Our World is part of a multi-universe peopled by many different beings. The common thread running through all worlds and all Dimensions is LOVE. 

interdimensional spiritual worlds

 The art of Rosa Celeste, based on Dante's vision

The only Religion on Earth should be Love, and the only Politics should be Peace.

What if each of the Masters that have graced our world, were sent to us solely to help us open our hearts and minds to a higher more positive plane of existence? What if we realized that believing in God is NOT reason or opportunity to find excuse for our bad behavior towards others? No longer specifically Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or Christian, but instead a Unified people? If we understood the various Master's teachings as simply roots in our various spiritual paths, could we come together as a spiritual people of Earth, unified in in our quest live a happier life by contributing to the greater good of all? And could this stop religious wars and contribute to wholeness? Could we Love our Planet and each other enough to put aside our prejudices and our own pre-inclinations? Could we simply celebrate with joy the spiritual progress of others and not use a particular identification as a reason for more separation?

But we've become possessive, argumentative and our religions have become a reason for divisiveness and separation, instead of a reason for unity.  Instead of sharing with our neigbors we charge money for enlightenment and are afraid to talk about our own! And when we do try to share them, we often try to preach to people to get them to accept what we want to share, instead of understanding that people need to follow their own spiritual inclinations and will move when they are ready. And we act as if only certain 'initiates' can have the right to these gifts. We teach our children to share, but we ourselves have not been able to see these gifts as seeds that only bloom and grow when given freely with love, peace and joy to those with fertile hearts and minds hungering for these precious seeds of Light. All gifts from all Masters of Light are meant as spiritual nourishment for ALL people and just as it grieves parents to see their children fighting over gifts they have given them to share, so too must it grieve the Masters of Light who see all too clearly what we've done with their precious gifts. These gifts meant to help all humanity grow and evolve spiritually, to unify mankind and not to divide mankind.

All paths of Love are paths of Light that lead to Enlightenment. LOVE IS KEY to every situation that arises. And contained within every spiritual viewpoint are precious seeds of Light. Since every person's path is unique why should we care WHICH paths people are walking? And shouldn't we only be grateful that so many are unified by the LOVE of Source, LOVE which brings all Light into being?


It is easier today to visualize invisible worlds as we sit at our computer laptops sending and receiving information great distances across our world in a blink of an eye. We don't see the information send, but we receive evidence that it has sent and has been received at it's intended destination. As a species, our conceptualization skills have increased, and cluster thinking is more common. So via an electronic dimension, we already are participating in a dimension many people just 100 years ago would never have believed existed.

In the process of developing our technology, we have opened ourselves up for communication from other dimensions as well, dimensions where all Light Beings are able to intercept and read our electronic communications. What are the implications of this? What sort of Portal has been opened? Is the universe expanding as our perception expands?  It certainly seems so. For it only follows logically that beings whose very physicality is Light based should be able to easily decipher messages based on electronic technology. If this electronic dimension has always been there, are there also other dimensions that have always been there,  just out of sight? If so, what sort of beings are they? And will we now be able to make contact with other worlds or beings from other dimensions more easily?

Just as our
Native American cultures across the Americas have had a rich tradition of contact with extraterrestrials, so too have many regions around our planet experienced these visitations. Myths and knowledge passed down through generations attest to the idea that other dimensions have always existed and interacted with us. Information about Light Beings and worlds of 'Gods' and 'Creator worlds' has been a favorite topic down through human history. There are university classes created on such topics as these which are popular subjects. The most sacred books in our cultural existence mentions Light Worlds and Light Beings. Many ancient works hold jewels of wisdom and it really isn't difficult for us to acknowledge the beauty that exist in all such ancient treasures. So why would we be so surprised to learn that there really are other dimensional beings and worlds that exist right along our own? Is it really so hard to wrap our minds around such concepts?

