Our World is part of a multi-universe peopled by many different beings. The common thread running through all Worlds and all Dimensions is LOVE. 


The only Religion on Earth should be Love, and the only Politics should be Peace.

We are a world on the brink of communication with other worlds and potentially other dimensions. Yet we have a deep history of violence, country pitted against country, and religious wars on this planet. What intelligent life forms would ever want to try to help us by LANDING???  Yet here on our own planet already exist may lifeforms living in parallel dimensions who often DO try to help us. In our own world, there are thin veils between different planes of existence. The Oceans are a prime example, and so are Wilderness areas of our World. When venturing out from our homes and cities into these areas, we may be surprised at the lifeforms we discover and who might interact with us, and even may find that some do try to help and heal us. If they find our attitude open and operating from a place of wonder, they can intervene in our lives. We can bring home more than wonderful memories of our Nature trek when this happens.

At the beginning of the new Age of Aquarius we see on so many levels the people of Earth experiencing a deep existential angst as life feels to many as if it is unraveling around them. Mental and emotional sickness is rampant as people strive to survive conditions too harsh for some to even fathom. Too many are at the mercy of heartless, cold and brutal forces, be they corporations, governmental agencies, other authorities, family members or even wars.   Food, medicine and other prices are rising beyond the average persons ability to pay, and most humans are basically enslaved by the cost of their own needs. More and more we find people cracking, and violence is the usual result. Such drama unfolds on our TV news everyday. And despite the negative state watching this puts us in, too many are STILL addicted to watching Television News, and accepting as normal, violent shows.

But what if we didn't? What if we chose NOT to watch television, not to feed into the obsessive needs of people in corporations to control and influence us, and instead to put aside the drama of the world that constantly tries to push itself daily into our lives?  Could we then gain a breather, a foothold with enough boost to climb to higher frequencies? Would our minds, free of CSI and NBC News start to clear? And could we gain enough peace of mind to find a new way? When push comes to shove in our lives, we normally do one of three things. We shove back, we wear down and eventually break, or we find another way!  We need to look around to find that help which is being offered us. And sometimes we need to look in unusual and unconventional places.

I have personally spent the last several years putting aside the TV. This was born out of necessity when my son was at the Aurora Theater in Colorado on the night of July 20, 2012. The News reporting of that tragic event was constant and exerted a pressure that threatened my son mentally/emotionally, so I cut the cord. I called the Cable Company and cut their service, and I have never looked back.

Following that move it took love, understanding, and continued effort on both our parts  to get the services he desperately needed. He was about to start his 3rd year at College, and by losing the outside influences and focusing on his school work, he was able to graduate with his classmates 2 years later. However, I never reconnected the Cable. I do obviously have Internet. This is the first time I've really written publically about my son's experience. But as psychologists will tell you, family members are victims too! This was an event that severely altered both my son's and my life. And I've learned tons from it. It is an absolute struggle to maintain a good mental attitude after experiencing something like this. But I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stay positive! Failing to do so can easily start you careening down a negative slide potentially for life, and that's a place that is very hard to recover from..

I found that Nature provides great solace when we are numb and deeply in need. Fortunately we lived on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, and so it was easy to drive up into the mountains for hikes or day trips. But out of a different necessity to straighten my spine and get out of pain, I also walked daily. And I believe this helped both of us in deeply needed ways. My son luckily found a lady who had lived through much drama in her own home life growing up. She was ready, willing and able to help him and they fell in love. He moved in with her, but slowly what had happened caught up to him, and he experienced extreme and unpredictable nausea, which became constant and uncontrollable, and which meant that he could not work normal jobs. He was forced to stay in jobs where he could work from his bed and computer as best as he could, and 7 years later has now started his own small business. He couldn't be around crowds at all, and 4th of July fireworks shows were occasions to flee town. 

For me, life without Television meant listening to Music more, and more communication with nature. I ended up getting a Divorce, as suddenly, wasting days in conflict was not acceptable. I was already disabled, and found it a necessity to walk every day, as the walking seemed to diminish my pain, making it bearable. And so Life became much more peaceful in many ways. Rising in the morning to the sound of Birds, their singing would make ME want to sing along with them! And many is the time I have risen to take a walk during the RISING of the SUN! This remarkable time of day reminds me of how life should be, beginning each day with the BEAUTY of the many colors of the Sunrise. And as time goes on I realized that nature is always there for anyone needing or wanting to experience it. 

I still have the TV. But I very RARELY watch it. I use it now for accessing online classes via my computer. Technology are tools after all, which can put us in touch with many different parts of life. There is NO REASON except idle curiosity, to subject ourselves to the onslaught of noxious TV programming.  TV should be used as a tool to uplift our lives and our thoughts, not drag us down into serious depression. 

So now you see my intent and my motivation. I have lived through something many more people are struggling with these days, and I have experience which I think might be valuable for people in need. It is EXTREMELY important to keep our own Mental-Emotional Health at a balanced level. Sometimes it is necessary to go the opposite direction from where the crowds are headed. And sometimes it is necessary to be able to quickly drop down into your heart to find your compass.


Positive Thinking and Positive Emotions

Science is now showing the result of how positive thinking, acts of kindness and other positive reinforcement can change the dynamic in our everyday lives. 
Positive Emotions Open our Minds;

Knowing how completely positive emotions can direct our lives to a whole new level, we begin to understand how positive thoughts effect our own bodies, environment, health and even our futures! The following illustration is a great guide to keep handy for trying to improve your life!

Here is a second informative video from Barbara Fredrickson regarding her research into the subject of how  "Positive Emotions Transforms Us";

In my experience, Emotions as well as certain creative abilities,appear to be necessary to abilities to connect with the Higher Spiritual worlds.  All those Nature Walks led somewhere for me. I was already gazing with Braco at the time of the Aurora Theater Shooting, and I credit that connection for saving my son's life that night. But I also connected with more than Tree Spirits on those Nature Walks. I was deeply in need, and the need was ugent because I also needed to help my son. In trying to connect to Higher Spirit we first need the Desire to connect one on one with God, the Source of Life, and we need our emotions to be earnest and positive, as for example, the emotions we experience when we are praying deeply and sincerely. When we allow ourselves to 'fall down' into lower emotional spheres, we connect not with Higher Spirit, but with lower energies. This was something I also did, while floundering, and because I'm human, I still can occasionally struggle with emotional things just as everyone else can. But this is how I learned the importance of regulating my emotional-mental state.. I found myself in what has been called the 'Middle World' on my walks. I call them Angels, but I have also heard other people call them 'the Ancient Ones' or 'Helping Spirits'.People each have helping spirits that are most in alignment with them. So these are only terminology, but terms that fit certain situations. Some of the beings I encountered were undoubtedly Angels. And others were the tiniest beings of consciousness, literal sparks, so tiny that they honestly become hard to describe. These are the tiniest Angels I can see,  and I I think the term 'Fairy' would also indicate a being much larger than these.. Yet these tiny 'Light sparks' clearly responded with intelligence, compassion, and understanding. And often I still find them 'healing' my various illnesses. It wasn't that they understood my language, exactly, although they responded to it. They understood the emotional urgency I felt, they understood my need.  And they pitched in immediately to heal me so that I could continue being a benefit to the world instead of becoming a casualty of the destructive culture we live in. But to experience healing, I had to clear not only my Auric Field, but also the space where I lived, both inside of myself and outside of myself. And I came to realize that this includes the place where I live inside of my head. Further, the Spiritual energy I encountered helped me deftly removed those people in my life who contributed to my distress. It set up a Boundary, and a place of healing for me to slowly recover and be able to regroup, gently relighting my natural energies, and helping me to find my natural abilities.

I cannot emphasize enough how extremely important it is to learn to control our emotions. We learn to do this by learning to control our thoughts and practicing as much as possible what I call Exalted Thinking. This is thinking even about negative things in positive manner. Our emotions and our thoughts literally can move us to lower or higher frequency bands. We begin to maintain a higher frequency of existence when we spiritually begin to awaken, not only to our personal connection with God/Source, but also to the Divinity and the power we each carry within ourselves. Maintaining this higher frequency existence puts us in a consistent contact with Higher Spirit and the Guidance we need.

Yet everything in this world of matter seems to conspire to keep us attached to the lower frequencies of matter that are in place in our world. The only way for us to overcome these sticky bonds existent in  our material world, is to learn to control our own thoughts. Keeping our thoughts positive is a necessary part of Spiritual growth. Learning to control our own thoughts is learning to break our patterns of emotional instability and can be difficult but is necessary on a spiritual path. I've learned, of course, that life is NOT about how much money you make, or who or how many people you know. Life IS VERY MUCH about our Soul, what we do on our earth-walk, how we help and nurture others, and what we've learned from living our lives. When done well, these things help our evolution.

