and those souls carrying the more negative energies from the earths violent past will accompany the old Earth where they can continue to learn their karmic lessons in the harsh, and bitter Earth environment which they themselves have helped to create

Meanwhile, the system of the New Earth will heal and change to accommodate the higher Light frequencies that will be flooding into this new World.  The Brethren of the Light, the Masters, began sending souls to our Earth Plane during the late 1940's, 50's and 60's in preparation for this time, and now we are seeing even more highly evolved souls being born! These souls are the children with golden wings, and are charged with taking our Earth into a new higher frequency so that there will be created a new Paradise on Earth! The energy of Source will flood our bodies, and we will become Light, and together we'll walk this new Earth.This is the beginning of the 1000 years of Paradise mentioned in the Bible.

Today's younger generations are the souls that are bringing in the new, much higher frequencies. We should be very careful how we treat our younger generations, especially with our diagnoses of children's illnesses, because we really have not had a sufficiently
experienced background for dealing with these highly evolved souls. We think in terms of our own childhood, of what life was like when we were growing up, so of the old physics, and we base our thinking and actions on the old systems that once worked. What we don't understand is that the dynamic has now changed! What we might normally consider unusual behavior might in fact be a child's genius!

We are so confident that we know everything we don't even consider the spiritual aspect of life and how it can change things! But Spiritual is a huge part of who we all are! Many of our younger generation have taken it upon themselves to be guinea pigs so that others can learn lessons of Love from them. In fact we should look toward them for guidance since many are exceptionally highly evolved beings! Some have never lived on planet Earth before, and so come to life free of Karma. Also, when they get here, they are often in shock at the harshness of the environment here, and of many of the people! These are the children who will change the world with their LOVE and with their very special abilities! Watch carefully now, the world is beginning to change before our very eyes!

Real LOVE is NEVER wrong! But it often brings trials that test us deeply. Life is full of trials. Trials stretch our souls and teach us about ourselves.

Our Body is a Temple because it carries a real Spark of Source within it, which is our Soul, so always care and respect the vehicle of the Power of God that resides within you. Respect other peoples Temples also! Understand that this is why suicide and abuse of any kind is so harmful. Abuse is an example of a soul in distress, souls who come to the wrong conclusion about things. Often times these people are learning the lessons they needed to learn from life. We certainly should not follow their examples when we see and hear of these things! We should instead guard our own lives and the loves in our lives more carefully! Each of us is here for a reason, and that reason has been carefully considered by the Masters who oversee Life on Earth. We have not been given any lessons we are not capable of overcoming!!

Refrain from Judgement, for the only minds, hearts and circumstances we truly know are our own.

Remember always that when Light shines on Darkness, Darkness will react in fear and always will recede.
Entrenched Darkness will fight often long and hard, but Light kept on the Darkness will ultimately win out. The hardest battles are fought by those with valiant Souls whose Hearts and Minds are clear and well connected to Source.

The many kinds and types of frequency energies in our world include but are not limited to Spiritual (God Source), Cosmic, Planetary (Astrology, Astrophysics), Angelic, Solar, Earth, Ancestral and Family (energies that emit from family conditioning, Spirits of ancestors and close family), Karmic (lessons we may need to learn because of something we've done to someone else), EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies), Environmental and Weather related, Directional, as well as certain energy we attract to ourselves because of our various thinking patterns. We even experience confusing energies from our own bodily functions. For the sake of simplicity, we call any of these energies which affect us in a negative way, Negative energies or Dark Thoughts, and any which affect us positively as Positive energies or PositiveThoughts! Many of these create confusion in our lives at different times, and can influence the 'Trials' we of necessity must go though in order to grow spiritually.

Often, what we call Karmic experience is actually our own souls desire to experience all sides of life. We each have at the most basic parts of our Souls, energy from Source, or God Him/Herself, who formed a desire to experience all there is to experience and exploded itself out as a result of that grand desire. Therefore, often what we think or somehow desire manifests and comes to pass.

Because of the shift Earth is going through at this time, we do have highly evolved Beings of Light as well as Extraterrestrial beings among us, attempting to flood the planet and our cells with nourishing and positive energy to help us make the right choices, decisions and to help us control our thoughts, as what we think always has had an affect on our planet, but now more then ever!
Mind is everything. We create all our situations (in tandem with others minds) ourselves with our thoughts. This is why we must learn to control our thoughts and be very discerning, taking our time until we are clear before acting. We need to each take responsibility for the part we have played in the way our lives have gone. If we want to help save and heal our planet, we must start with ourselves!

Because we live in an environment in which we are consistently barraged with energies from practically everywhere, we truly need to learn to distinguish the energies that come from outside of us, from the energies we have and create within ourselves! We all know how Music affects us. Music is clearly understood as frequency. And we can all clearly demonstrate to ourselves the affects Music has on us simply by changing the dial on the radio! So we need to primarily learn to understand ourselves! Learning about our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual makeup does wonders in helping us discern and deal with the many and varied energies in our world! This is why it is so important to meditate or otherwise have some technique for 'going within' through which we can discern these things about ourselves. And it's not cheating if we only are able to do this listening to music! If that is the case, then we have learned something about ourselves, and that will be an excellent first step in deepening our understanding of ourselves and how we react to these many and varied frequencies!

Understanding that we live in a veritable Soup of energies helps one to understand that all people among us also are constantly being barraged by these same energies! Not all of them have the coping mechanisms we may have developed to help ourselves. Realizing this helps us come from a place of compassion when dealing with the other people around us who are trying to navigate these same everyday stresses too!

We each have a Spark of the Divinity within us. But it is often very tiny, and we must find ways of fanning that spark to grow it into a flame because it is a spark from Source and our connection to Heaven and the Divine! In fanning our spark we need to fuel our fire, to discover the inspirations that will fuel our flames, and the flame soon will become a fire until it grows to become a veritable Bonfire! When that happens we will begin to experience spiritual wonders we never conceived of before, we will begin to understand so much that we were previously unable to, and we will know without a doubt that we are in contact with Heavenly energies, and Heaven, having taken us to It's own Heart, will become part of each and every one of our Hearts! This is the direction we need to travel on this grand adventure to which all of us were born, to grow internally so as to remake our beautiful Planet into a Heaven on Earth!