Many books in libraries that hold ancient texts contain references to the Light Worlds, Beings of Light, emanations of Light, Light Streams and realms of Spirit being Worlds of Light. Some are simple books for self-transformation and others are more complex for people who are seriously searching and willing to look deep in the past as well as far into themselves, but the point here is that We are ALL ONE, and our basic Soul is made up of Light which permeates all the cells of our bodies as attested to in Kirlian Photography. For we all are Beings of Light, and part of what we are here on this planet to learn is how to grow and expand our Light, or evolve so as to be able to access these worlds for ourselves. As we do so, we find that Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony are inherent in Light Energy. For Scientific experiments have clearly shown that as we close our hearts and minds, as we stay focused only on selfish interests and endeavors, as we chase the material world and aspire only to pure logic or intellectual prowess devoid of spirit, as we continually immerse ourselves in negative thinking, the light in our own bodily cells becomes constricted and diminishes. Continuing along such pathways causes our Auric bodies to become darker, and sickness begins to creep in. Therefore to live healthy lives, or to begin to heal ourselves, we find we must keep our mind and hearts open to Light and Inspiration. Opening ourselves up to possibilities has sometimes been called 'magical thinking', but it is a key. It is well known that when various natives around our world first met more civilized cultures, they often believed the advanced culture engaged in Magic. The truth is that todays Magic is often tomorrows Science.


Extraterrestrials are no strangers to any culture on our planet. There is evidence that they have been here quietly monitoring us for thousands of years. However, the power brokers, governments and military interests on our planet have been the ones to initially resist the idea of Extraterrestrials presence as they have felt  threatened by them. In the process of their resistance, the Military programs from around the world have actually given us more proof of extraterrestrial presence and existence, and documentation of Military cover-ups abound. Over the years many organizations have sprung up around the UFO controversy and these organizations are now beginning to have impact, particularily Dr Steven Greer and his CSETI group.

But WHY, you may ask, are you delving into Extraterrestrials on this page which is about Spiritual worlds? The simple answer is; because I think it is all connected.  

Scientists and researchers have given much press recently to the idea that there are many worlds, not only in our Universe, but also in other Dimensions or Parallel Universes. Some people
 say that Science and Religion are merging, but  there is still a lot of continuing speculation. Science today is changing. More often than not it appears that they are heading into what was traditionally a Mystic realm. It is also clear that spiritual people believe that there are other worlds when they talk about God, the Brotherhood of Light, Buddha, Jesus, the Angels, Saints, Masters and Spiritual Experiences. Perhaps it is really better to refer to these other worlds as dimensions. Jesus Christ himself spoke of the 'Within' and the 'Without' worlds. In fact Jesus mentioned many different worlds of existence in the Pistis Sophia. Much of that book was written by the disciples Phillip, Andrew, and perhaps Thomas. Phillip is one of the most clearly recognizable scribes of the Pistis Sophia. Also, Gnostic writings from the first 200 years BC speak of Beings that exist in Air, Water, Soil, and Fire.

As world events spiral more and more out of control, and people are continuously challenged, Spiritual experience IS becoming more commonplace.  As people evolve and begin to explore their own inner personal spiritual dimensions, having a spiritual experience is not exactly something one can ignore! When one receives a direct encounter from the Spiritual realm, it shifts their perspective drastically. Psychics and Mediums do get information from somewhere unseen, and often these things are spoken about, recorded and otherwise very well documented. Many average people also have psychic experiences or premonitions of future events which then actually occurs, and these kinds of experiences are not the domain of only a privileged few since every person is really born with these abilities. Sometimes they lie dormant until developed or kick-started by a personal experience. 

My own view is that our paltry 5 senses are really sadly lacking and inadequate to deal with all the input from our solid physical environment. However psychics and people who have had a NDE tell us there is much that exists that most of us don't see. It is clear that our 5 senses only perceive a small amount of information about our world. I believe that all of us have a 6th sense which we must develop to be able to absorb the varying transmissions of information that comes to us both from our own physical world and also from beyond our physical Universe. We are constructed much like broadcasting stations constantly sending and receiving information. Our bodies sense information and send what we sense to our brains which translate these senses into perceptions. We send and receive information out into the spaces around us, yet we are often told that we CANNOT be receiving information that we feel we are actually receiving. And this can be very confusing. We are told that the Brain plays tricks on us. We are told we are creative and are imagining things. We are constantly told things that make us doubt information that we actually do believe we receive. Religions often talk about spiritual dimensions, but in today's world, some people think a person crazy when they tell others that they are seeing/sensing a spiritual dimension. However the fact is that Psychiatry tries to help people who are having NEGATIVE experiences, that is, experiences which create stress, torment, or disconnection from reality. If a person is having a POSITIVE spiritual experience, one that somehow enhances their daily lives, Psychiatry doesn't touch it. I been told that the reason is that a spiritual connection with GOD IS what we are all basically searching for!