Tricks we can use to begin controlling our thoughts are; To immediately stop and change what we are thinking when we first notice our negative thoughts. Simply close the file cabinet door on the old thought and intend to think about something else, something that we like to think about! Also, surround ourselves with people interested in their own positive spiritual growth. A helpful trick is simply NOT TO participate in the 'drama' of the world, to go do something else, something you find uplifting. Another trick is to limit our exposure to such things as television and news. One can limit our emotional responses to news stories and still stay somewhat 'current' by accessing only the internet headlines, only briefly reading these headlines and stories. We learn to "cherry pick" what we allow into our mental space. Other ways are frequent meditating, singing, drumming or playing an instrument, accessing inspirational material, doing affirmations, gardening, exercising, and listening to mainly uplifting music.

Knowing and accepting that we can and do fall, in spite of our efforts to always be positive, is simply accepting that we are human. Do not let moments or even periods where we slip up, keep us from our intention of mastering our emotions. It takes time. And it truly does get easier the more we practice!

Look UP and NOTICE the trees, the Sun, the Moon, the Clouds, the Stars. Spend time in Nature observing birds, animals and the elemental kingdoms, bees, wasps, spiders, ants, or even just sitting, feeling the air move around you through the branches of the trees. Try feeling through the pores of your skin. Develop an appreciation for the Natural World, and the cycles inherent in it. Notice hills, rivers, trees, flower buds, branches, the texture of bark and the families of beings that frequent the world right along with us. Nature has always been the great equalizer for man.

 People grieving are known to emotionally heal much quicker in Nature. Make a connection with nature a part of your everyday life! Take trips with family to places you've never seen before! Explore our beautiful world! And enjoy! One thing that keeps coming up again and again with my own Angels is they  keep telling me "Life's GOOD!" and to "Be HAPPY!"  Surprisingly, Happiness can be CHOSEN!  But like anything else we "choose', there is always a bit of work involved. Being happy often involves making good choices and keeping inspired. And there is a reason for this. It turns out that Inspiration and imagination is a very High Art. Inspiration is very Close to God and His Angels. They take delight in it! Inspiration is often a tool that Angels employ when trying to influence us to move in one direction or another. In fact, having a thought come to us again and again is often a hint that our Angels are actively trying to communicate something to us! I've even found that they can make internet websites and pages pop up again and again when trying to communicate something to us. We just need to keep an open mind!

God, his Angels, the Masters and Saints are ALWAYS and CONSTANTLY working in the world to raise men to a higher frequency. They work via the hearts of many loving people. But they can also work through influencing average folks like you and me! There is not just ONE path to God's Kingdom. There are many ways, many paths, as varied as each one of us is. A path of NO religion can rightly also be a path. For God knows each of us intimately as he is connected with our souls through his own. Only HE knows the total truth about each of us and how to get us from HIS point A to HIS point C! He knows the path. We only need Surrender to him. In fact, I recently picked up a bible that is a direct translation of the Aramaic Bible (Jesus's native tongue). And it turns out that the language that has been translated down through the ages saying we must "Fear God", in the Aramaic Bible reads 'Submit to GOD"! Personally, I have found only good submitting to God. I've made many mistakes in my life, bad choices leading me in hard directions. But now that I've Submitted to God, my life is becoming so much easier. It is when the connection with God becomes lost, we experience dark filled with our own doubt and confusion. This is when we are in danger of losing this life giving connection with our Source, which IS the life and well-being of our very souls. These higher beings use every conceivable avenue that they can, to find us and help each one of us. And when they want to reach out to you, they can use ANYONE anywhere as an aid to do it! But we MUST do our part in achieving our own healing. It's my hope that by following some of the suggestions above, you will find the help you need on your path.

For many years, I was a person who always considered herself Spiritual, but espoused NO religion. But this path led me into deep and depressing waters, and because of the situations I encountered which i didn't feel I had any control over myself, after some time, I secretly didn't really want to live anymore. I didn't realize that, of course, and would have never admitted to it. But I couldn't hide it from my own body.  
It wasn't very long, only a couple of years before I developed an auto-immune disease, which I also totally blew off and ignored, but which ended up resulting in many illness which progressed to several rather severe disabilities of my body. Through Braco's gaze, and with the help Light Being Angels, I was literally lifted up and my path was turned. Although it was my son who insisted I go see Braco, no other human came to my aid. But Angels saw, and they DID come to my aid!

I also still believe that Christ himself comes through Braco's gaze. He did for me! But I also think that if you are not a Christian, that whoever you spiritually connect with will come through the Gaze for you! Slowly over the course of the last 8 years (from 2011 to 2019) and continuing on still today, my spirit, soul, and my body have been healed! My life has been completely changed, and my perspective is SO different! God can do ANYTHING! After we experience something like I did, we can no longer doubt. 

God can do the same for you! But this is why I devote a good portion of this website to Spiritual subjects. No matter what garbage detractors say about him, the Angels came in large forces to me through Braco's gaze. I met Jesus Christ, Thomas, and John. These were the beings who gave me their names. There was one more who had a South American connection, and I write about it elsewhere.. There was a lady's voice who told me it was 'A Holy Spirit' when a beautiful white Dove appeared in my life. I've met Patriarchs, who I recognized by their headdress. And I've met many Angels, Ancient Ones, as well as Apu's and Nature Spirits. I am writing a book where I will give a lot of detail about the methods employed by these Angelic Spirits, and I have acquired a website, SpiritWorks.us, which I will sell my book on as an upload for a small amount. Some of it is much too private for me to just openly share. I expect this website to be operational sometime in 2020. When it is up, I will provide a link to it from this site.

Besides learning from my own spiritual experiences, I've read everything I could possibly put my hands on about Angels. But in all honesty, I can NOT say that the Angel connection was totally new to me. I had an Artistic Career, and was always a bit of a medium. And just recently I discovered when I looked through one of my old journals, that I had been experiencing at nightime, being held in a golden light field 19 years ago, just as I still do today. I recorded this in my Journal! I have seen Angels quite a few times in my life from the time I was a child, but I didn't remember much of it. Some was associated with my very traumatic and abusive childhood experiences. Those were essentially blocked in my mind, and they only came back when the Angels were working with me, as often to heal us they employ a sort of gentle 'therapy' which opened those mental blocks for me. I did remember some of the Angelic Experiences, and I didn't ever speak of them to anyone except my mother, who told me to keep it to myself. And so I did. I knew my Guardian Angel communicated with me through my dreams. So I started keeping a diary of my dreams. I was only doing this to see if anything more would ever come of these. One time, 2 Angels came to me as I was tending to our dog who lay dying, and they told me I would write about them. This website is the result.  So I did occasionally see Angels, both as a child and as a teenager. However, this is a daily occurance now. 

All I wish for you is to KNOW is that these spiritual beings absolutely exist!  Take a chance and call out to them and to God when you are in need! And then watch for answers in the form of inspiration or odd thoughts that persist. This is only one way the Angels answer. You might also 'hear' or 'see' them! They appear in surprising ways! But if you keep an open mind you will find that something will happen to direct you!

My own Angels have taken me Out of Body quite a few times. It is something they can do at will, but I cannot. But I did travel to another realm in mediation once where I simply got in an elevator and went up to the ninth level. There I stepped out among cloud beings. I felt I'd gone too high, so went back into the elevator and went down to the 8th level. I got out on a golden and rose place where a being was waiting for me with his red 'aeon' a sort of motorized rocket with power controls. I got onto it behind him, much like one would mount a motorcycle, and we zoomed very quickly in a circular path to a place where a large temple stood with many stairs up to it. Someone that look and dressed like Jesus was coming down the stairs and met me. He ted me into the temple which was quite dark and lit with torches, as the pervasive sunlight was blocked by walls inside.. We went into a side room where a woman dressed in blue with a white veil was reclined in a chair. She looked asleep as I approached her, but then I noticed the blue/grey orb (which I know to be a human orb) above her head which was very animated. After leaving his mother, I was led through the temple and out a side door where we walked along a pathway adjacent to the building which led to another room. During this walk I was able to perceive a beautiful city which was seemingly built withe many beautiful precious stones. Along the pathway were beautiful trees and flowers, some with colors I've never seen before. The room was a guest room, and I was allowed to spend the night. The next day I was taken to a bridge which traversed a great chasm and told "don't look down"!  As I crossed this suspension bridge with wooden slats that had burn holes in them and slats that sometimes were completely missing, fire shot up all around me and I was terribly hot, sweating profusely. I had to watch where I was walking, but otherwise did not attempt to look down. However I was aware of great bursts of fire shooting up all around me via my peripheral vision. Finally I reached the land on the other side which was completely barren and made up essentially of red rocky cliffs and dirt. I came out of it and I don't remember more. But I left that meditation knowing I'd just crossed Daarth, the unknown place on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life where all the Qlippoth or 'Broken Shells' are tossed!  I took this as a vision and as a warning. Did I go Out of Body during it? Could be, but I frankly don't know. What I do know is that I certainly don't want to be discarded into a place like that pit! My body was broken at that time, but was my spirit broken too? Because of that vision, I am certain that Hell does exist. And I know that we must work everyday  helping others to avoid such a fate. Many are the people who have written books about the Qabalah with differing views of what Daath represents, but just change the first "a" in the name 'Daath' to an "e", and I think it's easy to understand that the place represents the death of the Soul, a Soul which otherwise would be immortal!  This vision/meditation affected me so much, that although I have been taken to that gleaming city by my Angels several times,  I never again attempted on my own to go back there again! 

If you wish to get to know your Angel, or more about Angels, pick up some books about them. There are many more writers writing about Angels now, than ever before. Speak this wish aloud. Your OWN Angel will take notice and will try to guide you in a direction most fitting for you. Listen to your intuition. Notice how your body reacts with changes in your environment Notice when you feel happy, and think about what situations created that happiness in your life. Now notice what makes you sad, what makes you scared, doubtful, critical, and what makes you question, and what sensations go into making you feel these ways. This is how you will learn they way that different vibrations affect you. I can tell you already that when you are very doubtful or fearful there is either negative energy present or someone around  whose energy is creating it. Is it you? Is it the TV?  Is it a friend that gossips too much or someone who is always angry around you?  If something bothers you, limit your exposure to it. Go and do something that makes you happier. If someone in your family is always fighting, pick up a musical instrument you are attracted to, and learn to use it. The positive influence of music could even change the energy in your home for the better. And if you cannot afford a musical instrument, use your voice. Its the musical instrument God gave you! And if someone close to you is always sad, hurt, angry, or upset, find a flower and bring it to them. Or give them a hug! Sometimes the smallest gestures can change everything for the better! And remember one thing. Every Living creature needs kindness, love and attention!

You don't have to judge anything or anyone, in fact it's much better not to. Just learn to understand what your body is feeling.. Our Angels NEVER judge us. They patiently watch us and try endlessly to suggest positive things for us. And when you really need help, put your palms together with fingers pointing upwards towards the sky, and with reverence and with as much love as you can muster, say a prayer. Any prayer. It doesn't have to be something someone taught you. The best prayers to God come straight from your heart! You can tell HIM your troubles, ask HIM for help. Know that GOD is connected to each and every one of us in spirit, and HE will know instantly that you are connecting with HIM! And connecting with GOD is one very quick way to raise your vibrational level, or frequency instantly!

I like to think of GOD as a being very much like the SUN. What I'm going to tell you now, I learned by playing a game. I realized quite a few years ago that I could tell how many people were in a car, by counting the opaque white substance that seemed to protrude out of the roof of every car that passed. I later learned that the energy coming out of the top of our heads is called the "Hara Line". This was something I never questioned. But I knew that it went UP into the sky because I could see that it did. Now I've come to believe that it is by that very 'Hara Line' that we are all connected to the Divine. God knows all of us so intimately because HE is connected to each one of us through HIS very Soul! Which is OUR Soul too! I actually do think of GOD as a being like the Sun with rays that go out in all directions. In that way, I think of the Sun as my own father, and I think each of us is a child of the Sun! Your Soul is a Ray of God's Soul. Whether HE is a Spiritual Sun, or the actual Physical Sun that has a spiritual side, I cannot say with certainly. although I tend to think HE is.  But I do know because scientists have said so and their pictures have showed us, that the Sun shines in all directions constantly, and never stops. If there is one being I can point to that has no shadow side, it is the SUN. The only way the Sun can create shadow is if something else blocks its light. The SUN is a good example of the energy of GOD, who is ALL GOOD, ALL LOVING, all of the time!! And truly, the SUN helps plants and people grow to be healthy, and instantly, the Sun can dispel many peoples depression which also creates health. People mostly LOVE a Sunny Day, as well as a Sunny personality! The SUN has always been a wonderful symbol for Happiness!

I also happen to believe that the SUN is a real place where many Angels live. I believe this because my own Angel, who I knew very well, disappeared from my life when Angels from the Sun arrived to heal me. These new Angels were of every color of the Rainbow, including white! I learned much later that there is something called 'The Rainbow Bridge'. And I understand that the Rainbow Bridge is a 'bridge' to Heaven. And I also now understand that these beings have mostly a bit of an electrical charge, as I do FEEL them, and occasionally when I accidently touch one, it will have a very gentle, well buffered electrical effect.

But at the time, I was very upset about losing the Angel I'd had for most of my life. I didn't know about these new beings who sat by my bed telling me that I was a Seed. When I heard that, I immediately imagined a tree growing out of my heart and pinning the rest of me into the earth. At that thought I began to cry. I wanted my OLD Angel!! Apparently someone gave him the message, because he returned one last time to say goodbye, and to comfort and tell me that I "was in VERY GOOD HANDS!"  Since that day I have constantly been surrounded, healed,  nurtured and guided by these new beautiful Angels from the Sun.



Losing a piece of our Soul, is something that can happen to anyone from a spiritual perspective, and actually does happen to many people when they experience something traumatic or have a terrific shock. It often happens through abuse, violence, and sudden unexpected shock. It happens to soldiers on the battlefield. It happens to sex abuse victims, and can even happen to a Child being spanked by a Parent! 

That happened to me when I was 3 years old. My parents disciplined us children by whipping us with a leather strap. I don't remember what I'd done to deserve this 'correction', but whatever it was, I clearly felt the punishment was way out of line with the offense. I was STUNNED I had been born into a family like this, and started trying to run away. Every chance I got, I'd take off down the street, often going around the block and sometimes much further. I remember looking at the pavement as I ran, and would often see the white robe of my Angel keeping pace with me, while continually trying to talk me into going back home. After a time of running, I would usually end up responding to his reasoning, "It won't be forever. Just don't DO anything that makes it happen!"

My parents were staunch Christians. But the beatings continued for many years. In 1st Grade, the nun at my Elementary School once pulled out a belt and spanked a boy in the class. That made an impression on me, and I know today that this act contributed to my leaving the Catholic Church later. I blamed my parental abuse, and the acceptance in school of corporal punishment on Jesus Christ! I thought it was part of His Teachings. But Jesus Christ himself never taught violence! He taught only LOVE!  And although there are many scriptures that talk about using 'the Rod', I sincerely believe that ANY teaching that teaches violence of any kind, is teaching great error. I also believe (for the record) that any Christian manuscripts speaking of violence toward another human and attributed to Jesus or his Apostles, no matter how ancient, have been edited by someone all too human. I believe that those writings mostly reflect the times and the culture that Jesus lived in, and the cultures that followed. But I believe Jesus Himself never taught anything except LOVE! There is NO room for violence in Love! They are simply not compatible! Instead of pulling out the rod, Parents need to spend more time TALKING to their children and EXPLAINING WHY whatever the child did was wrong! Please understand also, that very young children are STILL learning their Parents Language.

Jesus himself warned that no one should change even one word of his teachings. But unfortunately, humans evolved from Apes, and like apes, we just can't seem to leave well enough alone! We have the incessant need to put our mark on and  'improve' everything we touch!

From the time I was able to drive a car, I would occasionally have an experience while driving down a dimly lite street in which a little girl in a dress would suddenly bolt out into the street in front of my headlights. This has happened way too often to be a coincidence, and it always shocked me as I would hit the brakes only to realize no one was there! But then I began to realize that the little girl aways looked pretty much the same. I didn't understand what was happening with this for most of my life. My Angels helped me make sense of it. 

Most of the memories of the whippings and the terrible childhood I'd experienced I blocked. So I didn't remember them until the Angels began releasing these memories. Then memory upon memory suddenly started bubbling up. The Angels would assure me they were all true. And there were enough memories I did know were true to help me put them in perspective. Once I remembered them, I also couldn't forget them. The thing is, that each of those memories I'd blocked for a reason. Each terrible memory represented a tiny bit of my soul that had split off. Those whippings fractured my spirit!  I needed to find a way to reunite and merge these soul pieces back into myself. And the way to do that, was loving that little child within myself. Now instead of seeing this little girl running across the road in front of me at night, I've realized that she was that splintered off piece of myself hanging onto me by a thread, and I've had to learn to take the time to listen to her, nurture her and give her the love that was missing from her young life experience!