There is an unseen dimension or many invisible dimensions that intersect our own that science is now acknowledging, but our Creator has screened our perceptions so that we cannot normally perceive all that exists around us. Just because most of us can't see these worlds, does not mean that these worlds do not exist. So often, people seeking spiritual experience have to proceed simply on faith. Many people really do have a fairly well developed 6th sense, and they may normally have quite a lot of personal experiences with different types of phenomena. Actually, this is rather common, which is one reason why there is such an avid interest in psychic phenomena. Another reason even psychic people stay interested in these subjects is because in the process of receiving much input from somewhere you can't see, things can and do get confusing. Often we are searching for explanations and clarity. However, there has always been too little explanation for psychic and spiritual experiences. And there are always those people who will stubbornly refuse to believe things which they might even actually see, hear, or feel themselves, let alone entertain any input received relating to the ethereal worlds. Its as if there are still people who cannot seem to wrap their brains around the idea that such experiences or concepts exist and can be good for us, even if these experiences are ones they themselves have! But these attitudes often stem from a time when people who admitted to certain experiences were ostracized.  

I think the following illustration explains the narrow view our senses have very well. Technological advances have achieved many ways of monitoring and providing trackable and verifiable information from within our very solid physical reality. So very often modern equipment can detect things which we simply cannot see.

Too many think what we see in the world physically is all that there is, but time and again we learn we do not have all the information! We need to open our minds to possibilities so that we can recognize the things that present themselves! Without being open, we will dismiss or entirely miss the clues we need to be able to find answers to our most essential questions!

Fortunately, scientists have realized that technical equipment often can detect things we ourselves cannot. Our bodies are physical and heavy, and we cannot soar to any great heights without machinery and much effort. However, our souls are not so mundane. And intellectually, most of us harbor an innate desire to know more about what exists around us. We thirst to know Truth, and we sense that there are a lot of missing pieces in what we know or have been told!

One way of finding out about what truly exists is by searching our past. Great questions have grown up about missing pieces of our human existence. We believe, because of skeletons that have been dug up, that humans existed on this planet for millions of years. But our oldest books are sketchy about where we come from or how we got here on this planet. Our own Old Testament can only trace our history back about 6000 to 7000 years. The author Zecharia Sitchin wrote a very popular series of books about ancient mysteries and made a very convincing case for our creation via genetic manipulation by advanced races or 'gods'. This has also been the subject of a popular series called "Ancient Aliens". And it turns out that even Jesus mentions this topic in the obscure manuscript known as the Pistis Sophia, which is a writing the Vatican keeps in its archives, although viewed as Gnostic, but it still is part of the biblical studies of many Divinity Universities.

For hundreds of years we humans have been searching, researching and digging, and we have assembled a Mother Lode of information! As the worlds eyes have turned to watch what is being unearthed in the Mediterranean, it turns out that along with new information gained by the use of sensitive equipment, what we have uncovered via Anthropological finds are some pretty amazing ancient manuscripts that deal with our physical and spiritual beginnings!  They reveal many interesting things. Some are beautiful Inspirational Spiritual Writings of varying kinds, and others are virtual records of teachings that have been withheld from us. Many of these spiritual writings come to us on parchment, or cuneiform materials from our Ancient past. For it turns out our Ancestors were just as obsessed with the Spiritual inner and outer worlds and our worlds beginning as we are! Functioning much like Paleographers, they carefully wrote down their most precious spiritual works which they thought important to save, even burying them because of the restrictive times in which they lived.

Still in existence are manuscripts that Jewish Rabbi's, Buddhists, and the Catholic Church have guarded and kept safe for centuries, which include works of art, and pieces of History. And embedded within these works are many descriptions of interactions with Angels or Beings of Light! So we KNOW these beings exist and have existed throughout time, and seem to have the ability to interact with us!
We live in a large world that becomes increasingly smaller as air travel and internet usage is becoming widespread. Literacy has changed all our worlds cultures as well as the way we assimilate information. In the western world, people have been searching for that which feels right to them, and so many have turned to either accept teachings and truths found among Eastern Religions, or have dispensed with Religion altogether. As the world comes of age, spirituality is in reality a very big business. People are always seeking answers, wanting to access the truths taught by the various Masters who have graced our world! With the advance of the Internet, the good news is that many spiritual writings are now finally becoming accessible to all.