I think about our Earth's culture, Ages having gone by where people believed it was perfectly fine to whip the children they supposedly loved! Our Ancient Earths Culture is the source of those writings, not Jesus Christ, and in thinking about all the splintered souls that continued on down through our planets history, through all of our Ancestors and into our parents lives, it helps me understand how and why our world is the way it is today. If childhood whippings can cause soul loss, certainly larger shocking events such as accidents, or acts of war would do the same. Anyone whose been diagnosed with PTSD would likely be a victim. Having experienced Soul Loss steals our capacity to experience Joy and live a happy enjoyable and loving life! 

Native Shamans and Medicine Men have known for centuries that this is a true phenomena. Remedies do exist that can help people who experience the splintering off of pieces of their soul, otherwise known as Soul Loss. But LOVE, Sharing our Dreams for the future, and Journaling our Dreams from our nighttime rest, can often help us help ourselves when a good Spiritual Advisor is unavailable. Sometimes doing these activities can help to spontaneously recover those fractured off pieces of our own souls!  Make a habit of sharing your dreams with your friends or significant others. It's an easy, fun, and protective thing to do for ourselves and others, and can help insulate us from those occasional dangers in our world. If we notice we have stopped dreaming, we should take it seriously, especially if we have had a recent shock or tramatic event in our life. 


BRACO GAZED IN THE United Nations Tillman Chapel ON NOVEMBER 16th, 2012! 

Braco Gazes at us and we are brought home to ourselves. Every gaze we participate in enhances our lives in some small positive way. His gaze is a gaze of LOVE to us from the DIVINE! Love IS the single most healing energy on the planet! 

Braco's symbol is the 13 pointed Sun called a Sunce. What an interesting time
for Braco to appear in the world as a channel who flows Source through himself to the people he gazes at. Source has always been the real Sun that gives us life. It is said that in the Spiritual World there also exists a Spiritual Sun which lights both the environment and flows out endlessly to nourishes all hearts and souls!


Since the Sun has recently roused from its sleep, we are being bombarded by intense rays from our Sun. Many Ancient cultures throughout our past from
around the world have considered the Sun as a Divine Entity. Some Native American tribes call the Sun 'Grandfather'. In reverence 
and respect, they worship the Sun because of its Life-Giving force and energy.
 And there are references in several cultures to days when a SECOND SUN would appear. 

Braco's Symbol is the "Sunce", which means "Sun" in Croatian. Thousands of people have now experienced Braco's gaze and attribute positive change in their lives to it. Many people claim to see Angels or Masters during the gaze, and most agree that the energy they feel from the gaze feels good and feels somehow nourishing. I relate it to the Love we all remember, the LOVE from a home where we all once upon a time started out from. Some think that what happens during the gaze  is that through the energy from Braco's eyes, Source shows himself to us in a very personal way. There does seem to be certain sensations we can feel in our bodies during a gaze, and those sensations may affect the energy in our energetic fields.This energy can free us from many of our limitations, including our own self-imposed ones, it lifts our burdens from us and heals us all in the same process. This energy can also open us to the possibility of healing via introducing whatever we need most for ourselves. We sometimes discover ourselves healed instantly, or via synchronistic indications, or followed inspirations, often through repeated gazes. For although Source is always present around us in every moment of our lives, we don't always recognize this. Somehow Source is able to pour its Spirit and Its Love out on us during a gaze. Braco is the instrument for this. Braco is like a Spigot, or a hollow tube, through which Source pours Itself onto us in a way that feels very powerful and quite present during the Gaze as so many people testify to. And of course we recognize this feeling. We have felt this Love before, we just have a hard time remembering where and when! The Love that comes to us through Braco's eyes fills us, smoothing out our deficits, by filling our Souls. Sometimes people who are most broken inside are the ones who feel the energy the strongest. The emptier a cup, the more easily it is filled! Many lives have been completely transformed by this energy. We can gaze with Braco and feel this change. For some people, gazing once or twice seems enough. But there are many who feel the energy SO strongly that they go back time and again, simply to allow the Source of all to reconstruct their lives. And some continue to go because it is an energy they want to be ever present in their lives.

Via Braco's gaze, the world is changing, and like a stone thrown into a pond, the ripples continue on and on to affect the world at large.



(Because he is a World Phenomena which has already begun transforming the planet, I am giving him this space.)

When I saw Braco the first time, I noticed a globe like formation above his head . At first I thought it was an Archangel or perhaps a large spirit orb, similar to the spheres that some American Indian Medicine Men work with when doing their healing work. Perhaps, I thought,  I was seeing Ivica's spirit orb. However, it was confusing when I realized that when Braco left a gazing session, his Hara line to the orb shaped chakra above his head,  as well as the orb itself appeared to be grey to me, as if drained of energy! But now I think that the energy simply turns off! Many people testify that they see spirit orbs in the room with Braco, some see Braco as an Angel, or see Angels surrounding Braco, helping him.. I saw what has become known as "the Light Show' during my first 2 gazings, which for me was this wide magenta energy bathing the people near me and then me in it, as Braco began gazing in my direction.  But every time I gaze with Braco, what I see or feel is different. Each gaze is a fresh and very new experience, but I do think that there are Angels present in the room assisting this energy during a gaze. It feels to me like it's a very Sacred experience!

I share many of my experiences here and also what I've heard from others as it happens that even after experiencing gazes, we may reach out for others experiences since we are often confused or confounded by our own feelings as well as any audio or visual input we may experience. It has been occasionally commented that  everyone's experience of Braco's energy is very different and personal to them and their situation. Some people do not see or feel anything at all. However, even those people often later report  shifts and changes occurring in their lives for the better, things that previously were very hard to change, and yet following a gaze these changes are made easily!  My  view has changed via my experience. I also once  thought that Braco had a very well developed 2nd crown chakra, a reservoir or an 8th chakra,  which renewed and  was filled with glowing energy when he enters the room, but which depletes when he bathes the people in this energy as  he gazes. But more recently, I've decided that I have to go with those who feel that Braco is a conduit or channel for Pure Divine Source or Creator Love Energy, a stream of  Holy Spirit that can cut through the toughest heart if allowed, and bring tears, joy, bliss, and many other emotions that ultimately result in a healing of some sort, whether it be physical, emotional, relationship, spiritual, or situational. I am very much reminded of Divine Mercy, the prayer that St Maria Faustina Kowalska received in her meditations and the Painting she had made of Jesus. I know that Jesus himself came to me during the gaze many times, and he was dressed as Jesus. So I believe he is at least one of the entities that come through the Gaze.

As I continued to go back to do more gazing sessions with Braco, I began to realize that this energy somehow is also able to override our environmental conditioning. It somehow brings us home to ourselves. We recognize in it the love we once all knew. This energy becomes more and more tangible. So after analyzing this experience to the ninth degree as most people do in the beginning, I've finally decided that it is exactly what Braco says it is. It is Spirit that comes through him, and I have no reason to disbelieve that this energy comes from the Source of all life, who loves us dearly, and which is represented in our skies as the Sun, and also represented in many religions as the Christ. I say this because in my initial interactions (telepathic exchanges), I was interacting with a decidedly JEWISH thinking Being (he asked me why I did not cover my hair!) and there were other things He said to me that caused my mind to go wildly searching for a viewpoint I could relate him to. I had been searching various spiritual ideologies my entire life, but the one I never searched was Judaism. Yet here was a Light Being telling me to research the Tree of Life!  After that I signed up for Online classes on the Kabbalah! And I continued with it until I had a bad experience one night via several Jewish orbs (whose light robes were brown). Please understand while reading this, that I am a medium, and do occasionally experience interactions with Orbs of all types. Many of these, I've learned, are the spirits of people who have died on this planet who have NOT risen to a higher vibrational level. There are many spirits who have NOT gone into the Light of Heaven! In fact I know that spirits return again and again to life in an effort to raise themselves to a higher frequency within themselves. Because each life is an opportunity to reach Heaven, yet Heaven is often just out of reach.

I truly believe Braco is  a major force in bringing in the positive energy that will result in a complete change in the way we live and view the world. He already is turning skeptics into believers. He already channels energy that heals, shifts, and transforms our consciousness. And as people change within themselves, I believe it will force a change in the general public in every country and institution we have! This change is occurring one person at a time, as each one meets Braco's gaze. It is an unbelievably brilliant and wonderful plan! 

I began gazing with Braco in June 2011 and the following is my update. During the past  years, the energy that has enveloped me during Braco's gazes has stayed with me in varying ways. For example, since I see Auras I can see that a strong Golden Energy completely pervades my own Auric field  for about 2 months following a gazing event, and Gold is not my normal Aura color! During a gaze with Braco I often feel like I am being held by a loved one which I think you would agree is a rather personal experience. 

I now gaze as often as is possible. It's become an important part of my life.  And after having been subject to many chronic illnesses and conditions of the body for the past 20 years or so, I can say honestly  that I have had many almost unbelievable healings of my physical body as well as emotional and personal ones.

This energy is Clearly "GOOD". It Unifies and creates positive change in our lives in every sort of way, but not necessarily without personal involvement or effort. This means that the healing's I've experienced haven't all come about without some struggle. I CAN say with confidence that my own healing efforts have been supported by this energy, and the way smoothed for them to occur. The answers I find come much more easily now. I still have to expend energy seeking them.  And that is true especially  for the changes that have occurred in my Spiritual life.The energy that comes THROUGH Braco has undoubtedly altered and lifted me up, and I am filled with intense Gratitude for it's presence in our world. So as I revamp this website, Braco's presence is still strongly here! I think he is the single most important person to have appeared on the World Stage in oh... maybe two thousand years or so! And I completely believe this energy that moves through Braco comes from God! At the time I originally wrote this, I did not believe he was necessarily the Christ energy. However, I do now believe that my own connection with the energy coming through Braco IS a connection with the Christ energy, I do believe the energy he Channels is Love Energy from the Highest Dimensions, and in that way he brings what we commonly call the Christ Consciousness into our world in a beautiful and quite tangible way. However, I also believe these Higher Dimensional beings are very 'savy' about our world. I think they know exactly what they are up against here. They absolutely understand us better than we do ourselves. So I believe they are bringing this energy into our world via the many different avenues available to them! Braco just happens to be one avenue that provides direct, immediate, and tangible help, and this is now free for anyone to experience via their own computer!

I must also say that there is a strong "purification" element involved in the energy that comes through in a Braco Gaze. For those who have had a lifetime of negative, even abusive relationships such as was the case for me, the energy coming through Braco gently lifts negative situations, brings them to the forefront of our conscious awareness, allowing us to see, feel, and work through the issues involved until we can gently release them and free ourselves. Braco's gaze is an infusion of Love to our hearts, and it fills us to overflowing. As we dig deeper into the hurts of a lifetime, we gently lift and release the negative, and each time we do there is more room in our hearts and souls to hold more of this incredible Love. This is a profound  healing element of the Gaze. This of course doesn't  come without certain emotional reactions as we process these experiences. But once freed, we find ourselves healed and feeling an immeasurable relief! And as time goes on, we keep coming back for 'refreshers', as the Love just feels so incredible! I am immensely grateful for meeting Braco's gaze, and thank all energies involved in arranging this in my life, Angelic, Divine, as well as human!

2015- Its been 4 years since I first began gazing with Braco, and it's time for another update. During these last few years I've had many spiritual experiences during the gaze which has resulted in a welcome turn around in my health as I have already attested to. But it's also been accompanied by a complete turn-around in perception. Many of these gazings have been accompanied by visual phenomena for me. I have always been a bit of a mystic, seeing things through a sort of artistic lens as my career was in an artistic field. I also experienced visions as a very young child. But I spent a full 45 years away from the Catholic Church I was raised in. While living my life with an artistic viewpoint, I  realize now that I was always searching for the "direct spiritual experience" and in truth I've had many mystical experiences in my life, mostly involving my angels and guides. But I found myself reconnecting with Christ through gazing with Braco. So Braco's energy reconnected me to the Light of the Above in a way I had not experienced since I was a child.

During my years I have searched and read extensively, but a special emphasis has developed since I began gazing with Braco. Some of this was to help me integrate the experiences I was having, but also I developed a deeper thirst for knowledge and especially for any words Christ may have actually spoken. I realized that because of the unique way Christ spoke and taught, I could apply them to my own experiences, taking them out of the context of church writings and other writers viewpoints, and that they then had great meaning for me personally. Much has been written of Christs words and teachings and all of it has been thoroughly hashed over, digested, intellectualized and taught by writers and preachers of His Word. But Christ was basically about Love, and most of these writers and preachers were seekers just like you and I, and presented their findings and conclusions in ways to support their own beliefs. It is a truth that everyone handling Christ's teachings in any way will tend to do the very same, myself included. Spirituality is ultimately a most personal experience, and we must understand that however each person perceives it, is completely valid for them. Everyone, therefore, must look inside themselves to see what resonates deeply with them.

During the last few years, one of the conclusions I've come to and I stand by is that those who perceive this Light will perceive it, and those without the eyes to see this Light are simply blind to it for whatever reason. This is by no means a critique. People are simply at different stages of development. But those who are ready, those who are seeking the Light that Christ told us existed will see and sense this Light that comes through Braco. After 4 years of gazing, I know I will continue to gaze at every available opportunity. This gaze keeps me close to the Source, which I feel clearly desires a connection with each of us as well, and this is an energy that is completely good, totally sweet, and extremely loving. We all desire love in our lives. This Love is like no other!

During one gaze that for me took place late at night, I forced myself to stay up through it, and at one point asked Braco if he could show me how this worked, I began seeing an Angelic Being showering me with small golden pill shaped light particles. And later I painted what I saw. I will put this first painting directly below. However it is quite a rough picture, as I couldn't replicate the millions of light particles coming through him. He looked like he was quite literally made up of these billions of particles, and was streaming the golden energy through his hands onto me. 

Proton Angel  by Misty G

2017- Its been almost 6 years now since I first encountered Braco. I have to give his gazes credit for opening up a line of sight to the Kingdom of Heaven for me. I'd had mystical experiences before, but they were few in number. Since gazing with Braco, a type of portal has opened for me and I now have continual interactions with Beings of Light whom I call Angels, which has resulted in many more physical healings' for me.
After almost 6 years of continued gazing with Braco, my body is almost back to the shape it was 18 to 20 years ago, before I became disabled! I no longer get sick, not even with the flu. And I now (at the beginning of 2017) rarely have the need to see a doctor!
Nov.2017- I've been told there are some physical things that cannot be fixed in me, a few things that would actually require a new body. But this interaction with Angels has been such a wonderful hi-light of my life. I am very grateful for every day!
July 2018 - I misunderstood. The Angels DID and are continuing to fix these "unfixable" things! They haven't given up on this at all!  It involved fixing my entire intestinal tract! They are currently fixing 2 other areas of my body. My right hip is a little bit misaligned, so they wanted me to see a chiropractor, and I believe they actually chose the chiropractor. Also I've had angelic surgery on my right thumb, a carpal tunnel thing. Before I ever knew about Braco, I'd had carpal tunnel surgery on my Left thumb. The doctor wanted to also do the same surgery on my right thumb back in 2010. I never did it because my left hand started to shrivel after my surgery. When I showed people my palms right next to each other, they would gasp because of the difference. But this was one of my newest healings. The Angels fixed the issue of the shriveled left thumb and hand years ago. Now they are fixing the Right! I may be able to paint again! For now, I can barely write my name. 

7 years Braco gazing. In 2014, my son, who initially insisted I go to those first 2 gazes although I was skeptical, moved away from home. He recently moved back home again (2018) briefly before moving to another state, and he says he totally gets why I gaze with Braco. He even told his girlfriend how terrible my physical condition was before and how much Braco gazing has changed my life. I'm happy that they support my gazing. He has gone full circle from total belief, to doubt and uncertainty when he'd moved out and no longer saw my condition every day, to understanding. He now says he is very happy for me. 

Braco has indeed changed my life! Or to be more specific, this beautiful energy that comes through Braco has changed my life. Actually, it's given me a new life full of promise and potential, even though I'm getting up in age! Before Braco, my future -IF I had survived, would probably have been living in an assisted living situation or hospice. Now I am independent. I have a future that looks rosy, I have my health, plans, and something to look forward to. My life has meaning again!  Thank you God, and Thank You Braco! 

Every time I look, there are more and more testimonial videos on YouTube concerning Braco. This top video is the  video I get the most energy from. I find it healing all by itself. See if you agree! 

(Some of the links I had working below seem to have fallen off. If I can locate them again, I will put them back up here!)

Braco does have an Official Facebook Page and is also on YouTube. 



    HEART01.com; on Living Life with LOVE    

Try to Live your entire life without harming any other Human Being.

Try to Live your life without harming Yourself and your Body, and always remembering to Listen to your Intuition. Guard your Thoughts, keeping them as Positive as possible!