Anyone searching for answers from the past, can find online Libraries containing most known Ancient writings. 
And found within these writings are many references to Light Beings, Gods and Goddesses. Buddha was undoubtedly in touch with a Light Being, as Jesus claimed to be and he exhibited to his disciples on several occasions what he called his Vesture of Light, an extreme brightness he could put on or withdraw into himself at will!  In all Ancient writings from the Old Testament and the Book of Enoch, to the Nag Hammadi, references to Beings of Light are frequent. God is clearly seen as a Creator God, one which wants the acknowledgment and the love of his creations! Today, in our various countries Military files we find references to encounters with Balls of Light, Vehicles of Light, and even Beings of Light! 

Some Christian churches celebrate the "Feast of Christ's Ascension into Heaven". In the Gospel of this day, the disciples watch as Jesus Christ starts ascending up into Heaven. They describe him as being taken up on a cloud and disappearing. What happens next is that the disciples notice that there are two people standing next to them (whom they didn't see before) who say to them "Why are you looking up into the sky?" And then one of these says "Jesus will return the same way he left". I just couldn't help but wonder what would happen today if Jesus Christ really did try to return the way that he left? And then I began to wonder if Jesus Christ hadn't already TRIED to return the way he left and was greeted by military planes trying to shoot him down? Then my mind wandered to the many experiences that people today have had with 'visitors' whom in ancient times would have most likely been called Angels.

Two types of "Angels" have been frequently documented by Church authorities and are written of in the lives of Saints or by mystics, the Invisible Angel which suddenly manifests as a Bright Luminous Person or Angel of Light, and the Light Being which can look human but often the most identifying feature is the beautiful emanating Light which surrounds the Angel. Light then, is a clear clue that these beings are actually from a World of Light.

My purpose in delving here into a topic of these Many Worlds, is to share what I personally have discovered in searching for answers about my own personal mystical experiences. For in my research I've found that the little iceberg floating on top of the sea often hides a much larger, deeper and mostly hidden World, in fact many Worlds! And if what is taught by many different Masters, by Jesus, by Spirits who have communicated with mediums and other psychics, and by many Ancient Texts is true, there is really much more to know about our existence on this planet, and life may not always operate in the narrow manner that we are taught. I sincerely believe that the more knowledge is shared, the better equipped each of us will be to sort out what is personally necessary in our lives, so we can make the best decisions for our lives which ultimately affect everything; our relationships, our bodily health, our peace of mind, and our own experience of living a quality life!


The Worlds of Light -
 via Jesus Christ's teachings in the Pistis Sophia, a a collection of books traditionally known as "The Books of the Savior".

(In my interactions with a particular Being of Light, I kept hearing him say "Sophia" over and over again. This continued frequently, until I searched and found the Pistis Sophia. Then it stopped. I take it that the Pistis Sophia is a true writing of great importance that the Realm of Light wants us to know it. When I actually read it I was blown away. Why didn't the Church teach it to us? I don't know. I do know that I found it several years ago before there was much on the Web about it. And when I ordered it, it was a textbook that apparently was taught at a Divinity College. So it is NOT unknown. And since, I have found that the Vatican Library does have it in several languages.)

Jesus Christ says to the Disciples; " When I shall have gone into the Light, then herald it unto the whole world and say unto them: Cease not to seek day and night and remit not yourselves until ye find the Light-Kingdom, which will purify you and make you into refined light and lead you to the Light-Kingdom".

The Third Book of Our Savior is a reserved work of the Church which is known to be from at least the 2nd to the 4th century and is part of the compilation of 6 books which have been collectively known as the "Pistis Sophia". The "Pistis Sophia" is included in the course of study today at many Theological seminaries, and the Vatican has known this book since their earliest days, however, the Church does NOT teach these things in Catechism classes. It is so jammed packed with information relevant to our times, I cannot imagine why it hasn't received more attention!

Jesus Christ further states: "Say unto them: Renounce the whole world and the whole matter therein and all its cares which are in it, that ye may be worthy of the Mysteries of the Light and be saved from all the chastisements which are in the judgments".