Try to Care for your Children with Love, giving them extra Attention, and Nurturing. They really don't need things, they Love YOU, and want and need YOUR attention and approval! Remember to Listen to them, Treating them as a precious Friend, and Teaching them with Love, Interest, Kindness, and sometimes Firmness. Always do your very best for them, and try not to dismiss them. And most especially, Enjoy them!

Try to treat your Friends with Interest, Kindness, and Integrity, remembering always the Joys you find in their Friendship.

Care for your Neighbors with Kindness by Listening to them, Considering their Thoughts and Opinions, and being Helpful to them with their Needs.

Care for your Pets and Animals with Love and Attention, Nurturing them, Attending to their Needs with Kindness, adding Joy to their lives,  and always doing your best for them.

Respect the Nature that surrounds you. Treat Plants, Trees, Land and Water and Animals like as if each is a Sentient Friend.

Know the SUN as the Creator of All Life on Mother Earth, Respect and Love the Sun as it has both a Physical and Spiritual Existence which constantly Heals and Loves us, controls our seasons providing growth for healthy foods for us, water from melted snows for us, and fills our lives with much Joy.

Walk Gently on our Earth Mother, treating all things you find on her with Love, Respect and Kindness. Always look at her with fresh eyes and allow her to Awe and Inspire you.


"I am only one, but I AM ONE. 
I cannot do it all, but I will not refuse to do what I can.
and what I can do, by the grace of the Creator, I will do."
- Edward Everett Hale

The more a man loves, the deeper he penetrates the divine purposes. Love is the astrolabe of heavenly mysteries, the eye salve which clears the spiritual eye and makes it clairvoyant. Rumi
This is the most profound spiritual truth I know: 
that even when we're most sure that love can't conquer all, 
it seems to anyway."
 ~ Anne Lamott 

The Prophecy of the Unity of Mankind - Sufficient unto themselves are my words, for I am Chilam Balam, the Jaguar Priest. I repeat my words of divine truth: I say that the divisions of the EARTH shall be ONE!
~ From The Book of Chiliam Balm of Tizimin – from The Maya Prophecies for 2012 by Gerald Benedict
"Only a powerful soul can offer love. Only a powerful soul can afford to be humble. If we are weak, then we become selfish. If we are empty, we take; but if we are filled, we automatically give to all. That is our nature."  
~ Dadi Prakashmani
God gives us the gift of compassion. We practice compassion through acts of forgiveness, releasing resentment, anger and hurt. We understand forgiveness when we realize that every act is either an expression of love or a call for love.
~ Mary Manin Morrissey 

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall - think of it, ALWAYS."
~ Gandhi 

"Man must evolve for all human conflict, a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love."
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites, so that you have two wings to fly, not one. ~ Rumi
'I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.' ~ Gandhi

Overwhelm the darkness… When there is a negative situation that you cannot change, focus your thoughts and energy elsewhere. When there is a pain that will not go away, overwhelm it with an even greater amount of joy. It serves no useful purpose to get mired in despair over things you cannot control. It makes much more sense to do the very best, to achieve the very most, with those things you do control. You can choose where to focus your energy and attention. Focus on those areas where you can have a powerful positive impact. Yes, it can be easy to get caught up in the negativity of the moment. Yet it also can be surprisingly easy to shift your focus toward the positive, productive things you can do. You are never obligated to be miserable. If you really want to contribute to life, set your sights on the value you're able to create. Don't despair over the darkness that is beyond your control. Instead, shine your own light so brightly that the darkness is overwhelmed.
~ Ralph Marston

contributed by Aluna Joy


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      Heart01.com's challenge to you.

      Positive Thinking creates Positive Emotions!
      Can you do a good deed for someone today?
      Can you uplift someone you perceive as down?
      Can you remember to say 'Thank You' to someone and mean it?
      A little gentleness and consideration goes a long, long way.
      These are just a few simple things that could make someone's day, and in the process, perhaps your own!!

      Most people agree that the world needs more kindness. Be the kindness that the world needs!

      A heartfelt Thank You to all my readers! 


      A Special Prayer:

      Our Father who is innocent and pure, 
      Holy is your name. 
      May love be seen as all that is. 
      May earth be seen as heaven is. 
      Nourish this day with your bountiful supply, 
      And allow us to receive as we give that right to others. 
      Restore us from the perils of illusion, 
      And renew our perception of truth. 
      For truth is the kingdom, and love is the power, 
      And Yours is the glory forever.

      from Love Without End, by Glenda Green

When you find yourself  troubled about something, reach into your heart and ask yourself, "What would LOVE do?" The answer may come hard.  it may come easy, and it may surprise you, but this answer will always prove to be the best solution to our problems. Because LOVE benefits you and all others around you infinitely. Love is the most precious experience in Life!!! Not just physical Love, or sexual Love, but True undiluted LOVE for other human beings has the potential to turn everything around in this world! For in LOVING OTHERS, we are LOVING and Honoring OURSELVES and SOURCE, because we are all ONE. This is where and how the BLESSINGS of LIFE become manifest.

The veil between our world and the other dimensions has thinned, and Angels are now walking among and above us!!! Will you choose to walk with them? Will you choose to do something today to bring a little Heaven to someone on Earth?



Art by Josephine Wall

Poisons have permeated our world in recent years. Whether due to greed, politics, coercion, or in some cases simply people looking the other way or choosing not to get involved, many in our world are suffering, and this suffering if not stopped will undoubtedly affect us all. This one threatens to cross all world boundaries. Please watch;


 Art by Josephine Wall

Every human being has certain inalienable rights, including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are guaranteed in the US by the American Constitution. We really need to add to this that every human being also has the right to HEALTH, SELF-DETERMINATION, and FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY and OPPRESSION!



Our Native American people have lived deeply connected to Mother Earth for centuries, and their culture is one of listening to nature and valuing the within. They conduct ceremonies to help their people stay connected to Mother Earth such as the Sioux Sundance, where they test their physical capabilities and cry for their visions. In doing so they often submit to harsh conditions bringing them to the edge of their endurance with the hope of spiritual insight. Their ceremonies use drumming, dance, prayer, song and faith. Their ways can teach us much about going within to connect with ALL-THAT-IS. 

Call to Heal the Waters

Our Oceans are dying. Sea Mammals, Fish and Sea Life are continually washing up on our shores. Garbage has been dumped into our Seas for decades, and now the Fukashima Nuclear disaster has spread more garbage and nuclear waste into the Pacific Ocean. The Gulf Oil Spill was solved by putting microbes into the water to 'eat up' the oil. But once the oil was cleaned up, where did these microbes go? Are they continuing to affect Sea Life in the Gulf, and further into the Atlantic Ocean? Our Oceans protect life on Mother Earth, and something must be done. But all the worlds countries are turning a blind eye, and NO ONE is taking any responsibility for any of it!

2013 began the large shift away from the old patterns on our planet, and we NOW are in the beginning of the New World on Mother Earth. A newly birthed consciousness is rising and it comes from our hearts and it's name is LOVE. 



I put only Bird Totems here on purpose. In my many interactions with Angels, I have learned quite a lot. And one of the things that has happened is that 2 of my Angels have sometimes shown themselves to me as a bird, while I was in vision, with certain characteristics that they also have as angels! I realize now that when I was not having interactions with my angels person to person during a time of my life when I was too caught up in the outer world, they were still with me, but I experienced them as interactions with birds! Birds have always meant a lot to me, and sometimes birds have been involved in unusual occurrences in my life, as I might relate in some descriptions below. Birds in dreams or in a subliminal impression or vision can have specific meanings. Interestingly, in the Kabbalistic tradition, Spirit is thought of much like birds, and so considered part of the Spiritual Realm. I know this to be true in the realm of Orbs as well, as I was shown in one vision how spirits can attach to us. They have tiny little feet that look just like birds feet, and they can hook onto us!! Once spirits hook onto us, they can impact us through their thoughts. And this is why we need to stay clear of places in dark or shoddy environments, dark alleys, or bad districts. Often if we get a negative feeling about a place, we should listen to it. When we go into places of ill repute, we can walk out with more than we bargained for. Spirits who were troubled in life are often still troubled after their death, and they stay here on the same material plane that we are on. They can be attracted to people who have the same troubles and addictions they had in their lives, and they can attach to them. This is how one can pick up a negative spirit, an orb who can find ways of infiltrating a persons thoughts. Please don't blanketly pass this off as BS. It is the Truth! 