Jesus Christ was from a Light Kingdom! Sprinkled throughout these books are many references to this Light Kingdom and to God's Treasury of Light. Jesus gave up his life not only to save us from our sins, but also to set an example that would be remembered. He willingly gave up his life to show us that life continues beyond this one. Jesus saved us specifically so we could at some point attain this Light Kingdom ourselves! Jesus tells us that we are essentially clones made from the waste of rulers from these other dimensions and worlds, and that we would have been abused, enslaved, destroyed, and yes, even consumed by these other rulers if He hadn't stepped up to the plate, and been born into our world as a man, to suffer and die for us! 

I feel that because of His birth, life, and the great sacrifice He made of laying down His mortal life for us, that Jesus essentially owns and protects this planet! And based on the number of people who still have spiritual experiences with a Christ centered consciousness, Christ doesn't follow any particular religions rules. He never did. He was always an out of the box thinker. Its clear in the Pistis Sophia that He believed many of us will become brighter spiritual lights than the rulers who were created by God to be Immortal. He gives us a lot of credit for all the pain and disabilities that we continually suffer. And it's after an outburst of frustration directed at Andrew, that he tells the Disciples that the reason we have all the pain and suffering, is because we were created from the 'refuse' of Immortal Gods, in today's language that would make us Clones! Now how could Jesus understand cloning 2000 years ago, unless he was exactly who he said he was? This is the depth of the book, the Pistis Sophia, the actual transcribed teachings of Christ that the Church declined to teach. I've come to understand that many of these teachings were too 'out of the box' for that time, and that the people charged with teaching these things most likely could not understand them. And so, short of continually copying them by hand word for word, there could be no other way of insuring that his words were passed on. And so copies were made in whatever language the copier understood and could translate from.

Jesus further speaks of the worlds of the "Within" as well as the worlds of the "Without". He tells us that our SUN penetrates many dimensional worlds and 'regions', something that ancient artifacts unearthed in South America actually seem to suggest. In doing so, Jesus Christ expresses a knowledge of dimensional existence and space that scientists of today are only beginning to explore with their scientific experiments and beginning to theorize about! Jesus would be considered very 'avant-garde' in his knowledge and his thinking even if he burst onto the world scene today!!

There are many interesting spiritual references as well, to various beings such as the Virgin of Light who must approve all souls seeking the Kingdom of Light, and seals that get put on our souls, of the Sacraments which help us attain the Light Worlds by conferring their seals onto us, as well as references to our own solar system's Sun and Moon and how they relate to the earth. There are references to Astrology, and Jesus's claim that he changed other planetary systems in other dimensions, by shortening their cycles which created a quickening of sorts. That seemed to be a favorite method of His. Are we now seeing our own seasons being shortened? There are also references to Arch Angels and some of the work that they do as well as to worlds of the "Invisible's" which Jesus says the Angels are from! He speaks of these other dimensions!

Beings of Light seem to have always been with us throughout human history. Angels have been delivering messages to humans from the dawn of time and certainly do so even today. The Catholic Church today rarely investigates such phenomenons unless they are exceedingly exceptional.
However, You Tube videos are showing up more and more with pictures of these types of beings captured in video footage.  Cameras, especially ones with night vision capabilities, can record things our own eyes cannot see. Beings of Light have also been captured on videos and shown creating the Crop Circles. That puts Crop Circles in the category of being messages to us from Angels or perhaps even from God!

With our modern scientific thinking we often pride ourselves on our worldly knowledge, emphasizing our logic and debating skills, and thus being so trained, we have a very difficult time accepting or believing mystical things, that is until we have our OWN personal experience! Until that happens we just generally refuse to believe! The materialistic world in which we live simply doesn't encourage spiritual or mystical thinking. But as situations in the world frequently explode into deeply depressing and even dangerous circumstances affecting each of us, more and more people are beginning to search their souls, trying to figure out what is really wrong in or missing from their lives, and why there is so much distress in our world. More and more people are looking for something that they cannot quite seem to find on their own, for something that fulfills them instead of depleting them. They are looking for Spirituality which can fulfill us, but they often don't understand what it is they are searching for. Often very spiritually inclined people don't understand why they feel so different, many people no longer have an upbringing in any spiritual basics, but they still long to discover how to be able to survive in this harsh and dangerous world which is very steeped in material values. Material devoid of Spirit runs the risk of robbing the spirit or soul in each of us. 

There are many definitions of Spirituality. There are Scientific definitions, Religious definitions, Secular definitions and Philosophical definitions, so based on where you are coming from, your own personal viewpoint might resonate more with one of these. Since we live in such a material world, we often have great difficulty relating to spiritual experiences or mysticism because we use our 5 senses in order to validate the things we experience or think about. Logic has become king in our world. Accepting anything based on faith alone has become extremely difficult for us. Yet that is basically what we often must do in order to learn how to be more spiritual in our outlook. The spiritual world IS usually invisible to our senses unless we are very sensitive. Normally we rely on the previously paved methods spoken of in ancient texts, taught by various religions, or we begin to take note of unusual events by journaling our dreams and the synchronicities we experience in our everyday lives in order to validate our experience of it. This is where we often begin 'taking a Leap of Faith", and deciding that since we 'need to believe in something' we will allow ourselves to believe in this or that particular something! After taking that first leap, we often begin to widen our search, taking in and researching many different viewpoints or philosophies. 

However, often spiritual people begin to think that their version of spirituality is the only correct one and that everyone else has it wrong. This is typical of egoistic thinking, and the ego is something very much connected to the material world, and part of that which we must drop, lose, or otherwise dispense with. Ego is actually a HUGE stumbling block on our spiritual path, an unfortunate mistake that is way too easy for people to make. In the Kabbalistic point of view, the Ego is where our Light becomes constricted and hidden. The way to connect with the Spiritual Word involves an ability to visualize things which is a Creative ability. Human Civilization has focused on developing the Intellect and Logic instead. 

Jesus, Buddha, Siddhartha, St Germain and in fact all Masters who ever graced our world have always tried to include ALL human beings within their embrace. We are ALL children of God and we each contain a portion of the Divine Light of God within us! Every single one of us, no matter how miserable or happy we are, how lovable or unlovable we seem, no matter what the conditions in our lives are, no matter what our upbringing or life foundations were, no matter what mistakes we have made, if we were born on this planet, God/Source works diligently every day to eventually bring us home to HIS Light World! Since His is the greatest vision, the wisest and most knowledgeable understanding, who are we to think we know better? Every human, no matter their race, nationality, religious viewpoint, or background and regardless of their position in the world, all are already connected via their soul to God. And so each of their personal experiences are markers on their path, therefore all experiences are completely valid personal experiences. When any of us talks to God with sincerity and humbly from our heart and when we sincerely desire a relationship with Source/God, we can be sure He hears us and WILL answer! Desiring a relationship with God is an absolute sign that God also desires a relationship with us, as He puts that desire into us as He begins to draw us closer to him! There truly is no one path to God, there are as many paths as there are people, and each person and path is unique! God gives us many clues and opportunities to lead us to Him along the way! So pay attention to synchronistic experiences and to references to the Worlds of Light! Search diligently within yourselves and outside of yourselves, and know you are drawn to God and his Light World in a way that best suits you!

There are many wonderful books on the internet now, including Libraries of Ancient books that have impacted our planets history. 

Here are some links;


Enjoy your search!!

My Personal Experiences relating to Other Dimensional beings.

This experience occured when I was about 4 years old. I believe it was one where I actually met my Angels. But they were cloaked in robes as I will explain. A few months earlier, when I was just 3 1/2, my best friend died. I was probably the sole witness. She fell from a 2nd story porch and hit her head on the concrete below. I saw either an Angel or her Orb that day, and talked to it. It told me where to find her mother. This began a very distressful part of my life, and I experienced distrust, disbelief, suspicion, and a host of other human emotions from those entrusted with my care. It was the 1st of many terrible experiences that started at that age, that I just couldn't comprehend. 

One night I was taken Out of Body (OBE) to a domed silver building. I remember as I was flying down to it that I was coming in from above it, and there were 3 very large Magnolia trees that were shaped like a child's candy sucker, round on top with a stem, to the left of the domed building. I found myself standing in front of a round table with about 12 beings seated around it. They were completely covered, head to foot, in what looked to me like monks robes. However, even their faces were covered. These beings communicated with me and showed me scenes (which I also experienced as I was being shown them) where a man in a large house seemed always to be reading a lot of books. I was given to understand that I worked in the kitchen with the dishes and serving implements. Then I was shown that the Mountain nearby exploded. This man had gathered everyone except me and gotten them out to safety. But I had gone to hide,and he couldn't find me. So he came back to look for me. I was hiding in a closet, above or below a small table. He found me and carried me out and as we were trying to escape, the mudflows surrounded us and we were caught up in them and died. At the moment of my death, I experienced the most AMAZING LOVE, and I experienced it again then during this OBE experience. I was told that I needed to find this man and help him.