As a child, when my mother saw a white dove flying, she would clap her hands in delight and exclaim "Oh there's going to be a wedding!" She didn't know she was practicing 'Divination by Birds', it was something that just came naturally!  I learned much from my mother as well as from older cultures who engage in 'magical thinking', and this was the background that created in me the desire to pay attention to the natural world, and via the spirit of discovery to learn from it! Through the years I have learned much. I start below with some of the most well known or often seen birds, but will add to these as time goes on. Bird totems are an excellent way for people in cities to feel they also are connected to the natural world of nature, and even if they don't have many trees, forests or rivers around them to explore they can still feel connected since Birds fly everywhere!

The Dove is a bird that was often spoken about in the Bible as a bringer of Spiritual Blessings, Insight and Energy. Religious Art of past centuries often showed Saints with a Dove over their head signifying Spiritual Knowledge, and a connection with God.  Hearing the Dove's 'coo' on a regular basis suggests one may be headed for a spiritual and potentially magical experience! The White Dove symbolizes LOVE, and often portends Marriage, a Birth of a Child, or another great and Joyful event which will be a milestone in someone's life who is close to you.

Crow is a messenger. Many stories have been told throughout History of 2 crows flying the skies and then coming back to tell the Norse God Odin what was occurring in the land. Crows are extremely smart, often use small tools, and do 'talk'. Have you tried understanding them? I remember seeing a "school" of young crows being carefully watched by several large crows near my sons school when he was growing up. They "Think" and often imitate what they see. I have also noticed in my own life a particular aptitude of crows for letting me know when a contract has been or is about to be finalized! I simply see them carrying paper in their beaks! Noting the time on one occasion, it turned out to be the exact minute that a deed was recorded. According to Native American tradition, seeing a crow carry something in their mouth can signify a gift is on its way! Crows occasionally bring darker messages, even messages of someones death, as they are well attuned to the world of man.  But in that case you will also get a strong sense of foreboding.

A visit from Eagle usually reminds us to take the "high road" in some aspect of our lives. It can be a call to act from the highest and best intentions that we can in a incident or event in our lives.
Eagle teaches us that the 'overview' is important, and not to get too caught up in all the small details. Eagle reminds us that we can STILL see any important details from a high perspective, therefore will not lose anything in doing so, and may in fact, gain! Eagle also lets us know that our strength or power is never diminished by taking a higher stance. Eagle is the highest flying bird, and therefore also has a strong connection to high Spiritual energy. Sometimes its simply better to try to live your life from the viewpoint of an Eagle!

Egret speaks of a New Life. It can also signify the Birth of a Child or a new aspect of ones life, or that the way is now clear for a new life or a new way of being. I've often seen Egret when I was about to move, even if I didn't know it yet! The change Egret or Stork portends is ALWAYS positive! Egret also stands firmly in both the physical and the spiritual worlds reminding us that so can we. I recently saw a Flock of Egrets flying and knew it's meaning was that the "mission" of group of high-minded people I knew had finally gotten off the ground and would be gaining the momentum that was hoped for!

Hawk is always on the lookout for an opportunity. And when Hawk comes into your awareness, it usually means one is around the corner, and to be on the outlook for it! Hawk is one of the first wild birds to acclimate itself to the city after much worry, years ago, that mans development was certain to wipe out the species. Hawk has shown itself to be adaptable, and teaches us that we must remain open to change as well as challenges, and sometimes be willing to do what we need to survive in our world! Sometimes this means learning to be a bit more humble. Hawk has clear and accurate vision, is patient and very observant.. He uses these skills to identify his opportunities, and so should we. And even if he is subverted from his target, he doesn't lose heart. He knows there is something else waiting for him on the horizon! He simply looks elsewhere!

Peruvian Shaman's have a lovely story they tell the story about 'Siwar Q'enti', Hummingbird. It's the story of how a small Hummingbird once stole away in the wing feathers of Condor, who regularly made flights to the Gods domain.

Humans, no matter how evolved, were considered by the Gods to be the custodians of the Earth, and only could rise up from the Earth after they had fulfilled all their Karmic Destiny on their incarnational Earth Walk through conscious transcendence, or by death, or by extreme isolation involving demanding practices which often involved ritualized death. Leaders had to prove that their guidance came from a place that was transcendent of their ego, and prove their connection to the God's in the higher dimensions. And so the Incan Ruler would send Condor to the Gods whenever a question  arose that a inspirational answer was needed for. 
Hummingbird was simply sleeping in a space under Condors wing feathers when the request from the Incan Emperor was received. So Condor took flight into the heavens and landed at the feet of God.  Just as Condor telepathically began communicating the Emperors question, Hummingbird darted out from under Condors wing, and in flying around in wonder and excitement at the luminous sphere she found herself in, flew right up to the face of the ONE, looking directly into His Eye. At that moment, the carrier of sweet medicine to the earth and the Omnipotent One joined in a Union, becoming One in the Self. The individual soul and the Universal Soul joined in a sacred marriage.
Never again did the Incan Emperor  need to send Condor to the Gods. Sweet Hummingbird had from that moment on a direct telepathic link to the One Omnipotent God.

Hummingbird represents transmuting the din of life, transcending negative feelings, thoughts and emotions of life, and an open, trusting, sweet, heart centered nature is the only thing necessary for a direct connection with God. When Hummingbird comes into your life, throw out the stressful details that confuse and disorient you. Trust that everything is exactly as it needs to be, and that you only need to feed the hummingbirds in your garden and raise your thoughts to receive the wisdom of the Divine.

Owl is a harbinger of Transformation. Often there was great trepidation in past times when Owl made its way into a persons life!
With Transformation, one never knows what will be required, or what the result will be! Transformation is rarely easy. Many cultures believed that Owl portended a death, and indeed sometimes he does. But I have found that the 'death' that Owl portends is generally a dying of some part of your consciousness followed by the rebirth of something new, a transformation! When owl eats, he swallows whole and completely digests his animal food. Bones, feathers, fur and other usually indigestible items are found in Owl pellets. Owl encounters translate to a transition, something you take in completely that you may need to take your time digesting, but which changes something within you from one thing to another. Owl brings wisdom, vision, perspective, and is very hard to deceive. My own Spiritual reawakening was accompanied by several very unique and lovely Owl visitations.

I was once having a conversation with my daughter about birds as she thought my constant paying attention to them was a little 'weird'. We were at that moment speeding along the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, doing close to 80 mph, as the freeway seemed wide open in front of us. All the cars around and behind us were going just as fast and we were approaching a hill in the distance beyond which we really couldn't see the road. She was telling me that birds simply "play chicken" with cars, and I was telling her that while that was sometimes true, bird brains being so small, along with the fact that they travel via air, made birds the perfect vehicle for our Angels and Guides to use as messengers! At that very moment we had started up the hill and a Pigeon flew very close in front of my windshield and sort of hovered there! Well, I wasn't going to hit it, I brake for birds! My very hard braking gave notice to the cars behind us that something was up, and as we crested the hill we both gave a very loud gasp, the freeway in front of us was a sea of stopped cars with their brakes lights lit! We would have undoubtedly been killed or gravely injured if it had not been for that trusty and brave little Pigeon! My daughter found a new respect for birds (and our guides) that day! Pigeon lessons teach peace, love, home, security, family, and understanding!

Robin is associated with Spring and the continuing renewal of life. Robin shows us that no matter what is occurring in our world, life will go on, new life always springs from the ashes of our old lives. Robins are known for their sweet and peaceful dispositions. But Robin families are very astute. They station watchers in different areas around the nest to be on alert for anything that can threaten it. Therefore they also teach us that vigilance is also necessary for young life to be protected. I found a fat robin dead when my marriage was being dissolved.

Sparrow may be small, but he is mighty too. Sparrows have much heart, and are known for their sweet singing, telling us about the joy that life brings us in every minute of every day, if we are only wise enough to look and find it. Sparrow also has a lot to sing about. He knows about self-worth and is able to survive in any situations that arise. He teaches cooperation with others. Sparrows work together to find and build their nests, and they are always on the look out for viable new places to build them. They will build in roof eaves, in trees and on freeway bridges. They will build their nests anywhere that is well-protected from weather, and tend to like places with very good energy. They are very social and when you find a place with little flocks of sparrows living, you will know the energy there will create a pleasant place for you to live, also!