This OBE gave me something else to think about and a goal to reach for at a time in my life when I was experiencing a very bad home life. Eventually, I did meet and marry this man. It was a karmic relationship. And it turned out that this was at least the 3rd lifetime I had known him in. Therefore, as a child in Catholic School, when they didn't teach or even believe in Reincarnation, I knew there was something wrong with their belief system. Today, I simply overlook the beliefs that don't fit with mine because I think most things are pretty screwed up here, and I put it off to being Human. So now when I go to church, I go simply to worship God, and not to socialize. or for any other reason. 
But there were a couple things that always poked at my mind about this OBE. One was the way they were covered so completely that I could not even see their eyes, and Secondly, the silver domed building always stood out. Now I understand that they were Light Beings and that they covered themselves so I wouldn't see that. And I believe that they are one of many groups that constantly monitor our planet. But for a long time I dubbed them "the Lords of Karma".

After I began gazing with Braco, one night I had a dream where Braco came into my room. There was a being with him that looked a bit weird. Braco went over to the window and looked out while this funny tall skinny man who seemed mostly robotic (with small wings) whipped out  some sort of tablet and he would flip me this way and measure, then flip me another way and measure, and write in his tablet. I remember struggling to get over to where Braco was standing, and when I finally did I said to Braco, "Really? A Robo-Angel?" At the time, I assumed this was just another of the strange dreams I'd begun having. But then I started having a myriad of Angelic experiences which centered around healing my body. 
I would later remember bits and pieces of these experiences and conversations I had with these beings. 

The first one I remembered, I had gone OBE to a place where I was introduced to a what appeared to me to be a group of young women. They told me they were Medical Students. They were very happy and cheerful ladies and I remember being surprised that they were in school! I knew I was out of body, because I wasn't in any pain. Later, there was one experience where a beautiful lady who seemed in charge appeared to me in my room and talked to me in English. I remember her telling me to travel, something I've always wanted to do, but that had begun to be very hard for me. Then she looked up as if she was talking to someone just out of sight, and proceeded to speak to them in a language with vowels and consonants, but it was a language clearly foreign to my ears. I later tried to draw her face which looked very human. But what was odd about her is that her clothes seem to be made of tiny little feathers, mostly green ones! Afterwards, I decided to call her Raphael. I don't know if she truly was the Angel Raphael, and in point of fact, these beings rarely if mostly never gave me their names. So I just would give them one.

After that, I would often see during my everyday life, little green Orbs flying around me. At the time, my back muscles had started breaking down, I remembered them snapping like a rubber band might when I bent down on 2 occasions, and then they would unravel like elastic up my back. I walked with a cane and had difficulty getting around. I didn't see doctors because I no longer trusted them. I'd had too many issues with wrong diagnoses, not and taking 
x-rays when they should have, or downplaying my symptoms. And I'd actually been injured by a couple.  But I was stubborn and my Modus Operandi was just to continue doing the best I could and not worry about it. I never took the Auto-Immune diagnoses seriously. I don't believe most people could see I was disabled except that I used a cane. I generally didn't leave my house until I could walk comfortably. And I found that walking generally made me feel better, so at the time I was walking at least 3.5 miles a day. I'd have terrific pain once I got out of bed and often would have one hip or the other distinctly bent out of shape. It would take me about 2 hours in the morning walking around my house with my cane before my body would straighten up. At night, I could not turn from side to side in bed at all. I had to sleep propped up on pillows or I would not be able to get up again. I used the metal scrollwork in my headboard to pull myself up out of bed. I'd hang my cane over the edge of the headboard. Getting out of bed was very difficult. 

One night I remember as I was trying to reach for something on my night stand, I touched something and BING a little green Orb lit up like a little light bulb! ! I had not seen her before that! Another night, I'd struggled to get up to go to the bathroom, and didn't want to turn on the light because if I did I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. So I stayed in the dark while I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. I was searching for the soap with my hands, as everything was dark and I couldn't see. Then I touched something and BING, I'd woken up another little green Orb! So life continued on like that for awhile, and I began seeing them every day.