Woodpecker "knocks his head against a tree" and gains ground doing so!
Woodpeckers drumming reminds us of the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. Woodpecker can tell you that life may be tough going for awhile but not to get discouraged! You will find something very valuable in the challenge! Woodpecker teaches tenacity and living life in a direct and open manner. He also teaches recycling, as usually he will make his nest in dead trees. He teaches balancing all aspects of life while one makes headway in the world. He is deeply connected to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and can teach us about the rhythms in life. If Woodpecker has come into your life, pay attention to what he is trying to tell you. He might be a new totem of yours! While you are making your way in the world, do not forget to take the time to listen to music and feel the beat of life, to smell the air and feel the wind under your wings and to care for your family, teaching them to love this part of life as well!


the art of Josephine Wall

We humans are all connected at our source to the Divine Creator of life, Source or God, and we can recognize this by what we are able to feel in our heart region. But we are not only connected to Divine Love within, we are also connected through our crown to the cosmos, and through our feet to the Earth. We, and all living organisms on our planet are blossoms of organic consciousness connected through our feet and through the earth to the very heartbeat of our Mother Earth. We spring forth from our Mother, and are comprised of the same basic elements as well. We are also connected to the Divine via our Pineal Gland and Crown Chakra, to the Cosmos above us and to the natural world all around us. As we become practiced in communicating with our natural world, the birds, animals, insects, trees, rocks, grass, flowers, clouds, wind, breeze, our lives and spirits begin to blossom from our radiant and nourishing experiences!

Native American Tribes have a very rich culture and walk the Red Road which is a life close to and honoring Great Spirit, Tunkashila. As a result of their reverence for the natural world, they have been forced to walk a very hard, difficult path along side the white man. Some have unforgiving attitudes toward white people, but others continually try to teach their beautiful ways to any who are interested.
The Natives of the Americas knew this intuitively, and sought to teach this and other truths to Europeans that had no eyes to see nor ears to hear these truths. As a result, for a very long time, Indian Communities barely survived. Today, the American Indian view of life has proven itself the truth that has the potential to save the entire planet.

The Natives of the Americas have a deep spirituality and understanding of nature which is very intuitive, but they sought to teach this and other truths to hungry American Immigrants who had no eyes to see nor ears to hear these truths. The original settlers of the Americas and the American West were a rough and tumble group of self-serving opportunists. As a result, for a very long time, Indians were preyed upon and Indian Communities barely survived. Today, the American Indian view of life has proven itself the truth that has the potential to save the entire planet.

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Mitakuye Oyasin in Sioux means "all of my relations", or "we are all related". Here is a heartfelt Sioux Indian Prayer;

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.... All my relations. I honor you in this circle of life with me today. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer....

To the Creator, for the ultimate gift of life, I thank you.

To the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of life experience, I thank you.

To the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness, I thank you.

To the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companionship in this walk of life, I thank you.

To the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life, I thank you.

To the Spirit nation that guides me invisibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light through the Ages, I thank you.

To the Four Winds of Change and Growth, I thank you.

You are all my relations, my relatives, without whom I would not live. We are in the circle of life together, co-existing, co-dependent, co-creating our destiny. One, not more important than the other. One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below. All of us a part of the Great Mystery.

Thank you for this Life.


Native American cultures across the Americas have also always had a rich tradition of contact with extraterrestrials and so I will include some references here. Hopi Indian ceremonies have celebrated their contacts with extraterrestrials for centuries, and their famous Kachina dolls are well known around the world for being representative of this contact. Many Native American tribes legends reflect this. 
To begin a conversation with any Native American about our Star Relatives is to open up a very interesting topic, and you will find a natural and very easy and enthusiastic exchange ensues.  Native Americans traditionally have been very accepting of the 'Star People' from the very beginnings of their contact with them and so have a rich history of it. Some of their knowledge about the Star People is now being openly shared. 
www.StarKnowledgeTV.com is an excellent source to explore.  

There are many UFO researchers and Journalists living and working in the American South West. The Star Peoples influence has spawned a wonderful and unique heritage here.

    The Art of Josephine Wall


Because humanity was a young race, higher spirit blocked some of the negativity we created with our thought forms in the past and allowed others so we could learn from them, much like a loving parent might protect a child from watching a very frightening movie, but then allow their child experiences to help him learn from them. But now we have stepped over the threshold of our planets Spiritual Adulthood, and we need to learn how our thoughts affect and create our experience of life. Thoughts are true things that affect not only our own energetic bodies, but also the holographic world in which we live. For many thousands of years we have allowed our thoughts to react from fear and drive us to much carnage and destruction through our many terrible wars. That was our past. Now as we move into a new phase in our existence, it is time for us to change this within ourselves, and work with the expectation and certainty that we can indeed influence our world for the better. We have stepped into a new age, we are going in a new direction, and we can rise to our future with certain knowledge that we will be successful if we monitor our thoughts and keep them and our actions positive. We carry with us the power of LOVE, which comes from the True Divine One and Only Source (Truth). While we follow this path, we must remember to always have compassion for others, as some persons negative expectations regarding these times may continue to be met for the purpose of transcending them. It is probable that many peoples experience of the these days will be individual and internal, and based on the what their thoughts forms have created. Many rising in frequency, will join their thoughts together and create larger realities. However, Spirit will be holding up a Spiritual Mirror for some, so that we can see ourselves and truly learn from the lessons we've had. When some of us see what we are doing and have caused, we may develop the will and desire to change ourselves and our behavior. We will finally realize that life goes easier for all when we function from the light of Love in our hearts instead of from our personal desires and compulsions. 

The Shift of the Ages is happening now. It is a Spiritual Shift within ourselves that manifests in the real world as a reflection of our internal states of mind. We are in a period of transformational time in which many peoples reality may be tested. We may actually see two worlds developing, the old world that continues to adhere to the same old stuck patterns of greed, avarice and selfishness, and a new very wonderful world where people actually care and try to help each other! The gulf between these worlds is likely to get wider and wider, and while we still have to deal with the old patterned world, it will tax us, and painfully remind us of what we are leaving behind with our more uplifting thoughts! Everything that has ever been occurred in a thought before it became reality!! Meanwhile in the kinder world, we will be developing 'work-arounds' to get us around the old system of things, and eventually the old world system will die out, while the new world will step in to take its place. This is the Shift of the Ages, a Paradigm Shift! This Shift is highlighting our Spiritual Qualities, our open-heartedness, our purity of heart and mind. This Shift is changing the way we view our lives and live them, shifting our priorities and leading us ultimately to a very bright future! 

It is time to open our hearts wide, and allow our lights to lead. We each have a part to play in the events manifesting in our world. And we each can make a huge difference in how these events turn out. Remembering that we are all truly connected can be a giant step in the right direction. When we lose that sense is when we lose ourselves. This becomes easier when we can recognize that we are all One at our Source. 

There is a simple method for reconnecting with the spirit of Love within, and it IS SIMPLY REMEMBERING WHAT WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR! We can begin by honoring what we are grateful for in our lives with ample thoughts of appreciation, and acknowledging the positive joys that have occurred in the past. This will help us to re-experience the feelings of LOVE and APPRECIATION within, and we can use those feelings to guide us in the situations we find in our lives now.The feeling of being grateful is a beautiful path we can follow that will lead us home. It is suggested to do this as an exercise, as needed every day, and try to hold these feelings for as long as we can. 

The waves of energy coming to our planet now are still strong but have stabilized. This energy comes from the Divine, and is an answer to the deeply felt prayers so many of us have made to the Divine during our lives! The One and Only Divine Source has flooded our world and is descending to meet each of us one on one in a very personal way. Focus within and follow the LOVE every day and you will move into the energy and become one with it. This energy has already begun transforming many of  us and our planet, and while initially we will experience much grief and sorrow for our past behaviors, for those engaged with it, life will start to become very beautiful and pleasant. People will be kind, gentle and supporting. It is suggested to help this energy along by focusing on what is good in your life. Try not to entertain negative thoughts, and if you have them remember that negative energies are fighting these changes strongly. When wishing for change, focus on what you see that is GOOD in the change you want. The secret of manifestation is sending visions, dreams, and energy into the matrix of life. See the change as done, completed. See it as you wish it to be, and then BE the change you wish to see! 



And so the 2nd coming of Christ is here. And he is coming into the world as the SPIRIT of LOVE, Compassion and Healing, to tell us WE ARE ALL FROM ONE SOURCE, and we can become WHOLE by connecting with that Divine Energy again! For his message has ALWAYS been LOVE. And he is bringing with him all the other Great Masters of ALL World Religions. He is bringing with him the Buddha, Sidhartha, Mohammad., but most especially the Christ energy. He is bringing with him Lao Tzu, Wakan Tanka, the Spirits of Nature, and all the Angels. And they come together with him and they come to us through our OPEN HEARTS to UNIFY US and to MANIFEST LOVE from the SOURCE into this World! For they and we are One!
received in inspiration,..03.22.2011 TGN

We all carry the LIGHT of the DIVINE within us, as does every single living conscious form on our planet. In these times, as we continue to seek LIGHT, the Spiritual LIGHT from Divine Source will find a way to merge with the light within us, thus strengthening the Light we already each carry within, this creates a spiritual metamorphosis within us.