Another time when I did go to the doctor, I was diagnosed with a uterine disorder, and they wanted to do a hysterectomy. I knew that wasn't right and decided to go to my old doctor in a town far away. I timed the trip so that I could go to some live Gazes that Braco was doing near there. And I bought one of his mentors small books. I slept with it on my belly at night and had an experience with a red gold Light Being. I also had an experience right after a doctor appointment, when I had gotten out of a chair, it was as if a Golden Thunderbolt came down through the ceiling and hit me. It didn't hurt, but I did have to stop because I couldn't see anything but Gold Light. After I returned home, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom one night, and found myself locked into place while these golden beings of light were doing something to me. There must have been at least 4 of these Angels on either side of me. I just mentally asked what they were doing, and they showed me that they were streaming light energy into my uterus through a tube. This happened several times.
And I got used to knowing that I was being worked on while I slept. Needless to say, I never needed a hysterectomy. The Ob-gyn did find a couple small cysts that were taken out, and that issue was fixed.

During those days, occasionally I was taken somewhere else during the night. I remember several times when I would see people dressed in white somewhere I was taken. One conversation I had with a being while I was aboard some type of craft. I'd asked him about himself, asking what he was doing here. He replied that he was here studying MERMAIDS!
I was stunned! Did he consider ME a mermaid? But after thinking about it for quite awhile, I realized that to someone from off planet, we could be considered mermaids, right? Our bodies are up to 80% water. We are a bit like sponges. If we get dehydrated it can kill us, and we often LOVE spending time in Water! We play in it, bathe in it, and generally, we are very fond of water! So that was a revelation to me.

At about the same time, I suddenly was getting a lot of attention from beings that I knew were a little too opaque to be considered solid humans. But they looked human. During one Gaze, a tall pure white lady appeared to me seeming to come down a sort of white stream of light. I assumed she was an Angel. She said "I can help you!" And she started rattling off a lot of stuff that included that I needed a lot of attention. I was thinking "I don't need attention!' but I didn't hear the rest of what she said, so I asked her to repeat. And again she started off saying that I needed attention, and went on for a few minutes but for some reason I couldn't understand anything else she said. She was speaking English. But she spoke so fast I couldn't follow it! Another time she appeared to me in my house, not during a gaze. And she was all wrapped up in a gauze like material with her red bangs that framed her face popping up very strikingly, sticking out from all that white gauze. I realized that the gauze was to protect herself from our atmosphere! Or maybe it was from MY atmosphere! I realized that perhaps to her, my atmosphere was polluted. I called her Sol Angela, and determined to improve my auric field. 
I had journaled my dreams for several years, and one dream I'd had repeatedly showed me myself washing my clothes in a big lake. I'd never understood that dream.

One of the places I like to walk everyday happened to be around a lake. There was a 3.5 mile trail around this lake and there were park benches positioned at varying places along the trails. It had become my favorite place to walk. And I was able to keep myself strong by walking it daily. After Sol Angela's appearance, I remembered the dream. So while I was walking I would get to this particular point in the trail, and I would sit on the bench. While sitting I would visualize myself taking off my outer garment, getting into the water and washing it. I would even imagine the Angel Downey Flakes box of detergent that I would use to wash my outer garment. I would sprinkle them on the wet garment and wash and scrub it. Then when the small box of flakes was gone, I would imagine myself squeezing out my garment, shaking it out and putting it back on myself. I would do this every day. And it wasn't long before Sol Angela had moved in with me. Now I would see her during my day when I was wide awake.
At one point I began taking Reiki Classes. And she was there with me. When we said prayers before the classes, she would tap my bent fingers until I raised the fingers of my hands in a prayer position. I didn't understand, but then I realized one day that in Kirlian Photography, when I've seen pictures of hands, the energy coming from the fingertips extended a good distance beyond the tips. And I realized that when we fold our hands when praying, our prayers are NOT going UP!!! And generally, the higher dimensions exist upward from us. So where are our prayers going, 
if anywhere at all?
That Reiki Class was a wonder. It was a mind opening experience for me because I realized I could feel this guys hernia which felt like a rubber ball to the palm of my hand, without even touching his body! 

...To Be Continued...